Culross Township, ON

Culross Township was surveyed in 1852, but settlement didn’t occur until 1854, just before the “big land sale” in September 1854. In 1854, when the United Townships of the County of Bruce was dissolved, the townships of Greenock and Culross remained united, with Greenock being the senior township. On January 1, 1856, the union dissolved Culross Township became an independent township.

Within the geographical boundaries of Culross Township, Teeswater incorporated as a village in 1874.

In 1998, the Township of Culross and the Village of Teeswater amalgamated to form the Township of Teeswater-Culross. The following year, Mildmay-Carrick amalgamated with Teeswater-Culross to form South Bruce, choosing Teeswater as the seat of the municipality.

Sources: “History of the County of Bruce, Volume 1” by Norman Robertson, “History of the County of Bruce, Volume 2” by Norman McLeod.

Cenotaphs & Cemeteries

No Cenotaphs or Cemeteteries Listed


Agnew, William
Aitken, Thomas
Aitkins, Thomas
Alexander, David
Alison, Thomas
Anderson, Charles
Anderson, Francis
Anderson, George
Anewine, Joseph
Anstett, Anthony
Anstett, Francis
Arkell, Herbert
Arkell, William Peter
Armstrong, Audrey
Armstrong, Currie Orland
Armstrong, George Kerr
Armstrong, James Goodfellow
Atkinson, William
Atwell, Hardis
Auld, John Young
Austel, Anthony
Ballagh, Alexander
Ballagh, Fleming
Ballagh, Hamilton
Ballagh, James
Ballagh, John
Ballagh, John
Ballagh, William
Ballagh, William
Barbour, John L.
Barbour, Robert
Batz (Bates) (Beitz), Anthony
Beacon, James
Beck, Ignatius
Beingessner, Eugene
Bell, Donald
Bell, John
Bell, William
Beninger, Andrew
Beninger, George
Beninger, Ignatius
Beninger, Joseph
Beninger, Mathias
Beninger, Michael Jr.
Beninger, Michael Sr.
Benninger, Frances Joseph
Benninger, George Alexander
Body, John
Bohnert, Clement Eugene
Booth, Robert
Boue, Adam
Bowman, John
Boyd, James
Braden, Oliver
Bradford, David
Brothers (Bruder), Peter
Brown, James
Brown, Peter B
Bulger, Martin
Burton, William
Bushway, Madden (Martin)
Button, William
Calhoun, Joseph
Calvin, George
Calvin, William
Cameron, Alexander
Cameron, John
Cameron, Neil
Cameron, Thomas
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Dugald
Campbell, Henry
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, Robert
Campbell, Thomas
Capitian, J.B.
Carmichael, Paul
Carrigan, Thomas
Carson, James
Case, Adam
Case, Adam
Caslick, Alfred
Caslick, Charles ‘Wilford’
Caslick, George
Cheesborough, John
Cheesbrough, Frederick
Cheeseborough (Cheesbrogh), Joseph
Chisholm, Archibald
Chisholm, Donald
Chisholm, James
Clapperton, James
Clark, John
Clark, Peter
Clark, William
Clonse, Charles
Clydesdale, David
Clydesdale, William
Colvin, David George
Colvin, Robert
Colvin, William
Crapper, Benjamin
Crapper, James
Cronin, John Jr.
Cronin, Michael Joseph
Cronin, Timothy
Cronin, Timothy David
Crow, Christopher
Cummins, Oliver
Curtis, Peter
Davidson, Adam
Davidson, Thomas
Davis, Thomas
Deit, Nicholas
Delayer, Joseph
Detzler, Nicholas
Dickison, James Charles
Dickison, William ‘Earl’
Dobson, Robert
Doerr, Albert Edward ("Albie")
Doerr, George
Doerr, George
Donaldson, James D.
Donaldson, Robert
Dosman, Joseph
Dosman, Raymond William
Douglass, Robert
Dow, Thomas
Downs, William
Dowse, Richard
Dunn, Edward
Dunn, Patrick
Durran, Nicholas
Edgar, Ray Albert
Edger, Charles
Elinger, Frederick
Elliot, John Scott
Elliot, Thomas
Elliot, William
Ellis, William
Elly, Bernard
Ernewein, Arthur Joseph
Ernwein, Sebastin
Erwin, Robert
Fairburn, David
Fairburn, Thomas
Fallon, Thomas
Fessent, Richard
Fessent, William
Fewings, John
Finlayson, Simon
Fischer, George Joseph
Fleming, Neil
Fletcher, Angus
Fletcher, Orran
Fluke, Samuel
Fody, Joseph
Fody, Peter
Foreman, John
Forsyth, Alexander
Foster, John A.
Fountain, Elijah
Fraser, James
Freeborn, Thomas
Frick, Andrew
Frost, Thomas
Fryfogle, John
Fulford, Edward Jr.
Fulford, Henry
Fulford, Ira
Fulford, Jessa
Fulford, John L.
Fulford, Richard
Fullford, Richard
Fullford, [John]
Galbraith, Lauchlin
Gale (Gehl), Conrad
Gates, John
Gates, Martin
Geddis, Robert
Gibson, Alexander
Gies, Carl Ambrose
Gill, John
Gill, Robert
Gilles, Donald
Gilles, James
Gillespie, William
Gillis, Hugh
Gillis, John
Gilmore, James B.
Gilmore, John
Gilroy, Arold
Gilroy, John
Goings, George
Gordon, William
Goudy, William
Graham, Alexander
Grant, Donald McKenna
Grant, James
Grant, Peter
Grant, Peter
Green, Alvin Albert
Green, Cedric Ernest
Green, James
Green, James
Grenache, Joseph
Griffith, John
Grimoldby, Jean Isobel
Hadwen, Mathew
Hadwin, Mathew
Haldenby, Henry
Haldenby, James Frederick ‘Freddie’
Haldenby, Richard
Haldenby, William H.
Haley, Robert
Halliday, Sinclair John Maxwell
Halliday, Stewart Alexander
Halstead, John F.
Hamilton, Joseph
Harbottle (Hardbottle), James
Hardy, George ‘Eldon’
Harkness, Robert John
Hauk (Howk), Philip
Hauley, James
Hawthorn, Hans
Haynes, James
Haynes, Robert
Heimler, John
Henderson, Hugh D
Henderson, James
Henderson, John
Henderson, John Major
Henderson, William
Hennry, Samuel
Henry (Hennry), Samuel
Hetherington, George
Holdrick, Philip
Horton, Thomas
Hough (Hock) (Hauck), Andrew Jr.
Hough (Hock) (Hauck), Anthony
Howett, Robert
Howett (Howet) (Howatt), John
Hudson, Ralph
Hudson, Stephen
Hudson, Thomas
Hughes, Thomas Victor
Hughston, Archibald
Hutchison, John
Hutton, Robert
Hutton, Samuel
Ingles, John
Innes, Alex
Ireland, David A
Irvin, William H.
Irwin, Thomas
Jackson , Malcolm
Jarvis, George
Jarvis, William
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, Philip
Jones, Aaron
Jones, James
Jones, Stephen
Kehoe, John
Keirsh, John
Keith, John
Keith, Malcolm
Keith, William George
Kelly, Henry
Kelly, Moses
Kennedy, Archibald
Kennedy, Colin
Kennedy, Duncan
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, John
Kerr, Mathew
Kieffer, Simon P.
King, Edward
King, John
King, Michael
King, Patrick
Kirkland, Archibald
Kirkland, Archibald
Kirkland, Samuel
Kirkland, Samuel
Kirscher, Debatt
Kline, Joseph
Kriplin, Frederick
Krotch (Kraatch), Frederick
Lamportus, John
Latimore, William
Lean, James
Lean, John
Lehman, John
Lehman, Sebastien (Boston)
Leneen, Walter
Lewis, David
Lewis, Henry
Lewis, James
Lewis, Robert
Lincoln, John
Lindsey, John Sr.
Lindsey, Robert
Lithgow, Richard
Little, Andrew
Livingston, Duncan
Logan, John
Louttit, George
Louttit, John
Lynett, Patrick
Mack, John
Mahoney, Henry Roscoe
Maloy, John
Manley, John
Manley, Thomas
Manuel, George
Marshall, James
Martin, David
Martin, George
Martin, James
Martin, John
Massel, Anthony
Mauser, Charles
McAllister, Hugh
McAllister, John
McArthur, Alexander
McArthur, Duncan
McAuly, Archibald
McAuly, Donald
McAuly, John
McBain, John Jr.
McBain, John Sr.
McCauellish, Robert
McCrue, John
McCullough, Bertram Hughes ‘Bert’
McDaniel, George
McDermott, Bernard
McDermott, Hugh
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Alexander Jr.
McDonald, Alexander Sr.
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, Colin
McDonald, David
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Ewan
McDonald, George
McDonald, Hugh
McDonald, James
McDonald, James
McDonald, James
McDonald, John
McDonald, Neil
McDonald, Ranald or Randel
McDonald, Richard
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, Robert
McDonald, William James
McDougald, Dougald
McDugald, John
McDugald, Neil
McFee, Neil
McGerrigal, Neil
McGlynn, Anthony
McGlynn, James
McGregor, Alexander
McGregor, Alexander
McGregor, Donald
McGregor, Gregor
McGregor, Hector
McGregor, James
McGregor, John
McGue (McGow), Edward
McGuine, James
McGuirk, Edward
McIntyre, Alexander
McIntyre, Alexander
McIntyre, Archibald
McIntyre, John
McKague (McCague), Andrew
McKague (McCague), Hugh
McKague (McCague), John
McKague (McCague), Thomas
McKague (McCague), William
McKay, Alexander
McKay, Alexander
McKay, Donald
McKay, Donald
McKay, Donald
McKay, Duncan
McKay, George
McKay, Hector
McKay, Hector Jr.
McKay, James
McKay, James
McKay, John
McKay, John
McKay, John
McKay, Lauchlin
McKay, Neil
McKay, Neil
McKay, Neil Jr.
McKay, Neil Sr.
McKee, John
McKee, Robert
McKee, William
McKenzie, Alexander
McKenzie, Alexander
McKenzie, Alexander
McKenzie, Alexander
McKenzie, Angus
McKenzie, Angus
McKenzie, Archibald
McKenzie, Donald
McKenzie, Donald A.
McKenzie, Duncan
McKenzie, Hugh
McKenzie, Hugh
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, John
McKenzie, Robert
McKibbon, George
McKiggan, Malcolm
McKinnon, Donald
McKinnon, Duncan
McKinnon, Hector
McKinnon, Hugh
McKinnon, James
McKinnon, John
McKinnon, Lauchlin
McKinnon, Neil
McLauchlin, William
McLean, Allan
McLean, Donald
McLean, Donald
McLean, Hector
McLean, John
McLean, John K.
McLean, Neil
McLean, Peter
McLean, Roderick
McLean, Roderick
McLean, Samuel
McLellan, Duncan
McLellan, Hugh
McLellan, John
McLellan, Robert
McLennan, William
McLeod, Malcolm
McLorey, John
McMannis, Owan
McMillan, Robert
McMullan, Hugh
McNeil, Mathew
McPhail, Ronald
McPhee, Donald
McPherson, Ian
McQuarry, Allan
McRea, Alexander
McRea, Alexander Jr.
McVicar, John
Mechan, Patrick
Meir, Michael
Melvin (Mellville), Samuel
Mesner, F.X.
Mesner, Pious
Mesner, Wendle
Meyer (Miras), Jacob
Meyer (Mires) (Myres), Martin
Mick, Adam
Midford, William
Millen, Harry Peter
Mitchell, John
Moffat, Thomas
Moir, James
Moir, Joseph
Moore, James E.
Moran, Francis "Joseph" Michael
Moran, Ted James
Morin, Patrick
Morrison, Angus
Morrison, John
Morrow, Robert
Mosack (Mosock) (Mosiac), Joseph
Mosack (Mosock) (Mosiac), Michael
Mosiac, John
Mulkinherrin (Muckenhirn), William
Mulligan, Archibald
Mulligan, Archibald
Murcheson, Donald
Murray, Peter Alphonsus
Murry, James
Nary, John
Newman, William Jr.
O'Meley (O'Malley), Thomas
Oliver, Henry
Ormston, James
Palmer, Phillip
Parker, Henry Alfred
Parker, Samuel
Parkinson, John
Parkinson, Robert
Parkinson, Wesley
Parr, George
Parr, James
Parr, John
Parr, Richard
Pettipeice, William
Phillips, Augustus
Pickard, Courtland
Pinkerton, George
Pope, James
Price, Daniel
Pringle, Archibald
Pringle, James
Pringle, Malcolm
Pringle, William
Quail, David
Quail, David
Quinn, James
Quinn, Patrick
Quinn, Peter
Rae, Alexander
Ready, Simon
Rehill, John
Rehill, William Jr.
Rehill, William Sr.
Reid, James
Reid, Thomas
Richardson, Henry
Rike, Bernard
Riter, John S.
Roane (Rowen), Richard
Robinson, John
Robinson, William
Rosewell, Roy Herbert
Ross, Alexander
Ross, James
Ross, Paul
Ross, Thomas
Ross, Thomas
Ross, Thomas
Ross, Wilfred Cosgrove
Rush, David
Russell, Harry Gordon
Sandford, William F.
Schaefer, Wilfred
Scheely, John
Schefter, Lewis
Schefter (Shafter), John
Schiestel, Clarence Joseph
Schiestel (Shustel), Joseph
Schirhart, Joseph
Schnurr, George Joseph
Schoals (Schoales), Francis A.
Schoals (Schoales) (Sproal), Charles
Schoals (Schoales)(Sproal)(Sproul),
Schoemaker, Anthony
Schustel, Laurance
Sclauders, James
Scott, Clifford Brown
Scott, George
Scott, George Pinkerton
Scott, James
Scott, James
Scott, John
Scott, John Graham
Scott, Robert Jr.
Scott, Robert Sr.
Scott, Stewart
Scott, William
Scott, William
Scott, William
Seitz, George
Sellick (Salick), Charles
Sellick (Salick), John
Sharp, Andrew
Sharp, James
Shawl, Lawrence
Shefton, John
Simons, Simon
Simpson, Arthur
Simpson, Arthur Ferguson
Simpson, William
Skelly, Martin
Skelly, William
Smith, Blakeney Alexander
Smith, James
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Wilbert
Smith, William
Smith, William Lorne
Smith, William Robert
Smith (Schmidt), Philip
Smythe, Blackney
Smythe, Jacob
Smythe, James
Smythe, Samuel
Smythe, Stephan
Snell, William
Snyder, James
Spence, Edward
Spence, Richard
Stafford, Abraham
Standish, Francis
Steel, Angus
Steffler, James Harold
Stewart, John
Stewart, Robert
Strath, James
Strauss, Jerome Phillip
Strauss, Ralphael "Ralph" Edward
Struthers, James
Stull, Samuel
Stutt, Archibald
Stuut, John
Switzer, Dorothy
Tapley, Samuel
Tapley, Samuel
Taucher (Tachan) (Tougher), John
Taylor, Henry Booth
Tees, John
Thacker, Harold Douglas
Thompson, Thomas
Thoruson, Robert
Tomlinson, Nicholas
Totten, Walter Coate
Trautman, Louis Matthew
Turner, Charles
Turner, James
Vitty, James
Voisin, Nicholas George
Waddle, Mathew
Walker, Elizabeth Tillie
Walker, Hugh
Walker, John
Wall, Allan Lloyd
Watson, Alexander
Watson, David
Watson, Donald
Watson, Robert
Watson, Thomas
Watson, William
Watt, John
Watt, John
Wedo, Joachim
Weis (Wiess), Edward
White, James
White, Robert
White, Samuel
White, William Jr.
Whiteman, John
Whiten, Joseph
Whosing, Jacob
Whytock, James
Whytock, Joseph Howard
Williamson, James
Willie, Robert James
Wilson, James
Wilson, Thomas
Wocks, John
Woods, Samuel
Woodward, William
Wright, Charles
Wright, Charles
Wright, John G.
Zettel (Settle), Andrew
Zimmerman (Simmerman), John