Wiarton, ON

The community of Wiarton grew within the geographical boundaries of the former Amabel Township where Highway 6 passes the head of Colpoy’s Bay. The first settler in that community, James Lennox, arrived in November 1866. Town lots were offered for sale in 1868, the same year that B.B. Miller opened a hotel and established the post office.

Prior to incorporation, Wiarton existed in two counties: Keppel Township, Grey County and Amabel Township, Bruce County, with the county line running along Berford St., the community’s principal street.

By special Act of Parliament, assented to March 5, 1880, Wiarton was incorporated as a village. The special Act of Parliament was necessary because the population residing in the original town plot of Wiarton was not sufficient to comply with the population requirements of the Municipal Act, but the number could be reached by taking in that part of the Village lying within Keppel Township in Grey County.

The railway reached Wiarton in November 1881, and officially opened in August 1882, supporting continued development of business and industry.
Wiarton became a town on January 1, 1894.

Wiarton Town Hall was destroyed by fire on February 11, 1912 and on January 19, 1967. Some of the towns records, including a range of by-laws, minutes and tax rolls were destroyed during those fires.

On January 1, 1999, the Town of Wiarton amalgamated with Albemarle Township, Amabel Township and the Village of Hepworth to form the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.

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