Lindsay Township, ON

On January 1, 1873, the townships of Lindsay and St. Edmunds were added to the union of Eastnor and Albemarle townships (through County by-law passed on June 21, 1872) forming the municipality of the United Townships of Albemarle, Eastnor, Lindsay and St. Edmunds.

On January 1, 1878, Albemarle Township became its own municipality, by by-law dated June 8, 1877, while the three northern townships remained united, with Eastnor as the senior township.

On January 1, 1883, Lindsay and St. Edmunds were set apart as one united municipality, having attained the required qualifications within their bounds, with Eastnor Township becoming its own municipality.

On January 1, 1903, Lindsay Township and St. Edmunds Township became separate municipalities.

On January 1, 1999, St. Edmunds Township, Eastnor Township, Lindsay Township and Lion’s Head amalgamated to form the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


Bartley, Charles Henry
Bartley, William Melbourne ‘Mel’
Blacklock, Melville
Brinkman, Lawrence Milton Otto "Larry"
Brinkman, Wilbert Ernest Lyall "Ernie"
Brough, James Edwin
Burley, William David
Caldwell, William Henry
Ebel, James Wesley
Forbes, Merrit ‘Melville’
Forbes, Selby Phillip Stacey Edmund
Forbes, Thomas ‘Gordon’ Branston
Germon, John George
Germon, Thomas Alexander
Hamilton, Edwin Timothy
Hanna, Robert Nelson
Hayes, Beverley Peter
Hayes, Cecil Stanley
Hayes, Samuel John
Hayes, Wilson
Hellyer, Oscar ‘George’ William
Hilts, Joseph Abner
Hofstrand, Donald
Hofstrand, Howard Stanley
Hofstrand, Wilbert Kenneth
Kelly, Hugh Thomas
Livingston, George Taylor
MacDonald, Lindsay
Martindale, Jarvis
McArthur, Angus Archie
McArthur, Angus Donald
McArthur, Archibald "Archie"
McArthur, Arden Stanley
McArthur, Charles Henry
McArthur, Christle
McArthur, Daniel
McArthur, George "Royal"
McArthur, Hugh Stanley
McArthur, Kenneth Clayton
McArthur, Murdock Iver
McArthur, Wilbert Howard
McCallum, John Archibald
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, John
McDonald, Norman
McDonald, William Simon
McLay, Angus
McLay, Charles
McLay, Daniel
McLay, Donald
McLay, Donald K.
McLay, Etta Burdell (Birdie)
McLay, John
McLay, John "Milton"
McLay, John Allan
McLay, Murdock
McLay, Murdock
McLay, Robert "Gordon"
Noble, Ernest Ivan Albern
Parker, William James
Patton, William Lindsay
Pedwell, Jack (John) Aldon
Pyke, Bertram Isaac "BJ"
Robbins, Gordon Gerald
Robbins, Ivan Stewart
Rouse, Archibald Ferguson
Rouse, George Henry
Rouse, Gordon Lloyd
Rouse, John Thomas
Rouse, Stanley Royal
Scobie, David
Smith, Adam D.
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Kenneth Sloane
Smith, Murdock
Smith, Roderick
Tyndall, Guy Christian
Vickers, James
Ward, George Samuel
Ward, Ralph
Ward, William "James"
Weatherhead, Allister Lorne
Weatherhead, George Percival
Weatherhead, Lloyd Edward
Weatherhead, Lloyd Eugene
West, Edward Earnest
Willams, Llewellyn
Winch, Henry Oscar
Woods, Ezra French
Wyonch, Daniel
Wyonch, Hugh Arthur
Wyonch, James Colin
Wyonch, John Silvanus