Lucknow, ON

The formation of Lucknow began, within the geographical boundaries of Kinloss Township, with a grant of 200 acres of land to J. Eli Stauffer who agreed to erect a dam and sawmill in 1856-57. James Somerville, who purchased the mill and property, laid out village lots in 1858. The southern portion of Lucknow (within the geographical area of Wawanosh and Ashfield Townships, Huron County) was surveyed into village lots in 1861. Lucknow was incorporated as a village in June 1873, with the first council being elected in January 1874. In June 1873, both Bruce County and Huron County passed by-laws to annex Lucknow, situated on the border of the two counties. It took just over a year for the Lieutenant-Governor to issue a proclamation annexing Lucknow to Bruce County.

On January 1, 1999, Kinloss Township amalgamated with Huron Township and the villages of Lucknow and Ripley to form the Township of Huron-Kinloss.

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Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


Abbott, Henry
Agnew, Thomas David
Aitchinson, Cleveland
Aitchison, Alymer
Allin, Harold Roger
Austin, Robert
Baker, James Daniel
Barber, William Walter
Bogues, Gordon William
Buchanan, Robert Donald
Bueglass, Ralph James
Butler, Alexander
Cameron, Ewart Dryden (Texas)
Campbell, Alexander Collin
Campbell, Duncan Cameron
Carrick, Robert Young
Casemore, William Roy
Chisholm, Harry
Clark, George Melvin
Culbert, Gordon Stanley
Drennan, William Elwood
English, Bertie George
Fisher, Robert
Gaunt, Beth Mellow
Geddes, Cameron William
Gillespie, Charles Lloyd
Gordon , Huntley Herman
Graham, Marshall Bowles Emmerson
Graham, William "Herbert"
Habick, Andrew
Harris, William
Hassall, George Thomas
Hassall, Joseph
Henderson, Clarence Robert
Henry, Alexander Bruce
Henry, Earl Irvine
Hesch, Clifford Francis
Hibben, Robert Edward
Hughes, William Thomas
Huston, William Irwin
Hutchison, John Sherwood
Irwin, St. Clair
Jewitt, Charles Lewis
Jewitt, William Albert
Johnston, Noble Allan
Johnstone, Russell
Kennedy, Alexander Dunlop
Kennedy, Alexander William
Kennedy, David G.
Kennedy, William
Kupnycki, John
Laidlaw, William Kenneth (Ken)
Lavis, James
Lovett, Walter Ernest
MacDiarmid, Alexander Duncan
MacDonald, Thomas Archibald
MacInnes, John Beaton
MacKenzie, John Grant
Matheson, Malcolm C.
McDonald, Donald Roy
McDougall, John Alexander
McIntosh, Robert William
McKendrick, John Donald
McKinnon, Peter
McNall, Robert John
McQuillin, George Andrew
Milne, David Grant
Milne, Fred Elmer
Nichol, Boyd McGregor
Nixon, Joseph Thomas
Paterson, Archie
Paterson, James
Paterson, Ross A.
Patten, Roy Maus
Peircey, Ernest William
Pinner, Charles Albert
Plowright, Sidney Oscar
Prince, William
Purser, John Frederick
Rathwell, Arnold
Rising, Frank
Robinson, Robert Henry
Romminger, John
Slaughter, James Edward
Stewart, Philip Samuel
Stimson, William
Taylor, George
Taylor, George Wendell
Towle, Robert Sidney
Twamley, Charles Wilbert
Twamley, George Aylmer
Webster, Richard Nelson
Whitby, George Richard
Whitby, Russell "Buster"
Williams, Henry Alfred
Young, Harold Clare