Saugeen Township, ON

The Township of Saugeen is the smallest township in Bruce County. Its name loosely translates to “mouth of the river”. It borders on Arran and Elderslie Townships in the east, on Bruce Township in the southwest, and on the waters of Lake Huron in the northwest. There are no villages within the township’s boundaries.

The survey of Saugeen Township into farm lots was commissioned in 1851. In the early years, the town of Southampton and the village of Port Elgin formed an integral part of the township. At an early date in the history of the county, Saugeen Township was of sufficient importance to be one of the first two townships to be created into a separate municipality.

It held its first municipal election in January 1854.

In 1998, Saugeen Township amalgamated with the towns of Port Elgin and Southampton to form the Town of Saugeen Shores.


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