Walkerton, ON

Walkerton was the largest community to develop within Brant Township. A sawmill and a gristmill were built in 1852-3 by Joseph Walker, for whom the town was eventually named. Walkerton grew so fast that it never incorporated as a village. It was governed by Brant Township until it incorporated as a town in 1871 with a population of 1,900 people. By that time, it was already the County Town, the seat of Bruce County’s Government, (having become so in 1866), with the County offices, court house and a jail built.

The Municipality of Brockton was formed on January 1, 1999, by amalgamating the township of Brant, township of Greenock and the town of Walkerton. Brockton’s name was formed as a portmanteau of the three merged municipalities (Brant, Greenock, Walkerton).


Adolph, Russel C.
Allen, Reginald D.
Ambrose, Norman Aleck
Ammann, Joseph Carl
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, Louis
Augustinus, Adrianus Cornelius Johannes
Babcock, Andrew Enos
Babcock, Thomas
Baetz, Wilson Norman Delford
Bannister, Frederick
Bates, Robert
Baughn, Frederick
Bauman, Leo Urban
Beingessner, Norman E.
Bell, Duncan
Bell, Gordon McBride
Bell, Victor Milne
Bennett, William
Benninger, Frances
Benninger, Francis George
Benninger, Gerald J.
Benninger, Joseph G.
Best, Joseph
Bester, Charles F.
Bierworth, John Henry
Blackman, Bertram
Blackwood, John Thomas
Blue, Alexander
Bluhm, George Albert
Bluhm, William Alexander
Blythe, George James
Blythe, John Henry
Bolden, Harry Edwin
Boyle, Ernest
Brick, Fred
Brindley, Gerald
Britton, Albert Edward
Brownscombe, William Henry
Burnside, Robert
Burrows, Arthur William
Cain, Joseph
Calder, Donald MacDonald
Cameron, Ewart Dryden (Texas)
Campbell, Crofford G.
Campbell, Hugh
Carter, Leonard Bert
Cartwright, Herbert ("Bert")
Cassidy, Gerald Edmund ("Gerry")
Cassidy, Harvey
Chadwick, Henry ("Harry") McLean
Chesney, Joseph
Clancy, John Joseph
Clark, John Riddle
Cliff, Louis Marshall
Connell, Thomas Gordon
Craig, George Buchanan
Craig, William
Crane, Richard George
Cronin, James Albert
Crosier (Crozier), Robert "John"
Cumming, Arthur Knox
Cunningham, Chester Archie
Cunningham, Earl
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, James
Curtis, Courtland
Danard, Havelock
Daniels, Gordon Jackson Kerr
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie), Adam
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie), Norman
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie) , Philip
Disch, David George
Dixon, Elliott Rupert
Dixon, Thomas
Eckensweiller, John Joseph
Eckensweiller, Joseph Henry
Eidt, Edward Gerald
Eidt, Walter Harold
Ellinghausen, Walter David
Ellis, Edgar M.
Erdman, Edward C.
Ernest, Edward Frank
Farrell, Joseph Andrew
Feirn, Thomas
Fenner, George Albert
Fenton, Herbert Bishop
Ferguson, Annie Mae
Ferguson, Archie Earl
Ferguson, John ("Jack") Emmanuel
Fisk, Kenneth Reid
Flewelling, George
Forsyth, Thomas Edwin
Foster, Thomas Richard
Fraser, James Johnson
Fraser, William L.
Freeman, Clayton
Freeman, Wilfred
Gardner, Harold Stanley
Garland, Gordon Crawford
Gibson, Gordon A.
Gillen, John Thomas
Gillen, William Leo
Glave, Ralph Brunt
Grainger, Walter Alonzo
Grasser, Irwin
Grasser, Ivan
Gregg, James Elmer
Gutscher, Jerome
Haas, Gabriel
Hall, Arthur
Hall, Ernest Raymond
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John Charles
Hampton, Sydney
Hampton, Walter John
Hancock, Ethelbert a.k.a. Herbert
Hanley, William Patrick
Hanson, Herbert
Harcourt, Harold Chapman
Hardy, Bert S.
Harrington, Leonard Garfield
Haskins, Sterling
Hawkes, Frederick George
Haynes, John
Heffernan, James Joseph
Henderson, Herbert Earl
Henderson, James
Hendry, John William
Henry, Harry
Herd, Frederick Thomas
Hermeston, Russel
Herringer, Edgar Joseph
Heughan, Arthur Edwin
Heughan, Marion
Hewitson, Douglas William
Hickling, Henry Stephen
Hislop (Hyslop), Wilberforce
Hoch, Thomas John
Hodge, Richard
Hogg, David Gordon
Honey, Samuel Lewis
Hood, Jean MacKay
Hopkins, Ernest Curtis
Huck, Norman
Huck, William Edward
Huckle, John W.
Hudson, John Wesley
Huether, Archibald Leslie
Huffman, John Harvey
Hughes, Allister
Hutton, James Lorne
Hyslop, Raoul Laurestan "Ray"
Jacklin, Bruce C.
Jagelewski, Joseph M.
James, Charles Henry
James, Frederick Benjamin
James, Frederick Treve
Jarvis, Herbert Joseph
Jay, Douglas Pierce
Jenkins, Aaron Percival
Jermyn, Garnet Wallace
Jewel, Fred
Jewell, Fred Earl
Johnston, Dorothy J.
Johnstone, J.P. (John Philemon)
Kain, Rev. Roy Joseph
Kelly, Norman Peter
Kenny, Frederick Harold
Kieffer, Simon P.
Kingsbury, Wilfrid George
Kirvan, Frederick Sylvester
Knepflar, Courtney Stapleton
Kramer, Albert William
Kramer, Raymond John
Lamb, Thomas Gordon
Lane, Frank
Laport, William
Leake, Samuel
Leech, James
Leonard, George Thomas
Liddle, Rees Thomas
Litt, Harold A.
Little, James Clow
Loughleen, Wellington "Wellie"
Lumley, Oswald Peter
Lunday, Charles Alexander
Lycett, Frank Joseph
Lynch, William "Bill" Orvil
Marsh, James Edward
McCannell, Alexander Neil
McCarter, Andrew Reginald
McCarter, Gordon Milton
McCaw, George James Ernest
McCaw, William Stewart
McCombe, Alexander Torrence
McConnell, Arthur Wesley
McConnell, Robert Stanley
McDonald, John Alexander
McDonald, Murdock Norman
McDougall, John Alexander
McEachern, Rubing
McFadyen, Duncan Franklin
McFarlane, Albert Omer
McFarlane, William Earl
McGarity, John "Jack" Edward
McGarity / McGarrity, Daniel Patrick
McGill, Samuel Clarence
McGregor, Russell Bruce
McKay, William Wallace
McKelvie, Gordon C.
McKerracher, Duncan George
McLeod, Angus
McNab, Michael John
McNally, Gordon Flett
McNamara, Robert Clarence
McNeill, Malcolm M.
McNeill, Neil Alexander
McPhail, Daniel
McWhinney, Clayton Edgar
Melhuish, Alan George James
Merchant, Robert Jacob
Miller, Levi George
Milne, David Grant
Mitchell, Perrin Henry
Moloney, Peter Joseph
Moore, Frederick Charles
Moore, George William
Murray, Patrick James
Nairn, Ivan Alexander
Nebbeling, Anthony Wilhelmus
Neilly, Elmer Llyod
Nicholls, John Wilfred Harper
Oberle, Ralph George
Oberle, Roy "Butch" Alexander
Ogden, William
Oliver, James Charles
Ostic, William Clark
Pavelin, Bert
Petteplace, William Orald
Pike, George Hugo
Pinkerton, Gordon Leigh
Pinkney, Earl Richmond
Pinkney, Stewart Franklin
Plowright, John Edward
Potter, George
Potts, Edward
Reany, Wilfred Meredith
Reed, Charles Arthur
Reeves, Arthur
Reinhardt, Anthony Sylvester
Reinhart, Thomas Joseph
Rennie, Joseph Hamilton
Richards, Percy John Lester
Richenback (Reichenback), Joseph A.
Riehl, William George
Roberts, Victor Fred
Robertson, Arthur
Robertson, Harold Denmark
Robertson, Norman Roy
Robinson, Edward Leonard
Rourke, Stanley Britton
Routhier, George Stanley
Rowland, John Wilfred
Rowland, Robert Clark
Runstadtler, Victor George
Runsteadtler / Runstadtler, Bert (Englebert)
Russell, Adam Leith
Russell, James Wallace
Scales, Ewart Gordon
Schefter, Frank Anthony
Schefter, Oscar M.
Schultheis, Clarence Richard
Schwindt, Oscar Mutar
Scott, James Henry
Seigfried, Michael George
Sewell, Gordon Russell
Sewell, Harold Sylvester
Shannon, Dr. Percival (Percy) Roy
Shaw, Farquhar
Siegfried, Louis John
Sillers, George
Small, Simon
Sparling, Henry Philip
Sparling, Hillard George
Stalker, Malcolm J. Edward
Steel, James
Stewart, Bert
Stewart, Burton
Stowe, William Anthony
Struthers, Robert Douglas
Sullivan, William
Sutton, Charles K.
Sutton, William Richard
Swanston, William John
Symon, Wilfred James
Taggart, Arthur Richard
Taggart, Francis (Frank) E.
Tanner, Gordon Henry
Taylor, Henry S.
Thomas, Wallace H.
Thompson, William Bell
Thomson, R.M.
Threndyle, Hugh Andrew
Threndyle, Walter Harvey
Todd, Allan Peter
Tolton, Charles Alfred
Truax, Everett Ashbury
Truax, Samuel Jeffrey
Turner, Robert Melville
VanHatten, Charles Edward
VanHatten, Henry
Vanhorne, Whitney Garnet
Wade, Harold
Waechter, Frank Jacob
Wallace, George Elmer
Wallace, John Walter
Wallace, Waldron Watson
Wanless, George Andrew
Warbrook, Thomas
Watts, Harry Kirby
Webb, Norman Ethelbert
Weidner, William E.
Weiler, Alfred James
Weiler, George
Welfare, James
Wells, George Stanley
White, Eric Farquhar Harding
Whitehead, Roy Beverly
Wiederhold, Rengaw Daniel
Wilhelm, Theodore C.
Wilson, George Reginald
Wilson, Thomas Melville
Wilton, Alvin Edward
Wilton, Herbert James
Wisler, Samuel Lewis
Wismer, Hallick Floyd
Woelfle, John Martin
Wolfe, William
Woods, Herbert West
Wright, Ernest George
Wright, George Joseph
Wright, Herbert Roy
Yorke, George John
Young, Harry Alfred
Young, William
Zettel, Urban Joseph
Zinn, John Harry
Zuber, Andrew
Zuber, Peter

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