Hanover, ON

Hanover [Bentinck Township, Grey County] is a thriving post village on the Durham road, six miles east of Walkerton and on the Grey county line [between Bentinck Township, Grey County and Brant Township, Bruce County.] The Stratford and Lake Huron Railway passes through the village, which when completed will tend to make it an important shipping point for the grain and produce of the excellent farming country with which it is surrounded. The advantages for manufacturing are first-class, the Saugeen River affording an extensive water privilege, which is utilized to a considerable extent. The village is growing rapidly and will probably shortly be incorporated. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.

Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


Alexander, Wilbert
Ankenmann, Richard Douglas (Bob)
Baetz, Wilson Norman Delford
Bailey, William Edward
Bannerman, Andrew
Barratt, Leonard
Beamish, David Earle
Becker, Meryle
Bell, Elmer Warner
Benninger, Eugene Walter
Benninger, Francis George
Benninger , Kathleen (Field)
Blake, George William
Bohnert, Herbert Edward
Bowes, Donald Kenneth
Brodhagen, Emil Gottlieb
Brubaker, Lloyd Douglas
Brubaker, Roscoe Donald Grover
Bruegeman, Raymond Glen
Caskanette, John Albert Andrew
Clark, Fraser S.
Clifton, James Jasper
Cooney, George A.
Cronkwright, Herbert Edward
Crowe, John Alexander
Culbert, Lot Ezra
Currie, Francis James ‘Frank’
Curtis, Uriah ‘Norman’
Diebel, Clarence Barnett
Diebel, Ken
Dirstein, George Richly
Doerr, Edwin
Esbaugh, Clement Joseph Guy
Eva, Clarence "Sam"
Farrow, Kenneth Henry
Fitzell, Watson
Fleet, Ronald L.
Fry, Samuel ‘Marvin’
Gallinger, Grenville (Grant) Nelson
Garner, John Stewart
Gateman, Richard
Gateman, William Martin
George, Harvey Wesley
George, Percy Milton
George, Walter Mervin
Goad, Clarence Edison
Grubb, Alfred L.
Hahn, Henry Joseph
Hall, Al
Hehn, Lawrence Andrew
Holler, Herman
Hopkins, Arthur
Horsburgh, James Walter
Jacklin, Aaron Wilfrid
Jagelewski, Matthew
Jucksch, Arnold Homer
Jucksch, Reuban
Kissack, Cecil
Klemmer, Lloyd
Knapp, Mervin (Mervyn)
Knechtel, Arthur
Kreutzweiser, William Allen
Lamont, Joseph "Howard"
Lamont, Ronald Douglas
Lamont, Stuart Alexander
Lines, Herbert
Litt, Gordon P.
Lobsinger, Arthur
Lorenz, Ken
Lustig, William Henry "Harry"
Machesney, Gerald Rowland
MacNeill, Lloyd George
Manto, Bruce E.
Maxwell, Percy Russell
McClement, Robert
McGeagh, Thomas Henry
McKay, James Ian
Miller, Douglas John
Monk, Eldon Henry Louis
Monk, Leonard John Albert
Nestman, Joseph John
Nickel, Allan Victor
Nickel, Clarence John
Pfohl, Elmer George
Pfohl, Florence Caroline
Plant, Reuben
Plantt, James Robert
Pupich, Dragutin "Charles"
Rawson, "Glen" Clarence Arnold
Richardson, William "Melvin"
Ries, Reginald Robert
Robbins, Milford Richard (Mitch)
Rowand, Irene Elizabeth
Ruhl, William Alfred
Schmidt, Milton Frederick
Schmidt, William Peter
Schonstrom, Anthony B. (Yngve)
Seip, Orville Samuel
Small, Simon
Speilmacher, Albert Anthony
Tanner, Gordon Henry
Thoms, Carl Albert
Tremp, William
Walker, Alexander James
Walker, Andrew James
Weber, Norman Cleophas
Wedow, Clarence
Wedow, Irwin Henry
Weidner, William E.
Weiler, Florian E.
Weirmier, Clarence Fredrick John
Wendorf, Clarence "Barney"
Wendorf, Edward
Weppler, Arthur Henry
Winkler, Eric Alfred
Winskill, William Wesley
Wisler, Samuel Lewis
Wrightson, Lawrence
Yates, Glenn William
Young, Leonard Noah