Huron Township, ON

Huron Township lies at the southwest corner of Bruce County, fronting on Lake Huron. In 1847 the Lake Range (also known as Concession A) and the First Concession lots were surveyed, with the rest completed in a couple of surveys by 1851. The first European settler is believed to have arrived in 1848, and the lands were offered for sale in July 1852.

Until 1853, Huron Township was part of the United Townships of Bruce County. At the end of 1853, Huron Township had a sufficiently large population and an aggregate assessment large enough to become an independent municipality.

Within the geographical boundaries of Huron Township, the community of Ripley was named with the establishment of a post office there in 1856.

On January 1 1999, Huron Township amalgamated with Kinloss Township and the villages of Lucknow and Ripley to form the Township of Huron-Kinloss.


Baird, Patrick
Barnard, Norman Wilfred
Barnes, Arthur George
Bell, Clifford William
Bell, Norval Delbert
Bell, William "John"
Bridge, Harold Percy
Brooks, Cyril
Brooks, Mary Margory (Musselman)
Brown, Douglas Robert
Brown, Marvin Kitchener "Ben"
Buckingham, Victor Leslie
Buckingham, Wilmer Roy
Cameron, Archie James
Cameron, Lorne
Cameron, Mervin George James
Cameron, Peter Edwin
Campbell, Alexander Collin
Campbell, Duncan Cameron
Campbell, James Reginald ‘Reggie’
Carnegie, Donald Hugh
Chatham, William Davidson
Clark, Francis "Frank" Daniel
Clark, George Melvin
Collins, Raymond Leslie
Connolly, Matthew George
Courtney, Donald Reginald
Courtney, Ivan Donald
Crawford, Orah William Elmo
Culbert, Lot Ezra
Cumming, Leslie Shepherd
Currie, Francis James ‘Frank’
Edwards, Fred
Eiler, Lorne St. Clair
Eldridge, John "Jack"
Elliot, Harold Richard
Elliott, Henry John
Elliott, Joseph Alexander
Emmerton, Chester Courtney
Emmerton, Ernest
Emmerton, Harold
Emmerton, Stanley Howard
England, John Park
Farrell, Marvin William
Farrell, Murray Cecil
Ferguson, Lester Charles
Ferris, Thomas Roy
Finlayson, Alan
Finlayson, Donald William
Finlayson, John Ross
Finlayson, Roderick Alexander
Fitzgerald, Isaac Levi
Fraser, Carmen ‘Grant’
Gillies, Murdock Lawrence ‘Maido’
Gossel, Edwin
Hamilton, Alvin Bruce
Hamilton, Andrew Leonard
Hannaford, John
Harris, William
Henderson, Garnet Mills
Henderson, Robert John
Hill, Nelson Anslew
Hodgins, George ‘Nelson’
Hodgins, John Everett
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Hooey, Clarence Henry
Humphrey, Cecil Gordon
Huston, Leonard Ninian
Irwin, Gordon Clifford
Irwin, William Roy "Sambo"
King, Edward
Lindsay, William Simpson
MacAuley, Angus Archie
MacDonald, Donald
MacDonald, Donald J.
MacDonald, Donald Wallace
MacDonald, James Cameron
MacDonald, John Alexander
MacDonald, Mado Daniel
MacDonald, Malcolm Martyn
MacDonald, Thomas Archibald
MacKay, George Howard Wilkins
Mackay, William "Elmer"
MacLay, Donald Kenneth
MacLean, Albert Wellington
MacLennan, Neil
MacLeod, D. Burton
MacLeod, Duncan D.
MacLeod, Graham
MacLeod Hogben, Joan
MacMurchy / McMurchy, Samuel
MacTavish, Frederick George
Martin, Glenn
Martyn, Dan
Martyn, David E.
Martyn, Henry "Harry" Laishley "Leslie"
Mason, Donald
McArthur, Daniel
McAuley, Allan "Cameron"
McCharles, Allan
McCreath, William Patterson
McCreight, Francis
McCreight, Matthew
McDonald, Donald
McGuire, Gordon "Mickey"
McGuire, Howard Isaac
McIntosh, Robert William
McLay, Allan Angus
McLean, John Angus
McLennan, Donald
McLeod, Alexander S.
McLeod, Kenneth
McMurchy, John Thomas
McPhail, John
McTavish, John Duncan
Mills, John Richard
Mooney, Cecil Stanley
Morrison, Colin Francis
Morrison, John George
Munn, John Duncan
Munn, Lionel Trantor
Munn, Murray Stewart
Needham, Albert Edward Richard
Nimmo, Lester Graham
Norman, Charles
Palmer, Thomas Earl
Paquette, Donald Leo
Parsons, James Ernest
Patterson, Raymond Alexander
Pollock, Arthur John
Pollock, Clarence Edward
Pollock, Darwin Ray
Pollock, Dawson Henry
Pollock, Lorne John
Pollock, Melville Wesley
Pollock, Murray Douglas
Reid, Wesley Gladstone
Reynolds, Daniel Charles
Ritchie, Albert Carrick
Roulston, Percy John
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Snowdon , Johnston Lawrence
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Strachan, William Kay
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Towle, Robert Sidney
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