Huron Township, ON

Huron Township lies at the southwest corner of Bruce County, fronting on Lake Huron. In 1847 the Lake Range (also known as Concession A) and the First Concession lots were surveyed, with the rest completed in a couple of surveys by 1851. The first European settler is believed to have arrived in 1848, and the lands were offered for sale in July 1852.

Until 1853, Huron Township was part of the United Townships of Bruce County. At the end of 1853, Huron Township had a sufficiently large population and an aggregate assessment large enough to become an independent municipality.

Within the geographical boundaries of Huron Township, the community of Ripley was named with the establishment of a post office there in 1856.

On January 1 1999, Huron Township amalgamated with Kinloss Township and the villages of Lucknow and Ripley to form the Township of Huron-Kinloss.