Hepworth, ON

The community of Hepworth grew within the geographical boundaries of the former Amabel Township on the corner of Highway 6 and Bruce County Road 40. In 1865, William Spencer opened a hotel and settlement grew up around it. A post office was established in 1866 and the community was named Hepworth. In 1881-1882, the railway was built through Hepworth, supporting the development of new businesses and industry.

Hepworth was established as a police village pursuant to Bruce County and Grey County by-laws passed in December 1899 and January 1890, leaving the community generally under the jurisdiction of Amabel Township and Keppel Township Councils, but allowing that some decisions could be made by a board of trustees for the village.

In 1907 Hepworth was incorporated as a village, thereafter electing its own village council and reeve.

On January 1, 1999, the Village of Hepworth amalgamated with Albemarle Township, Amabel Township and the Town of Wiarton to form the Town of South Bruce Peninsula.

This list of soldiers was born, or enlisted, or died at Hepworth, Ontario.

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Pridmore, John
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Shouldice, Victor Wesley
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