Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation, ON

The Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation occupy an area known as Neyaashiinigmiing on the east shore of the Bruce Peninsula on Georgian Bay. This area is also known as Cape Croker.

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Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


Akiwenzie, Andrew Joseph
Akiwenzie, Charles
Akiwenzie, Dennis Jacob
Akiwenzie, Edward
Akiwenzie, Edward
Akiwenzie, Edwin A."Bun"
Akiwenzie, John
Akiwenzie, John
Akiwenzie, Joseph Ernest
Akiwenzie, Kelly Elgin Charles "Charlie Shoot"
Akiwenzie, Norval Michael
Akiwenzie, Olive
Akiwenzie, Onezeme
Akiwenzie, Peter
Akiwenzie, Resime
Akiwenzie, Sylvester
Akiwenzie, William
Akiwenzie, William
Ashkewe, Benjamin Roy
Ashkewe, Ephraim a.k.a. Ephriam
Ashkewe, Harry
Ashkewe, Ingersoll
Ashkewe, Milton George (Milt)
Ashkewe, Nelson
Chegahno, Elias
Chegahno, Howard
Chegahno, Jonah
Chegahno, Levi
Chegahno, Mordick
Chegahno, Peter
Chegahno, Solomon Jackson
Desjardine, Alexandra
Desjardins, Peter Charles
Eliott, Wilford Laurier
Elliot, Wilfred Laurier
Elliott, Abner
Elliott, Abraham
Elliott, Abram
Elliott, Angus William
Elliott, Bryce Gordon
Elliott, Clarence Russell
Elliott, Dan
Elliott, Daniel Alexander
Elliott, Duncan
Elliott, Duncan
Elliott, George MacGregor
Elliott, Joseph
Elliott, Joseph Frank
Elliott, Roger
Elliott, Stanley
Elliott, Wellington
Johnson, Henry
Johnston, Alexander Murray
Johnston, Archie
Johnston, Archie Duncan
Johnston, Doreen
Johnston, Edward Louis
Johnston, Henry
Johnston, John
Johnston, John Alvin Gordon
Johnston, Lloyd
Johnston, Oliver
Johnston, Orville Kenneth
Johnston, Peter Lennox
Johnston, Ronald
Johnston, Ross
Johnston, Rufus F.
Johnston, Victor
Johnston, William N.
Johnston, William Nathaniel
Jones, Alex
Jones, Alex Irvin
Jones, Arthur A.
Jones, Arthur Amos
Jones, Frederick
Jones, Howard
Jones, Howard P.
Jones, Irvan
Jones, Irwin
Jones, James Joseph Ryerson
Jones, John
Jones, John Chichock
Jones, Peter
Jones, Stanley
Keeshig, Bernard Reuben (Barney)
Keeshig, George
Keeshig, Gregor Alexander
Keeshig, Gregory P.
Keeshig, John Wesley
Keeshig, Laurence
Keeshig, Lawrence Alvin
Keeshig, Randolph
Keeshig, Sylvester F.
Keeshig, Sylvester Francis
Keeshig, Willis
Keeshig, Willis
King, Sylvester
King, Sylvester
Lamorandiere, Ernest
Lamorandiere, Wilfred Adolph
Lamorandiere, Wilfred Adolph
Lavalley, Burlyn Eli
Lavalley, Frank
Lavalley, Frank
Lavalley, Fred
Lavalley, Frederick William
Lavalley, Mike
Lavalley, Peter
Lavalley, Peter James
Lavalley, Victor
Lavalley, Xavier F.
Lavalley (Lavallee), Michael
Martin, Peter
Martin, Peter Cecil
McLeod, Alfred Joseph
McLeod, Charles Donald
McLeod, Charles Norman
McLeod, Daisy
McLeod, John Joseph
McLeod, John Malcolm Sr.
McLeod, Leroy
McLeod, Malcolm John "M.J."
McLeod, Max
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, Reginald
Nadjiwan, Bernard Reuben
Nadjiwan, Charles Cecil
Nadjiwan, Clarity
Nadjiwan, Clifford Francis
Nadjiwan, Francis Dominic
Nadjiwan, Joseph Alfred Robert Samuel "Sam"
Nadjiwan, Leonard Paul
Nadjiwan, Raymond Douglas
Nadjiwan, Vera Theresa
Nadjiwon, Joseph ‘Wilmer’
Nadjiwon, Paul
Nadjiwon, Peter Christopher
Nagonnash, Clarence
Pedoniquot (Pedoniquotte), Wellington
Pedoniquott, Adam
Pedoniquott, Charles
Pedoniquott, Isadore
Pedoniquott, Robert
Pedoniquott, Wellington
Pedoniquotte, Charles
Pedonquot, Adam
Proulx, Daniel
Proulx, James Jr.
Proulx, Joseph
Proulx, Malcolm
Proulx, Stephen
Proulx, Steve
Proulx, William
Shawan (Shawanageesie), Joseph
Shawanageshig, Joseph
Shawon / Shawan, Joseph
Simms, Betty
Sky, Allan Victor
Sky, Allen Victor
Solomon, Ainsley
Solomon, Andy "James"
Solomon, Bernard
Solomon, David
Solomon, Derbie Bernard
Solomon, Harvey
Solomon, Louis
Solomon, William "Bill" Franklin
Taylor, Alex
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Casimir
Taylor, Enoch William
Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Ignatius
Taylor, Tilly I
Tomah, James Byron
Tomah, James Byron
Waukey, Alvin
Waukey, Willis