The Great War saw many of Bruce County’s militia men join up for the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1914 and 1915. At the end of 1915, the County’s own Battalion was formed. The 160th, led by Lt. Col. Adam Weir, had over 1,500 enlist to support the forces already overseas. After the 160th went overseas in 1916, Bruce County residents continued to enlist once they came of age or were drafted. The effort to support the soldiers from home was substantial as well. The Bruce County Preparedness League was initiated to support the soldiers upon their return.

Group of Soldiers from the 160th Bruce Battalion outside camp


Abbott, Henry
Abbs, James Albert
Abell, Alfred Avery
Abraham, George Sheldon
Abram, William Irwin
Acret, Wilfred Maitland
Adair, Charles Asfeldt
Adair, Gordon
Adair, Nelson
Adams, William Daniel
Addley, Richard
Agnew, Clair Andrew
Agnew, George
Agnew, James
Agnew, Lloyd
Agnew, Thomas David
Agombar, Bert
Ahkewenzie / Ahkiwenzie / Akiwenzie, Leslie
Ahmed, Albert Edward
Aiken, Harvey Hilliard
Aiken, John Ephrim / Ephraim
Aiken, Milton John
Aitchinson, Cleveland
Aitchison, Alymer
Aitchison, Clifton
Aitchison, Lorne
Akiwenzie, Andrew Joseph
Akiwenzie, Charles
Akiwenzie, Edward
Akiwenzie, John
Akiwenzie, Peter
Akiwenzie, Resime
Akiwenzie, William
Alderson, Claude Robert
Alexander, Earl Thomas
Alexander, Joseph Henry
Allan, Chester Weatherhead
Allan, Jack Alexander
Allen, Frederick Thomas
Allen, Norman McDonald
Allin, Harold Rodger
Ambrose, Norman Aleck
Amery, George E.
Ames, Royden Coleman
Amey, James Wesley
Ammann, Joseph Carl
Amos, Forbes
Anaquot, Jerry Elijah
Anderson, Duncan
Anderson, Duncan Andrew
Anderson, Edward Creswell
Anderson, Fred
Anderson, Henry Bielbie
Anderson, James Porter
Anderson, John
Anderson, Louis
Anderson, Oscar Clyde
Anderson, Tracy John
Anderson, Wilfred Sydney Berry
Anderson, William J.
Angeleri, Lorenzo Luigi
Ankenmann, George Arthur
Anstead, Ida Jane
Anstead, William Austin
Archer, Thomas
Ard, Robert George
Ard, William Craige
Armstrong, James Goodfellow
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Leslie Kyle
Armstrong, Wilfred William
Arnold, C. A.
Arnold, James C.
Arnold, John "Jack"
Arnold, Joseph
Arnold, Morgan
Arnott, C.A.
Arthur, William
Ash, James George
Ashkewe, Christopher
Ashkewe, Ephraim a.k.a. Ephriam
Ashley, Wesley Buffin "Dad"
Askin, Kenneth
Askin, Robert Hugh
Askin, William "Will"
Atchison, Russell Aubrey
Atkey, Richmond Henry
Atkinson, Hugh
Atkinson, Ralph Edgerton
Atkinson, Roy Campbell
Augustinus, Adrianus Cornelius Johannes
Austin, Robert
Avery, George Milton
Avis, Lorne Garnet
Babcock, Andrew Enos
Babcock, Samuel Amos
Babcock, Thomas
Bach, Edward Lambert
Bacon, Robert Francis
Bailey, William Edward
Bain, Andrew Sutherland
Bain, Donald James
Bainbridge, Allen Randolph
Baird, Frank Henry
Baird, Patrick
Baker, Charles
Baker, Fred
Baker, George
Baker, George Wesley
Baker, James Daniel
Baker, James William
Baker, Percy
Baker, Robert Frank
Baldwin, Egerton Ryerson
Baldwin, Herbert
Ball, Louis Stevens
Ballachey, Frederic Allen
Ballagh, Leslie Robert
Ballantyne, Albert Montrose
Bannerman, Alexander
Bannerman, Andrew
Bannerman, William Ernest
Bannister, Frederick
Bannister, William Ernest
Barber, Wilfred Richard
Barber, William Walter
Barbour, Frank Leslie
Barbour, John L.
Barclay, Alan
Barclay, John
Barclay, William Alexander
Barfoot, Alvey Roy
Barker, Harry
Barker, Joseph Henry
Barkley, John Henry
Barnard, William Charles
Barnes, Arthur George
Barnes, Percy Arthur
Barnett, William Stanley
Barrett, William James (W.J.)
Barrie, Ernest George
Barry, William James
Bartley, Alexander "Sandy"
Bartley, Charles Henry
Bartley, Robert James
Bartman, Garnet George
Bartman, Josias ("Joseph")
Bates, Robert
Batte, Frank Jacob
Battle, Frederick
Battle, George Thomas
Baty, Edward
Baughn, Frederick
Bauman, Leo Urban
Beamish, Crandall Thomas
Beamish, David Earle
Bearman, Thomas Edward
Beaton, Harry
Beaton, John A. ("Jack")
Beaton, Lloyd
Beaton, Malcolm Roy
Beaton, Percy Forrest
Beattie, Louis Earle
Beatty, Allan
Beatty, Russell Glenn
Beatty, Wilbert
Bechtel, Gordon
Beck, Charles
Becker, Cornelius Francis ‘Frank’
Becker, John Herman
Becking, Harvey Willie
Bedford, Solomon Secord
Beese, Edgar Albert
Begg, Earl Gilcrest
Begg, James Stuart
Beingessner, Eugene
Beingessner, Otto William
Bell, Albert E.
Bell, Archie William
Bell, Bertram Reginald
Bell, Cecil William
Bell, Charles Garland
Bell, Clifford William
Bell, Duncan
Bell, George Henry
Bell, Gordon McBride
Bell, Henry Harold
Bell, James Stark
Bell, Joseph Wellington
Bell, Murray
Bell, Norman Percy
Bell, Norval Delbert
Bell, Reuben Lawrence
Bell, Victor Milne
Bell, William John
Bell, Wilton Adam
Belmore, F.
Belmore, J.J.
Belrose, George Wesley
Belrose, Howard Alvin
Belrose, James
Bennett, Albert Victor
Bennett, F.G.
Bennett, Frederick James
Bennett, George Harold
Bennett, George Joseph
Bennett, John "Jack" Edward
Bennett, Walter Dewey
Bennett, William
Benninger, Alfred George
Benson, Albert
Benson, William Robert
Bentley, George Edward
Beresford, Edward Ambrose
Berry, Ernest Millen
Berry, George
Berry, M.
Berry, Oliver
Berry, Robert J.
Besito, David Alexander
Besito, Elias
Besito, John
Besito, Joseph James
Best, Joseph
Best, Theodore David
Bevan, Alfred W.
Bevan, G.T.M.
Bevis, Roy
Biebighauser, Benjamin Bernhardt
Bierworth, John Henry
Billings, Walter
Binkley, Norman
Birrell, Russell George
Birrell, Walter Gordon
Bish, William
Bish, William
Bishop, Allan W.
Bishop, F. Howard
Bishop, Francis Howard
Bishop, Reginald Worth
Bishop, Walter Avery
Bissett, John Douglas
Black, Donald Alexander "Daniel"
Black, Melville "Mike" Gourley
Blackburn, John Robert
Blackman, Bertram
Blackman, Frederick
Blackwell, Almira (Myra) Jane
Blackwell, Frederick Gamond
Blackwood, Albert
Blackwood, John Thomas
Blackwood, Samuel David
Blair, David Walter
Blake, Andrew W.
Blake, George Ernest
Blake, James Herbert
Blakely, John
Blank, Blank
Blatchford, Ewart Arthur
Blathwayt, George Hampton
Bleich, John Joseph ("Jack")
Bloor, James Cecil
Blue, Alexander
Blue, Fred Pierce
Blue, George James
Blue, Harold Malcolm
Blue, Lauchlin (Lauchie)
Bluhm, George Albert
Bluhm, William Alexander
Blythe, George James
Blythe, John Henry
Bockhoven, John
Bogues, Gordon William
Bolden, Harry Edwin
Bolton, Frank
Bolton, Lambert
Bolton, Lambert Ernest Stanley
Bond, Herbert
Bowes, William Franklin
Bowie, Barnes
Bowman, Cecil E.
Boyd, Edwin ‘Glover’
Boyer, Edward Warner
Boyer, George Florian
Boyle, David Charles
Boyle, Ernest
Boyle, Frank Stewart
Boyle, G
Boyle, Howard
Boyle, Llewellyn
Boyle, William Henry "Harry"
Brace, Albert
Brace, William James
Bradford, Art
Brady, Herbert David
Brady, Thomas Webster
Brain, George
Bray, Byron Russell
Bray, John Wesley
Breckow, Howard August
Brick, Alexander Alphonse
Bridge, Harold Percy
Bridge, Herbert
Bridge, John Andrew
Bridge, Wesley Allan
Brigham, Franklin
Brighty, Helen
Brindley, Edwin
Brindley, Edwin
Brink, George Clair
Brinkman, Charles John
Brinkman, Edward
Britton, Albert Edward
Broadfoot, Alma
Broadfoot, Ernest
Brock, Leonard
Brocklebank, George Thomas
Brocklebank, Richard Addison
Brogan, Michael Francis
Brooks, George Albert
Brough, James Edwin
Brown, Archibald Cormack
Brown, Arthur Leslie
Brown, Bernard Lionel (“Bunny”)
Brown, Duncan
Brown, George John
Brown, Gordon Myron
Brown, Henry (Harry) ("Buster")
Brown, James Fitzpatrick
Brown, John Duncan
Brown, Matthew
Brown, Roland Hooper
Brown, W.
Brown, William "Bill" F.
Brown, William Arthur
Brownscombe, William Henry
Bruce, Moses
Bruegemann, Truman Glenn
Brunton, Linton Leonard
Brunton, Maurice Vivian
Bryce, Charles John
Bryce, Chester
Bryce, Leslie
Bryce, Thomas Miller
Bryce, Walter Ivan
Bryce, Wilfred Austin
Bryce, William Wilson
Buchanan, Robert Donald
Buchoven, Johannes Jacobus "John"
Buckingham, Clifford
Buckingham, Ernest Howard
Buckingham, Victor Leslie
Buckingham, Wilmer Roy
Buckland, William Joseph
Buckley, E.
Buckley, James Wallace
Buckley, John Albert
Buckley, Lorne
Buckley, Richard Earl
Buckley, Walter Harvey
Buckley, William Alexander
Buckton, Garfield
Bueglass, Ralph James
Buehlow, Joseph Herman
Bulger, Thomas Charles
Bull, Henry Wilfred
Burbee, John
Burden, Edward
Burgess, Earl Edward
Burgess, Easton Gordon
Burke, John Jr.
Burkholder, Arthur Lorenzo Dow
Burley, James Russell
Burley, Kell
Burley, R.
Burley, William David
Burns, James
Burnside, Robert
Burrell, William Edward
Burrows, Arthur William
Burrows, George Francis
Burrows, Melvin Franklin
Burwash, Justin Adam
Busby, John Charles "Jack"
Buschlen, Harold Clifford
Butchart, Daniel Alexander
Butchart, Ivan
Butchart, Lorne William
Butcher, Arthur R.
Butler, Alexander
Buxton, G.
Byers, Eldwyn Lambert
Byers, James "Jim"
Byers, Matthew Albert
Cain, Joseph Edgar
Cairns, Norman Orville
Cairns, William
Calder, Donald MacDonald
Caldwell, Howard Alexander
Caldwell, James Emery
Caldwell, William Henry
Calhoun, Robert
Callahan, John Edgar
Callahan, Samuel
Calswell, W. Herbert
Cameron, Alvin A.
Cameron, Archie James
Cameron, Donald William
Cameron, Ewart Dryden (Texas)
Cameron, Ewen MacIntosh
Cameron, Harold Joseph
Cameron, J.
Cameron, James
Cameron, John Alexander "Alex"
Cameron, Joseph
Cameron, Kenneth Edgar
Cameron, Percy Wilfred
Cameron, Peter Edwin
Cameron, Robert Carey
Cameron, Ronald Earl "Rae/Ray"
Cameron, Warren Hubert
Cammidge, Christopher Jr.
Cammidge, Robert
Camp, George William
Camp, John
Campbell, Alexander Collin
Campbell, Angus Henry
Campbell, Arthur Brown
Campbell, Clifford John
Campbell, Colan Alexander
Campbell, Crofford G.
Campbell, Crofford G.
Campbell, Donald
Campbell, Douglas Anstey
Campbell, Duncan "Earl"
Campbell, Duncan Cameron
Campbell, Duncan Cameron
Campbell, Edgar Allan
Campbell, George
Campbell, Henry Archibald
Campbell, Henry Hamilton
Campbell, Hugh Malcolm
Campbell, Hugh Richard
Campbell, John
Campbell, John
Campbell, John Edward "Ed"
Campbell, John Ritchie
Campbell, Joseph Gordon
Campbell, Malcolm Hugh
Campbell, Norman Finley
Campbell, Roy Oswald
Campbell, Simpson Hardie
Campbell, Stewart Laughlan
Campbell, W. Pierce
Campbell, William George
Cann, William George
Carey, Henry Joseph
Carleton, David Elmer / Elworth
Carleton, Earl Neil
Carlson, Ronald Lionel
Carnegie, Donald Hugh
Carpenter, Francis Robert
Carrey, Harry
Carrick, Robert Young
Carroll, James
Carson, Frederick James
Carson, John
Carson, John Edward
Carson, William James
Carstairs, Graham Stewart
Carter, Chetwynd Sommerville
Carter, F.
Carter, James
Carter, Leonard Bert
Carter, Peter
Carter, Wilfred
Cartwright, Ernest
Cartwright, Herbert ("Bert")
Cartwright, Joseph
Case, Andrew Howard
Case, Rachel Mary
Case, William John Edward
Casemore, William Roy
Cashore, Roy
Cass, John Carlyle
Caswill, Walter
Catley, John
Catley, Louis
Catley, Norman
Caudle, Alexander
Cavill, Joseph Alexander
Ceasar, "Fred" Wilfred Gilroy
Chadwick, Henry ("Harry") McLean
Channing, John Richard
Channings, Arthur Henry
Chapman, Edward
Chapman, William
Chatterley, Philip
Cheesman, Henry "Harry"
Chegahno, Elias
Chegahno, Jonah
Chegahno, Levi
Chegahno, Mordick
Chesney, Joseph Henry
Chettleburgh, Robert
Chisholm, Harry
Chisholm, Herman Walter "Duff"
Chisholm, James Findlater
Christian, Arthur Minion
Christie, Nelson
Christie, Oliver
Clancy, John Joseph
Clark, Edward Ross
Clark, Ernest Fielding (Fred)
Clark, Francis "Frank" Daniel
Clark, George Melvin
Clark, Hugh
Clark, John Riddle
Clark, Malcolm
Clark, Neil
Clark, William
Clarke, George Edward
Clarke, Herbert Johnston
Clarke, Lionel Esmonde
Clarke, William Thomas
Clarkson, Robert Stanley
Clason, George
Claxton, Charles William
Clazie, Edward William
Clazie, John "Jack"
Cleave, David Gladstone
Cleave, James Garfield
Clements, Roy Stewart
Clendening, Addison / Adison Clair
Clendening, Chester
Cliff, Louis Marshall
Clifford, Joseph
Clifford, Samuel Weston
Clifton, James Jasper
Clifton, Louis
Clinton, James Hamilton
Clinton, Norman Herbert
Clitheroe, Walter
Cluley, Francis Frederick
Cocklin, Daniel
Coffey, Edward Isaac
Coffey, Frederick Samuel
Cole, Bert Edward
Cole, Dawson Albert
Cole, Frederick Arthur
Cole, George Hildreth
Cole, Peter Henderson
Cole, Walter Garrett
Coleman, William Wilfred
Collard, Reuben L.
Collins, Alfred
Collins, David Lewis
Collins, Edmund
Collins, Edward
Collins, Harold Francis
Collins, Henry R.
Collins, Warren Arthur
Colvin, David George
Colwell, John James
Colwell, Ralph James
Condy, Albert Ernest
Condy, Leonard Watson
Connell, Thomas Gordon
Connolly, Matthew George
Connor, Henry Stanley
Conway, Albert Victor
Cook, Edward
Cook, Gordon Henry
Cook, Luman Hulbert
Cook, Robert Francis
Cook / Cooke, Charles Henry
Cooper, Charles
Cooper, James Martin
Cooper, John
Cooper, Neil
Copperthwaite, Joseph
Cornish, James
Corrigan, Patrick
Cotton, Harry James
Cottrill, James Douglas
Cottrill, Valentine Deacon
Coulter, James
Couper, John
Court, William Richard
Courtnell, Frederick
Cousins, Almer Harold
Cowley, Walter
Cox, Albert William
Cox, David
Cox, John Percival
Coytts, James Gordon
Cracknell, Joan
Cragg, Harvey Stanley
Cragie, Sam
Craig, George
Craig, George Buchanan
Craig, James
Craig, Lorne
Craig, William
Craigie, John Albert
Craigie, Samuel Clarence
Crandon, Charlie
Crandon, Harvey
Crane, Florence
Crane, Richard George
Cranston, George Alex
Crawford, David Russell
Crawford, Ernest Baker
Crawford, George
Crawford, James Henry
Crawford, James Tyson
Crawford, Russell Wesley
Crawford, William John
Cronin, Benjamin
Cronin, James Albert
Cronin, Timothy David
Croome, Thomas Richard
Crosier (Crozier), Robert "John"
Cross, Errett Robert F.H.
Crosswell, Charles Henry
Crow, John
Crowe, John Alexander
Crowhurst, Stephen
Cryderman, Ethel Mildred
Cryderman, Wilbur James
Culbert, Charles Meldrum
Culbert, Gordon Stanley
Culbert, Lot Ezra
Culham, Andrew Newton
Culliton, Rene Howard
Cumming, Arthur Knox
Cumming, Leslie Shepherd
Cunningham, Chester Archie
Cunningham, David Lamb
Cunningham, Earl
Cunningham, Ernest Hall
Cunningham, George
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, James
Cunningham, John Patrick
Cunningham, Norman Herbert
Cunningham, Wallace Herbert
Cunningham, William
Cupskey, August
Currie, Daniel R.
Currie, Frank Griffith
Currie, H.
Currie, James
Currie, John David
Currie, Neil H.
Currie, Oliver Wilson
Currie, Willard James
Currie, William
Currie, William Thomas
Curry, Johnston
Curtis, Courtland
Curtis, W.B.
Cutting, Gordon Rufus
Cutting, Robert (Bert)
Dalgarno, Arthur
Daly, Cecil John
Damm, Clarence A.
Damm, John William
Damm/Domm, Wilfred Peter
Danard, Gilbert
Danard, Harold Parsons
Danard, Havelock
Dancks, Gustave
Daniel, James
Daniel, James Orwell
Daniel, Roy Lancaster
Daniel, William
Daniel, William H.
Daniels, Gordon Jackson Kerr
Daniels, Stewart
Darling, Douglas
Darling, Frederick Leslie
Darling, John A.
Darling, Lloyd Lyness
Darling, Mathew
Darlington, Thomas
Darlington, Thomas William
Dash, Edward
Davey, William Thomas
Davia, Reginald William
Davidson, Earl Ernest
Davidson, H.W.
Davidson, Oliver Morry
Davidson, William (Bill)
Davie, William C.
Davis, Alfred Frederick
Davis, Edward
Davis, Edwin George
Davis, Frederick
Davis, George
Davis, James
Davis, Melville Allen Duff
Davis, R.A.
Davis, Reginald William
Davison, Samuel Melville ‘Mel’
Davison, Wilfred Moran
Dawkins, Albin
Daws, Edward Thomas
Daws, Francis Edward
Dawson, Francis Alexander
Day, Abbner
Day, Aca
Day, James "Jim"
Deakins, Alexander Stanley
Dean, Arthur Richard
Dean, Roy
Dell, Eldon Crossley
DeLong, Arthur
Delong, Harvey
Dennet, Thomas James
Dennett, Arthur
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie), Adam
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie), Norman
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie) , Philip
Dent, Albert Allen
Dent, William
Denvil, Thomas Manfred
Desjardins, Peter Charles
Desmond, Daniel Joseph
Desmond, John Vincent
Deverson, Harold
Devine, William John
Dewar, Stewart Robert
Dewstow, Robert
Dey, Beverly
Dickinson, Charles George Gordon
Dieter, John George
Dietrich, Joseph Anthony
Dinniwell, Oliver Clarence
Dippell, Louis William
Disch, David George
Diss, Edward Charles
Dixon, Elliott Rupert
Dobbs, William Joseph
Dobson, Charles
Dobson, Earl Alvin
Dobson, Edmund
Dobson, Frank
Dobson, John
Dobson, Robert William
Dobson, William Ambrose
Dobson, William Matthew
Dodsworth, Harold Willoughby
Doerr, Edwin
Donahue, Melville Anderson
Donald, Clarence
Donald, Clarence C.
Donaldson, John Elliott
Donaldson, William
Donaldson, William Charles
Donhou, Charles John
Donnelly, Robert
Donnelly, Robert
Donovan, Howard
Dornan, William Keith
Dotzenroth, Louis
Doubt, Albert Percival
Dougherty, Carl Franklin (Frank)
Douglas, David Fulton
Douglas, John Miller
Douglass, William James
Doupe, Gideon
Dovey, Arthur
Drane, Ernest William
Draper, James
Draper, William John
Drennan, William Elwood
Driffill, Charles Edgar
Dryden, Mary
Duke, Albert Frederick
Duke, Thomas Valentine
Duncan, Alexander Thomas
Dunlop, Hugh Carfrae
Dunlop, James Ernest
Dunn, Harold Francis
Dunn, Thomas Edmund
Duplock, Harry
Durst, Clarence Anthony
Durst, Wilfred Carl
Dymer, George Henry
Dymott, Arthur Charles
Eagles (Jr.), William
Eagles (Sr.), William
Earwaker, Albert
Eason, Irwin
Ebel, William "Robert"
Eby, Garfield
Eby, Harvey J.
Eckensweiller, John Joseph
Eckensweiller, Joseph Henry
Ede, George Thomas
Edgar, Frank Stanley
Edminston, Cecil Walker
Edmiston, George Henry
Edmonstone, Sydney Ivar
Edwards, Charles
Edwards, Fred
Edwards, Maurice
Edwards, William John
Eidt, Edward Gerald
Eidt, Roy Edward
Eidt, Walter Harold
Eiler, Lorne St. Clair
Elder, James
Eldridge, George
Eldridge, H.J.
Eldridge, Herbert "Skin" Alfred
Eldridge, John "Jack"
Eldridge, William John
Ellinghausen, Walter David
Elliot, Wilfred Laurier
Elliott, Abraham
Elliott, Archibald Fergus Brown
Elliott, Daniel Alexander
Elliott, Duncan
Elliott, George
Elliott, Henry John
Elliott, John Erwin
Elliott, Joseph Frank
Elliott, Wellington
Elliott / Elliot, George Wesley
Ellison, Henry John
Elmer, Whitely
Elves, Victor
Embleton, William Aynsley
Emmerton, Ernest
English, Bertie George
English, John
English, Robert Gordon
English, William F.
Erdman, Edward C.
Ernest, Clarence A.
Ernest, Edward Frank
Ernewein, George Joseph
Ernewein, Norman Alvin
Ernst, Albert Joseph
Estell, Hugh Henry "Barney"
Etherton, John
Etherton, Thomas John M.
Evans, James
Evans, Robert "Bob"
Everitt, John Thomas
Evers, Albert Henry
Ewald, William
Ewing, James Stuart
Eyre, Franklin Henry
Fair, James
Fair, John Herbert
Fairbairn, Thomas Gordon
Falla, Albert Edward
Fanning, William
Farley, C.W.
Farley, Clayton
Farley, Edward
Farley, George Edwin
Farley, J. G.
Farley, James Tocher
Farley, John Brill
Farley, William Charles
Farmer, Thomas
Farquharson, Norman William
Farrell, Allan C.
Farrell, Joseph Andrew
Farrell, MC, John Brooks
Farrer, Arthur
Farrow, Basil Ernest
Fear, Thornton Douglas
Featherston, Harry John
Feirn, Thomas
Felsing/ Voelzing, Wesley Albert
Fenner, George Albert
Fenton, A.J. (Admiral James) a.k.a. Abbie
Fenton, Clarence
Fenton, Herbert Bishop
Fenton, Joseph Harold
Fenton, Robert John
Fenton, William Henry
Fenton, William Henry
Ferguson, Annie Mae
Ferguson, Archibald ("Archie") Earl
Ferguson, Daniel Arthur
Ferguson, George Dugald
Ferguson, John ("Jack") Emmanuel
Ferguson, John Alexander
Ferguson, Malcolm
Ferguson, Percy Douglas Robert
Ferguson, Robert Arthur
Ferguson, Robert Buchanan
Ferguson, T.H.
Ferrell, James Alfred
Ferrell, Samuel Milton
Ferrell, Thomas Leslie
Ferris, Thomas Roy
Fiddes, Gordon Harold
Fiddis, Gordon Harold
Fidler, Albert
Fidler, Matthew J.
Fidler / Fiddler, Matthew J.
Field, Arthur Thomas
Field, Edgar Austin
Fields, Edgar
Finch, James Joseph
Finlayson, Alexander Laurence / Lawrence
Finlayson, David Stewart
Finlayson, Donald Roderick
Finlayson, John Stanley
Finleon, James Maurice
Finn, Herbert Stewart
Finn, Robert
Fischer, Edgar John
Fischer, Francis John
Fischer, George Joseph
Fisher, A.
Fisher, D.
Fisher, Edward Bushy
Fisher, Hugh McKenzie
Fisher, Robert
Fisk, Norman Edward
Fitter, Archibald
Fitzell, Adam
Fitzell, Chester
Fitzell, Levi
Fitzell, Watson
Fitzgerald, Isaac Levi
Fitzhenry, George John
Fitzsimmons, Nathaniel
Fleming, Andrew Barrie
Fleming, Samuel
Fletcher, David
Fletcher, David
Fletcher, George Albert
Fletcher, Mary Elizabeth
Flewelling, George
Flood, George
Flood, Gerald Lewis
Fogden, Henry "Harry"
Forbes, Richard Frederick
Ford, Victor
Forest, Chris F.
Forrester, James Caulder
Forsyth, Thomas Edwin
Fortune, John
Fortune, Martha Alice
Fortune, Thomas
Foster, James Clyde
Foster, Logie
Foster, Robert Wellington
Foster, Thomas Peter
Foster, Thomas Richard
Foster, William Earl
Foster, William Ewart
Fowler, Bernard
Fowler, Frank
Fowler, Harry
Fox, Charles Cecil
Francey, Wilfred Lawson
Fraser, Clifford Harold
Fraser, Ed
Fraser, Harold
Fraser, Hector Alexander ("Jack")
Fraser, James Eadie
Fraser, James Elgin
Fraser, James Johnston
Fraser, L.B.
Fraser, Luella Blanche (Lee)
Fraser, William Edward
Fraser, William L.
Freeborn, Switzer Gardner
Freeman, Clayton Alexander
Freeman, Wilfred
Freeman, william Paul
Fries, Albert Peter
Fries, Edgar
Friest, George Henry
Frost, John (Sr.)
Frost, John Arthur (Jr.)
Fry, Carl Roberts
Fry, Clarence
Fry, Clifford
Fry, George Henry
Fry, Herbert
Fry, Lawrence
Fry, Lester Stanley
Fry, William Alfred
Fursier, Herbert
Fusier, Herbert
Fyfe, Alexander
Fyfe, George Leith
Galbraith, Thomas
Galbraith, William Frederick
Gallagher, Patricia
Gallagher, Robert John
Gallaugher, Norman Joseph
Gamble, Wilfred Peter
Game, G.N.
Game, James Montgomery
Gammie, Joseph Andrew
Gandier, Everest Baldwin
Garbutt, Wellington Starr
Gardner, Harold Stanley
Gardner / Gardiner, David
Garland, Edgar Sproule
Garland, Elmer Anson
Garland, Gordon Crawford
Garland, William James
Garner, John Stewart
Garton, Tom
Gateman, Otto Christopher
Gateman, Richard
Gateman, William Martin
Gates, William George
Gaunt, Beth Mellow
Gavaris, James Elias
Gavin, Patrick
Gebhardt, Andrew
Geddes, Cameron William
Geddes, Evan
Geddes, Frank Kidner
Geddes, John Rowand
Geddes, Ralph Charles
Geddes, William ‘Ewart’
George, James Frederick
George, Percy Milton
George, Percy Milton
George, Thomas Henry
George, Walter Mervin
Gerald Allan, Morran
Germon, John George
Germon, Thomas Alexander
Gibbons, Garfield
Gibbons, Leonard Garfield
Gibson, Gordon Alexander
Gibson, Sinclair
Gilbert, Basil Elijah
Gilbert, Charles Morris
Gilbert, Henry Victor
Gilbert, Herbert Joeseph
Gilbert, Sydney
Giles, John George "Jack"
Giles, William Herriot
Gillard, Arthur
Gillen, John Thomas
Gillen, William Leo
Gillespie, Charles Lloyd
Gillespie, J.C.
Gillies, Clifford Ernest
Gillies, Donald Albert
Gillies, Murdock Lawrence ‘Maido’
Gillies, T.R.
Gillies, Torguil
Gillies, William
Gilmar, Edwin
Girling, Ennis Daniel
Girvin, David Carl
Girvin, John Scott
Given, James Allen
Given, Reginald Fyfe
Given, Robert John
Glave, Ralph Brunt
Glenn, Franklin Oliver
Glover, Leland Roy
Glover, Lloyd Irving
Goar, Howard Joshua
Godfrey, Arthur Frederick
Golden, Adrian
Golden, Charles Richard
Golden, Elgin
Golden, James Lawrence
Golden, Thomas Albert (Bert)
Golden, Thomas Francis
Goldsborough, T.J.
Good, John
Gooding, Lindley Colin
Gooding, W.E.
Gossel, Daniel Agustus
Gossel, Edwin
Gould, George Grand
Gowanlock, Irvan R.
Gowanlock, James Laidlaw
Gowanlock, Robert George
Gowanlock, Russell
Graff / Graf, Edward Vincent
Grafton, Charles
Graham, Alex
Graham, Christopher James
Graham, Daniel
Graham, Donald
Graham, Hiram Carlyle
Graham, James Irwin "Leroy"
Graham, John Runnie [Reenie]
Graham, Marshall Bowles Emmerson
Graham, Neil Campbell
Graham, Robert Clarence
Graham, Robert Lee
Graham, Robert Samuel
Graham, Roderick
Graham, William "Herbert"
Graham, William Nelson
Grainger, Emma Edith
Grainger, Walter Alonzo
Grainger, William
Grandsen, Austin Douglas
Gransden, Austin Douglas
Gransden, Howard M.
Grant, Alexander
Grant, Charles Arnold
Grant, Frank
Grant, George Francis
Grant, George Louis
Grant, James Albert
Grant, Omrey
Grant, Peter
Grasser, Irwin
Grasser, Ivan
Graves, John H.
Gray, Alexander Angus
Gray, Andrew
Gray, Auston Kerby
Gray, Charles
Gray, J.M.
Gray, John Andrew
Gray, John McKenzie
Gray, Robert John
Greathead, William
Green, Alvin Albert
Green, Charles
Green, George Leslie
Greenslade, William Thomas
Greenwood, Walter
Greer, Christo(pher) Wilbur
Gregg, Albert Thomas
Gregg, James Elmer
Gregg, John Alexander
Greig, Alexander James
Greig, Byron
Greig, Harvey Gibson
Grenzebach, Earl Wilfred
Greygoose, Alfred George
Grierson, Mary Elizabeth
Grieve, Weir
Griffin, Curtis
Griffin, George J.
Griffin, Morton Charles
Griffin, William Andrew
Gross, Alexander
Groundsell, Henry "Harry"
Grover, George Edward
Grover, Lucius Halen
Groves, Albert William
Grubb (Grub), Otto Philip
Grunder, Neil Arthur
Guest, John
Gulliver, Reginald Edward
Gunnis, Victor Nelson
Gutscher, Walter Albin
Haas, Gabriel
Habbick, Andrew
Habbick, John
Habbick, William
Habick, Andrew
Hackett, George Arthur Henry
Hackett, Percival
Hafermehl / Hafermahl, William Henry
Hagenbach (a.k.a. Holingbeck and Hagerback), Wilfred
Hahn, Anthony (Toni) Wellington
Hahn, Elgin
Hahn, Morgan
Hahn, William Sylvester
Haig, Allister Park
Haines, Percy
Haldenby, Clarence
Haldenby, Wilbert Herald
Haley, Frank
Hall, Albert
Hall, Arthur
Hall, Carl Herbert
Hall, Ernest Raymond
Hall, Francis Lorne
Hall, James Cameron
Hall, Robert William Ernest
Halliday, Charles Thomas
Halliday, Clarence Peter
Halliday, Dr. Armond Allan
Halliday, Harmon Ernest
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, Edwin Timothy
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John Charles
Hamilton, John Hugh
Hamilton, John L.
Hamilton, John Leonard
Hamilton, Robert Seabourne
Hamlet, Harold
Hamley, Eva May
Hamlin, Lloyd Edmund
Hammond, William Harold
Hammond, William Wyatt
Hampson, Charles
Hampton, Sydney
Hampton, Walter John
Hancock, Ethelbert a.k.a. Herbert
Hancock, William
Hanley, William Patrick
Hanmore, Gerald Sylvester
Hanna, Robert Nelson
Hannaford, John
Hannah, Alexander McDonald
Hannah, J.W.
Hannah, William John
Hansen, Helen Elizabeth
Hanson, Herbert
Harcourt, Harold Chapman
Hardman, Charles
Hardman, Ernest
Hardy, Bert S.
Hargest, Bryan
Hargreaves, Eric James
Hargreaves, Lawson Tait
Harman, Gordon Francis
Harman, Stanley Milton
Harmer, Herbert Wellington
Harmon, William Milton
Harper, Earl William Henry
Harrington, Leonard Garfield
Harris, Edward A.
Harris, John Earl
Harris, Walter Eric
Harris, William
Harrison, George Albert
Harrison, Harold Bert
Harrison, John Seymour
Harrison, Joseph
Harrison, Laurence Tolmy
Hartwick, William Ernest / "Ernie"
Harvey, Cornelius Thomas
Haskins, Carroll
Haskins, Sterling
Hassall, George Thomas
Hassall, Joseph
Hastings, Andrew
Hastings, James Arthur
Hastings, John Albert
Hastings, Thomas Albert
Hatt, Wilfred "Bill"
Haug, James Westley (a.k.a. James Wesley)
Haug, William Herbert
Hawke, Charles, son of Seymour
Hawke, Erastus "James"
Hawke, N.I.
Hawke, Nelson Thomas
Hawke, Stuart
Hawkes, Frederick George
Hay, Harold Edmund
Hay, Henry Robert
Hay, Thomas
Hay, William James
Hayes, Alfred Nathaniel
Hayes, Samuel John
Hayes, Wilson
Haynes, John
Hayward, Wellington Stanley
Hazen, Robert Henry
Hazen, William
Heath, Ernest Albert
Heath, Percival ("Percy")
Heatherington, G.
Heatherington, John
Heathers, John James
Heberle, John Henry Stephen
Hedley, Nicholas
Heffernan, Harry
Heffernan, James Joseph
Hehn, Frank Andrew
Heinbecker, August
Helliwell, Maurice Round
Helwig, George
Helwig, Lynn Volney
Helwig, Norman William
Henderson, Clarence Robert
Henderson, David Gordon
Henderson, Gordon
Henderson, Grant Stuart
Henderson, Guy L.
Henderson, Herbert Earl
Henderson, J.
Henderson, James
Henderson, Robert John
Henderson, Roy
Hendry, Earl James
Hendry, John William
Hendry, Lovat James
Hendry, William John
Henry, Alexander Bruce
Henry, Anne
Henry, Daniel
Henry, Earl Irvine
Henry, Harry
Henry, Irving
Henry, Joseph
Hepburn, Andrew
Hepburn, Charles
Hepburn, Finwill
Hepburn, George
Hepburn, George David
Hepburn, Herbert
Hepburn, Howard Chittick
Hepburn, James
Hepburn, Roy
Hepburn, Samuel James
Hepner, Gordon George
Heppenstall, Roy Everal
Herd, Frederick Thomas
Heringer, Wilfred Joseph
Hermeston, Russel
Herringer, Edgar Joseph
Herringer, Leonard Joseph
Herron, John Christopher Hutcheson
Hesch, Clifford Francis
Hetherington, Archie
Hetherington, David Hazelfield
Hetherington, John
Hetherington, Wilfred Hunter
Hettrick, Clarence Franklin
Heughan, Arthur Edwin
Heughan, Marion
Heughan, Norman
Hewis, Albert ("Bert")
Hewitt, Elwood
Hewitt, Frank Barnett
Hewitt, Robert Ellwood
Hewitt, Robert John
Hewitt, Wallace P.
Hewton, Arnott Ernest
Hewton, Herbert John
Hibben, Robert Edward
Hibbert, Norman Cecil
Hickling, Henry Stephen
Hicks, R.N.
Higgins, William John
Hilditch, John George "Jack"
Hilditch, William Robert
Hill, Ambrose Martin
Hill, Archibald Joseph
Hill, George
Hill, Harkey Merlin
Hill, Jacob Bruce
Hill, Nelson Anslew
Hill, Thomas Alexander
Hill, William James
Hilton, Arthur
Hilts, Joseph Abner
Hine, Percy William
Hinsperger, Albert William ("Misch")
Hislop (Hyslop), Wilberforce
Hobley, Charles Alan
Hoch, Thomas John
Hodge, Joseph Arthur
Hodge, Richard
Hodgins, Frederick Albert
Hodgins, William Thomas
Hodgkinson, Stanley
Hodgson, Harry
Hodgson, Harry
Hodgson, Herbert William
Hogg, David Gordon
Hogg, Marion Miss
Hogue, David Edward
Holdsworth, Frank
Holler, Herman
Holler, Roy Daniel
Holloway, Albert
Holmes, John
Holmes, Thomas William
Honey, Samuel Lewis
Hooey, Clarence Henry
Hooey, Russell Robert
Hooey, Sidney Edward
Hoover, Bertram Harold
Hoover, Norman Elmer
Hopkins, Charles Henry "Harry"
Hopkins, Charles Henry Jr.
Hopkins, Clifford Allen "Barney"
Hopkins, Gilbert
Hopkins, Harry
Hopkins, Henry Robert "Martin"
Hopkins, James Whitmore
Hopkins, Robert John
Hopkins, Thomas Andrew
Hopkins, William Robert
Hopkinson, Keith Clark
Hopper, Allan Robert
Hornbeck, Wilbert
Hornbostle, Arthur Phillip
Hosie, Robert Christie
Houck, Wilfred
Hough, Arthur Hamilton
Hough, F.W.
Houston, David Alexander
Houston, William John
Howe, John Amer
Howell, Percy Robinson
Howes, David Edwin
Howk, Wilfred Duke
Howson, Richard
Huck, Norman
Huck, William Edward
Huckle, John W.
Hudson, John Wesley
Hudson, Roy
Huether, Archibald Leslie
Huffman, John Harvey
Hugh Henry, Colwell
Hughes, Allister
Hughes, George
Hughes, George Alexander
Hughes, John Evans
Hughes, Thomas Victor
Hughes, Walter McLellan
Hughes, William Thomas
Hull, Charles Stewart
Hunstein, Willis John Clayton
Hunt, "Tabby"
Hunt, Alfred Longley
Hunt, Bernard Leo
Hunt, William George
Hunter, Ernest
Hunter, Robert Meredith
Hunter, Roy Cameron
Hunter, Russell Gordon
Huntley, Gordon
Hurford, Edward James
Hurford, Robert Charles
Hurlock, Charles William
Husband, Harry Charles
Huston, John
Huston, William Irwin
Huston, William John
Hutchison, John
Hutchison, John Sherwood
Hutton, William Russell
Hyatt, John Ernest "Jack"
Hyde, Edward Henry
Hyde, James Steward
Hyndman, Matthew William
Hyndman, Thomas Rupert
Hyslop, Henry Hill
Hyslop, Raoul Laurestan "Ray"
Hyslop, Watson Joseph
Iles, Emanual James
Iles, Harold Edward
Iles, William
Iles, William George
Inglis, Wilmer
Inkster, John Herbert
Ireland, George Roy Alexander
Ireton, Samuel
Irvin, Alexander
Irwin, David James
Irwin, St. Clair
Irwin, OBE, William Roy "Sambo"
Isard, Herbert Henry
Jack, Henry ("Harry")
Jack, William
Jacklin, Aaron Wilfrid
Jackson, Edward Ray
Jackson, George David
Jackson, Harry Norman
Jackson, John
Jackson, John
Jackson, John Stenson
Jackson, Stanley
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, William E.
Jacobie, Dan
Jacques, William Henry
Jagelewski, Joseph John
Jagelewski, Matthew
James, Charles Henry
James, Edward
James, Frederick Benjamin
James, Frederick Treve
James, Jessie
James, Joseph
James, Robert
Jameson, Sydney
Jamieson, John McMillan
Jamieson, S.
Jaques, Harvey
Jarrell, John Lawrence
Jarrell, William Henry
Jarvis, Herbert Joseph
Jay, Douglas Pierce / Percy
Jeffrey, John David
Jenkins, Aaron Percival
Jenkins, Augustus Clarence
Jennings, Herbert
Jermyn, Garnet Wallace
Jermyn, Herman Wardlow
Jerome, Henry
Jewel, Fred
Jewell, Frederick Earl
Jewell, Richard Thomas
Jewitt, William Albert
John, Charles
John, William Savage
Johns, Earl Hilton
Johns, Joseph
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Charles Hedley
Johnson, Frank Solomon
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Herbert Haines
Johnson, Matthew Edward
Johnson, Thomas Percy
Johnson, Walter
Johnson / Johnston, Hilton John William
Johnston, Alexander Murray
Johnston, Archie Duncan
Johnston, Charles Albert
Johnston, Harold Tumoth
Johnston, Herbert A.
Johnston, Noble Allan
Johnston, Oliver
Johnston, Peter Lennox
Johnston, Robert Stanley
Johnston, Stanley
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, Val
Johnston, William James
Johnston, William Nathaniel
Johnstone, Benjamin Irvine
Johnstone, James Joseph
Johnstone, Russell
Jolliffe, Edith Laura
Jones, Arthur Amos
Jones, George Daniel
Jones, John Chichock
Jones, John William
Jones, Stanley
Joshua, Arthur Henry
Jucksch, Arno
Jucksch, Arnold Homer
Jucksch, Reuban
Kabashkung, Lazarus
Kahbeeje, John
Kahgee, Amos
Kahgee, John
Kain, Melville John
Kain, Rev. Roy Joseph
Kain, Sadler Smith
Kain, Victor L.
Kaiser, William George
Kalbfleisch, George Ernest
Kalbfleisch, Thomas Conrad
Kaufman, Frank Ernst
Kaufman, Norman Emerson
Kean, Clare
Kearns, Harvey Ross
Kearns, Russell George
Keating, Richard Harry
Keefer, M.B.
Keelan, Raymond A.
Keeling, Wilford Lorne
Keeshig, Bernard Reuben (Barney)
Keeshig, Gregor Alexander
Keeshig, John Wesley
Keeshig, Lawrence Alvin
Keeshig, Sylvester Francis
Keeshig, Willis
Keith, William George
Keller, James Albert
Kells, George Wood
Kelly, Hugh Thomas
Kelly, Patrick Thomas
Kelly, Richard Thomas
Kemp, Christian
Kemp, George
Kemp, P.
Kempson, Clifford Henry
Kempster, George
Kennedy, Alexander
Kennedy, Alexander Dunlop
Kennedy, Alexander William
Kennedy, David George
Kennedy, John Frank
Kennedy, William
Kennedy, William
Kennedy, William James
Kenny, Frederick Harold
Kent, William Cornelius ("Billy")
Kerslake, George
Kewaquam, Christopher
Kewaquom (Kewoquom), Albert
Kewenzie / Akiwenzie / Ahkewenzie, Isaac
Kidd, John Tyrwhitt Herman
Kidd, Richard
Kidd, William Elijah
Kieffer, Fred
Kieffer, Simon P.
Kieffer, Simon Peter
Kilborn, Arthur Rubin
Kilborn, Norman Wilfred
Kilborn, William Herbert
Kilbourn, Herbert
Kilgour, David Andrew
Kincaid, John ("Jack")
Kincaid, Robert James
King, Charlotte Annette
King, Edward
King, George Arthur
King, John
King, John Bevan
King, Robert Hector
King, Sylvester
King, Thomas Richard
Kingsbury, Wilfrid George
Kingsmill, Sir Charles Edmund
Kirby, Walter James
Kirvan, Frederick Sylvester
Kitchen, John
Kleist, Servin William Frederick
Kloepfer, Gregory
Knapp, Albert
Knapp, Albert
Knechtel, Arthur
Knechtel, Clarence Dobson
Knechtel, Clayton
Knechtel, Gordon
Knechtel, Orland
Knepflar, Courtney Stapleton
Knight, G.
Knight, George
Knight, Walter Roy
Knowles, Russell
Knowles, William John
Knox, Fred
Knox, Orvell
Knox, William James Joseph
Koepke, Charles Selvester
Koepke, Gordon Royal
Kolb, William Hugh
Kraemer, Alexander John
Kraemer, William Joseph
Kramer, Clarence Basil
Kramer, John Joseph
Kramer / Kraemer, Albert William
Kramp, Andrew Garfield
Krasnow, J.
Kreh, Frederick
Kreuger, William Charles
Kreutzweiser, William Allen
Kreutzwiser, Harvey Arthur
Kroeplin, Alvin Joseph
Krueger, Clarence R. J.
Krug, Harry Braun
Krug, Stanley James
Krug, Walter Albright
Krug, William Peter
Kuar, Orval
Kupnycki, John
Kupskie, William
Kyle, Norval Webster
Kyte, Edward Thomas
Kyte, James
Lafferty, Albert Joseph
Laforme, James Herbert
LaFrance, Seraphine
Laidlaw, B.
Laidlaw, Charles Albert Bower
Laidlaw, Charles Alexander
Laidlaw, Ernest
Laidlaw, Harry
Laidlaw, William John Scott
Laird, Francis "Frank"
Laird, Frank
Lake, Samuel
Lake, Samuel Charles
Lake, Wilfred Laurier
Lamb, Thomas Gordon
Lamb, Walter James
Lambertus, Harvey Albert
Lamburtus, G.T.
Lamers, Abraham
Lamky, John Milton
Lamont, Bert
Lamont, Donald McTavish
Lamont, George Henry
Lamont, George Robert
Lamont, Victor Earl
Lamorandiere, Wilfred Adolph
Lane, Rev. Andrew
Lane, Rev. David James
Langford, Reginald Beverly
Langham, Arthur
Langley, Walter Frederick
Lanting, Harmannus Pieter
Laport, William
Larsen, Erling S.
Laughlin, Emmet
Laurence, William James
Lavalley, Burlyn Eli
Lavalley, Frank
Lavalley, Frederick William
Lavalley, Peter
Lavalley (Lavallee), Michael
Lavis, Arthur Leonard
Lavis, James
Law, Allan Roy
Lawrence, James Nathaniel
Lawrence, John Benjamin
Lawrence, Norman
Lawrence, W.J.
Lawson, Alexander Smirle
Leake, Samuel
Leask, Gordon Wallace
Leask, Percy
Leask, Stewart Melville
Leckie, Robert
Lee, George
Lee, Joseph
Lee, William James
Leech, Amos Robert
Leech, James
Leeder, Arthur Iden
Leeder, Herbert Nicholas
Leeson, Roy Melville
Legge, Joseph Howard
Legge, Robert Reginald "Reg"
Leithead, John Alexander
Lemcke, William Henry Elgin
Lement, Edith
Lennox, Edith
Lennox, Victor John
Lennox, Wilfred Jacob
Leonard, George Thomas
Lesage, Harry
Levins, Thomas
Lewis, Albert Walter
Lewis, Edward Henry
Lewis, Henry Albert Walter
Liddle, Gilbert
Liddle, Rees Thomas
Lidster, George Alvin
Lillico, Archie
Lindsay, John
Lindsay, William Simpson
Lines, Herbert
Linge, Arthur
Linton, James Alexander
Litt, Gordon P.
Little, James Clow
Livingston, George Taylor
Livingstone, John Alexander
Livingstone, William Henry
Lobsinger, Edward
Lobsinger, John Joseph
Lochead, Robert Anderson
Locheed, Thomas
Lockhart, Herbert
Lockhart, William James
Loney, Cecil Robert
Loney, Daniel Russel
Loney, Edward John Oscar
Loney, Hiram Fauntleroy
Long, Harry Melville
Long, John Alexander
Longe, Edward
Longe, John Alexander
Longmire, George Christopher
Lord, Joseph William
Lothian, James
Loucks, Alexander
Loucks, John Russell
Lougheed, Wilson
Loughleen, Wellington "Wellie"
Love, Samuel Robert
Lovett, Clarence Henry
Lovett, Walter Ernest
Lowndes, Ernest
Ludwig, Charlie
Lumley, John Thomas
Lumley, Oswald Peter / Joseph
Lunday, Charles Alexander
Lunney, George Dewar
Lustig, Alexander
Lustig, Roy Elgin
Lycett, Frank Joseph
Lyle, Hilliard
Lynch, John William
Lyness, Llewyllan Wilbert
Lyons, L.J.
MacArthur, George Duncan
MacArthur, Jack
MacArtney, Leonard Lorne
MacAulay, A.T.
MacAulay, Alexander Murray
MacAulay, D.
MacAulay, M.W.
MacAulay, N.
MacAuley, Angus Archie
MacCharles, Duncan Fisher Smith
MacCorkindale, Hugh Neil
MacCorkindale, John Charles
MacDiarmid, Alexander
MacDiarmid, Alexander Duncan
MacDiarmid, Donald Lyall
MacDiarmid, Marion Isabel
MacDiarmid, S.J.
MacDiarmid, Samuel John
MacDonald, A.
MacDonald, Billie
MacDonald, David Gordon
MacDonald, Donald
MacDonald, Donald J.
MacDonald, Donald Roy
MacDonald, Donald Wallace
MacDonald, Finlay Malcom
MacDonald, George Ryerson
MacDonald, James Cameron
MacDonald, John Alexander
MacDonald, John Alexander
MacDonald, John Presto
MacDonald, Mado Daniel
MacDonald, Malcolm Martyn
MacDonald, R.E.
MacDonald, Thomas Archibald
MacDonald, W.S.
MacDonald, William John
MacDonald, William John
MacDougall, Charles Spurgeon
MacDougall, Daniel
MacDougall, Peter Angus
MacDougall, William Fraser
MacDuff, John Finlay
MacFarlane, H.
MacGillivray, Angus Hector
MacGregor, Charles John
MacGregor, Donald Gregor
MacGregor, Howard Gladstone
MacGregor, John Alexander "Jack"
MacGregor, Robert D.
MacInnes, Findlay
MacInnes, John Beaton
MacInnes, Roderick
MacIntyre, Agnes Evelyn
Macintyre, Horace Roy
MacIntyre, Oliver Crawford
MacIver, M.
Mack, William
MacKay, Hugh
MacKay, John A. / Jack
MacKendrick, John
Mackenzie, Alexander John
MacKenzie, Allan Grant
MacKenzie, William
MacKenzie, William James
MacKinnon, Albert Wallace
MacKinnon, Elizabeth
MacKinnon, John Alexander
MacKinnon, John Hugh
MacKinnon, Malcolm
MacKinnon, Neil John
MacKinnon, Peter
Macklem, Frank Alexander
MacLachlan, Edna Thompson
MacLaren, William Earl
MacLean, Albert Wellington
MacLean, Archibald
MacLean / McLean, Dugald Black
MacLennan, Finlay Angus
MacLennan, Neil
MacLeod, George Harold
MacLeod, John Alexander
MacLeod, Malcolm
MacLeod, Mervyn Gwendolyn
MacLeod, Murdoch
MacMurchy / McMurchy, Samuel
MacNay, William Kelso
MacNeill, John
MacPherson, Cecil William
MacPherson, George
MacQuaig, Agnes D.
MacQuaig, Cora Lorraine
MacQuaig, Duncan
MacQuaig, William G.
MacTavish, Frederick George
Madwayosh, Henry Wellington
Magill, John
Maher, George
Mahoney, Henry Roscoe
Maitland, Wesley Lawrence
MaKenzie, Murdock
Malcolm, Alex H.
Malcolm, James Wellington
Mallard, William James
Mallough, Brown Roseberry
Mallow, Menno W.
Malloy, G.
Malloy, J.
Malloy, W.
Maloney, Christopher
Margree, Charles George Moy
Margree, William Henry Arthur
Marmelstein, Peter Frederick Augustus
Marsh, George Henry
Marsh, James Edward
Marshall, Albert Wesley
Marshall, Bill
Marshall, George Victor
Marshall, Gilbert
Marshall, Harold
Marshall, Harold Edwin
Marshall, Harry
Marshall, John
Marshall, Keith Douglas
Martin, Arthur Simpson
Martin, Bill
Martin, Edward Wilson
Martin, Ernest Traux
Martin, James Welsford
Martin, John
Martin, John Alexander
Martin, John Roderick
Martin, Joseph Wilbert Worthington
Martin, Peter
Martin, Robert James
Martin, Robert Stanley
Martin, Samuel
Martin, W.H.
Martyn, Chauncey Dean
Martyn, Dan
Martyn, Donald Bruce
Martyn, Eugene Franklin
Martyn, George H. D.
Martyn, Henry "Harry" Laishley "Leslie"
Mason, Henry
Mason, Henry
Mason, Henry Thomas
Masters, Charles Kieth
Matches, John Livingston
Mateer, Isaac "Ike" Lincoln
Mateer, Raymond Claud
Matheson, Angus Donald
Matheson, Archibald
Matheson, David "Clark"
Matheson, Kenneth Alexander
Matheson, Malcolm C.
Matheson, Murdock Ross
Mathews, G.A.
Mathews, Roy
Matthews, Roy
Mawhinney/Mewhinney, Robert
Maxwell, Roy Alexander
McAfee, Bertha E.
McAfee, Edgar Joseph
McAfee, John
McArthur, Alan
McArthur, Angus Archie
McArthur, Angus Donald
McArthur, Angus Fletcher
McArthur, Charles Henry
McArthur, Christle
McArthur, Colin James Albert
McArthur, Daniel
McArthur, Harvey Jacob
McArthur, Hugh Stanley
McArthur, John
McArtney, John
McArton, Wilfred Chance
McAulay, Alexander
McAulay, Murdock William
McAulay, Neil
McAulay, Patrick
McBurney, Harry Alexander
McCabe, Myles Everett
McCalder, Neil
McCallum, Daniel Alexander
McCallum, Dugald David
McCallum, James
McCallum, John Archibald
McCallum, Kathryn
McCannell, Alexander Neil
McCarter, Andrew Reginald
McCarter, David
McCarter, Gordon Milton
McCartney, Thomas Alexander
McCaw, George James Ernest
McCaw, Thomas
McCaw, William Stewart
McClure, Archibald Norman
McClure, Malcolm Hector ("Bert")
McCombe, Alexander Torrence
McConnell, Arthur Wellesley
McConnell, Hillis James Ward
McConnell, Howard Leslie "Les"
McConnell, Robert Stanley
McConnell, William John
McConnell, William Nelson
McCormack, William
McCormick, Archie
McCormick, James
McCormick, Thomas
McCoy, Earl
McCoy, Joseph
McCoy, Wellington
McCreath, David Oswald
McCreath, Grant
McCreight, Francis
McCrimmon , Alexander Murray
McCrimmon DSO MID, Kenneth Howard
McCue, Peter Francis, Dr.
McCue, Thomas
McCulloch, Andrew Earl
McCulloch, George Daniel
McCulloch, John Edward
McCulloch, Stanley Allan
McCulloch, Wallace
McCullough, James Lloyd
McCurdy, James
McCurdy, William Henry
McDermid, Donald
McDermid, Neil
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Alexander Sutherland
McDonald, Charles
McDonald, Clarence
McDonald, Daniel
McDonald, David
McDonald, Donald
McDonald, Donald Paul "Scobie Dan"
McDonald, Donald Roy
McDonald, Elizabeth
McDonald, George Ernest
McDonald, James
McDonald, James Hunter
McDonald, John
McDonald, John
McDonald, John ("Jack")
McDonald, John Alexander
McDonald, John Cecil
McDonald, Murdock Norman
McDonald, Neil
McDonald, Norman
McDonald, Norman John
McDonald, Norman R.
McDonald, Robert Edward
McDonald, Stewart
McDonald, William John
McDonald, William Malcolm
McDonald, William Moss
McDonald, William Simon
McDonald, Wilmer Lee
McDougald, Duncan I.
McDougald, Ernest Neil
McDougall, Angus Thornburn
McDougall, Arthur
McDougall, Baldwin Childerhouse
McDougall, Donald Archibald
McDougall, Duncan Ross
McDougall, George Lloyd
McDougall, Harry Earl
McDougall, John Alexander
McDougall, William John
McDowell, Alex
McDuff, Ted
McEachern, John Ernest
McEachern, Rubing
McEachern, Wesley
McEachern, William
McElrea, Herbert Samuel
McElrea, William Robert
McElroy, Harold
McFadden, Robert Russell
McFadyen, Duncan Franklin "Frank"
McFadyen, Martin Charles
McFarlane, Albert Omer
McFarlane, Hugh
McFarlane, Hugh Henry
McFarlane, Joseph Eber
McFarlane, Loyal
McFarlane, N.D.
McFarlane, O.
McFarlane, Robert
McFarlane, Robert Wilfrid
McFarlane, William Earl
McGarity, John "Jack" Edward
McGarity / McGarrity, Daniel Patrick
McGarrity, John Edward "Jack"
McGarvey, William Alexander
McGaw, Murdock William Mathieson
McGeagh, Thomas Henry
McGill, Peter Alex
McGill, Wilfred Laurier
McGillivary, C.A.
McGillivary, James
McGillivary, John
McGillivray, Alexander
McGillivray, Alexander Calvin
McGillivray, Charles Adam
McGillivray, Clark Alexander
McGillivray, Donald Duncan
McGillivray, James
McGillivray, Murray Alexander
McGillivray, Neil
McGillivray, Peter Hugh
McGinnis, Thomas
McGlynn, Maude C.
McGregor, David Melville
McGregor, Donald
McGregor, Rob Roy / Robroy
McGregor, Russell Bruce
McGregor, Thomas
McGuire, Howard Isaac
McHaney, Harold Samuel
McHaney, Oscar
McInnis, James Ausman Boyd
McIntee, Elroy
McIntosh, Alexander Donald
McIntosh, Angus
McIntosh, Robert William
McIntosh, Roy Percy
McIntyre, Angus
McIntyre, Donald (Dan)
McIntyre, Dougal
McIntyre, James Bell
McIntyre, John
McIver, Angus
McIver, Richard "Dick" C.
McIvor, Angus
McIvor, Christopher Richard, son of John
McIvor, Malcolm
McKay, Alexander Allen
McKay, Charles
McKay, John Douglas
McKay, Paul McInnis
McKay, Robert Andrew
McKay, Robert Ernest
McKay, Walter Scott
McKay, Wilfred Donald
McKay, Wilfred Laurier
McKay, William Wallace
McKechnie, Malcolm Archibald
McKechnie, Victor Alexander
McKechnie, William B.
McKee, George
McKee, George Humphries
McKeeman, Clyde William
McKeen, William Roy
McKelvie, Gordon Cruickshank
McKelvie, Harvey Melvin
McKendrick, John Donald
McKenzie, Donald Elroy
McKenzie, Jean
McKenzie, John Vernon
McKenzie, Samuel
McKenzie, Stewart Scott
McKenzie, Walter Beaton
McKenzie, William
McKenzie, William Angus
McKeogh, William
McKerracher, Duncan George
McKessock, Robert Russell
McKibbin, William M.
McKillop, Malcolm Archibald
McKinnon, Allan Alexander
McKinnon, James
McKinnon, James
McKinnon, John Alexander
McKinnon, John Alexander
McKinnon, John W.
McKinnon, Peter
McKinnon, Robert Alexander
McKinnon (MacKinnon), Finnie George
McLaggan, Peter Elliott
McLaggan, William
McLaren, E.
McLaren, Stewart Alexander
McLaren, Walter McNab
McLaughlin, Charles Edward
McLay, Allan Angus
McLay, Angus
McLay, Charles
McLay, Daniel
McLay, Donald
McLay, John
McLay, John Allan
McLay, Murdock
McLay, Murdock
McLay, Murdock
McLean, Alex
McLean, George
McLean, Harvey Caldwell
McLean, Hector Roy
McLean, John Hugh
McLean, M. M.
McLean, Malcolm
McLean, Melville
McLean, Peter Kenneth
McLean, Samuel
McLeish, Alexander Neil
McLellan, Vincent Jamieson
McLelland, James Harvey
McLennan, Allan Christopher
McLennan, Angus
McLennan, John Ross
McLennan, Roderick
McLennan, Roderick
McLennan (MacLennan), Torrance
McLeod, Adam
McLeod, Alexander Keith
McLeod, Alexander S.
McLeod, Angus
McLeod, Archibald
McLeod, Archibald Ross ("Archie")
McLeod, Charles Norman
McLeod, Duncan Donald
McLeod, Edmund Sheppard
McLeod, Elizabeth Nora Campbell
McLeod, George
McLeod, Gordon
McLeod, John
McLeod, John Angus "Gus"
McLeod, John Earl
McLeod, John George
McLeod, John Malcolm Sr.
McLeod, Malcolm
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, Norman
McLeod, Overton
McLeod, Peter
McLeod, Roy
McLeod, Wilbert
McLeod / MacLeod, John Archibald ("Jack")
McLoed, Dan
McManus, Harold
McManus, Herbert
McMaster, Melvin William
McMenemy, William
McMillan, Joseph
McMillan, William James
McMinn, Robert
McMullen, Robert John "Jack" Jr.
McMullen, Stanley Edward
McMullen, William Henry
McMullon, R.
McMurchy, John Thomas
McMurchy / MacMurchy, Allister / Duncan McAllister
McMurray, John Wilfred Cecil
McNab, Michael John
McNab, Wilfred Joseph
McNall, William George
McNally, Arthur Watson
McNally, Gordon Flett
McNally, T.J.
McNally, Wallace
McNally, Wilbert Angus
McNamara, Robert Clarence
McNaughton, Hugh David
McNaughton, James Fitzpatrick
McNay, William Kelso
McNeel, Harlo Franklin
McNeel, Ralph E.
McNeil, M.
McNeil, Neil Ambrose
McNeil / McNeel, Joseph Harold
McNeill, Archibald
McNeill, Donald
McNeill, Harry Gladstone
McNeill, Malcolm M.
McNeill, Neil Alexander
McNeill, Victor Edward
McPhail, Alexander
McPhail, Daniel
McPhail, Daniel Harold / Harold Daniel
McPhail, Frederick
McPhail, Harold
McPhail, John
McPhail, John
McPhail, Malcolm John
McPhail, Paul Alexander
McPhatter, Archie Murray
McPhee, Malcolm Alexander
McPherson, Albert Norman
McPherson, Alexander "Sandy"
McPherson, Peter
McPherson / Macpherson, Stuart
McQuarrie, Donald Fraser
McRae, James Alexander
McRae, William Hugh Roy
McTaggart, John
McTavish, Alexander Fergusson
McVannell, Earl
McVannell, Robert
McVeety, John Wallace "Jack"
McVicar, William
McVittie, Earl John
McVittie, Malcolm
McWhinney, Clayton Edgar
Megraw, Hugh
Melhuish, Alan
Melhuish, Alan George James
Melvin, James Wilfred
Merchant, Robert Jacob
Meredith, H.
Merritt, John
Merryfield, John D.
Mewhinney, Lawrence
Mewhinney, William Arol
Meyer, Herbert Charles
Meyer (Meyers), Albert (Bert) Henry
Middleton, Cecil Stanley
Mielhausen, Manuel
Millar, Andrew
Millar, Charles Bryce
Millar, James
Millar, John
Millegan, Theo
Miller, Arthur John
Miller, Benjamin Harry
Miller, Cecil Orr
Miller, Charles Bryce
Miller, Fritz
Miller, Harold
Miller, Herman August
Miller, Jacob Herbert
Miller, James
Miller, John Duncan
Miller, Levi George
Milligan, Theodore Kenneth
Mills, John Richard
Mills, Richard
Mills, Richard Hugh
Mills, Samuel Lorne
Millwood, Frederick James
Milne, David Brown
Milne, Neil Duncan
Milne, Norman Lindsay
Minion, Harvey Lorn
Mink, George Benjamin
Mink, George Frederick
Mink, Norman Alfred
Mitchell, Alfred
Mitchell, Clarence Oliver
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Elias
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, Perrin Henry
Mitchell, Solomon
Mitchell, Wellington
Mitchell, William John
Mock, Richard
Moffat, Andrew McLean
Moffat, Mellvile John Petrie
Molloy, John Lucas
Moloney, Peter Joseph
Monkman, Albert
Monkman, Thomas Norman
Montgomery, Alexander Eugene
Mooney, David Samuel
Mooney, William Elmer
Moore, Alexander David ("Sandy")
Moore, Charles Stanley
Moore, Colin
Moore, David Alexander
Moore, Ernest Edward
Moore, Frank Simpson
Moore, Frederick Charles
Moore, George William
Moore, John William
Moore, Melvin
Moore, Owen Willis
Moore, Thomas Roy
Moore, Thomas Wesley
Moore, William George
Moore, William Jordon
Moore, William Percy
Moorhouse, Victor Henry Kingsley
Morgan, Orville John
Morgan, William Richard
Morley, Joseph
Morley, Ralph
Morley, William Douglas Eaves
Morlock, John Edward
Morran, Gerald Allan
Morris, E.B.
Morris, G.A.
Morris, Jess Charles
Morrison, Colin Francis
Morrison, Estleigh
Morrison, J.D.
Morrison, John Donald
Morrison, John George
Morrison, Lewis
Morrison, Wesley
Morrow, William David
Mortimer, William Henry
Mortis, Alfred Edward
Morton, Eric
Moses, Elijah
Mouck, William Booth
Moulton, Morris Alexander
Mourant, Thomas George
Mowat, Herbert Angus
Mowat, Mina "Nurse"
Moyer, George
Muir, Albert Edward
Muir, George Harris
Muir, Robert Stewart
Mundle, William
Munn, Angus
Munn, Hiram
Munn, Thomas Hiram
Munro, John Ewart
Murch, Edward James
Murchison, Gordon
Murchison, James Moore
Murdoch, John
Murdoch, Steel
Murkar, Alexander
Murray, Angus
Murray, Colin Stewart
Murray, George Francis
Murray, Neil
Murray, Patrick James
Murray, Peter Alphonsus
Murrell, Herbert James
Musgrove, George Henry
Mustard, Irwin Oliver
Mustard, Russell
Myers, Albert
Myers, B.
Myles, Samuel Robert
Nadjiwan, Andrew Patrick
Nadjiwon, Paul
Nadjiwon, Peter Christopher
Nairn, Ivan Alexander
Nashkawa, David
Nashkewa, David
Nashkewa (Naskawa), Edward
Nawash, Adam
Nawash, Alfred Longley
Nawash, Daniel
Nawash, David
Nawash, George
Neale, Arthur John
Neath, Richard Henry
Nebbeling, Anthony Wilhelmus
Neilly, Elmer Lloyd
Neilson, John Alexander
Nelson, Clarence
Nelson, George
Nelson, George Whitford
Nelson, James Edgar
Nelson, Percy
Nelson, William "Erwin"
Nelson, William Robert
Nesbitt, John Henry
Newby, Baden Powell
Newman, Arthur
Nichol, Boyd McGregor
Nichol, Donald Lee
Nicholls, John Wilfred Harper
Nicholson, Daniel Nelson
Nicholson, Mark
Nickel, Allan Victor
Nickel, Clarence John
Nimmo, Lester Graham
Nimmo, Thomas John
Nivens, Wilfred
Nixon, Joseph Thomas
Norman, Angus
Norman, Charles
Norman, Edward
Norris, Isaac Garner
Northcott, James
Northgrave, William Denton
Norton, Alban Lawrence
Nunn, Joseph
Nuttall, Robert Scott
Nutting, Charles Francis
O"Neil / ONeil, John Hewitt
O'Bright, Joseph Victor
O'Bright / Obrecht, Edward William
O'Connor, Garrett Daunt
O'Sullivan, John
Oberle, Ralph George
Oberle, Roy "Butch" Alexander
Ogden, James
Ogden, Wilfred George
Ogden, William
Oldrieve, Ewart G.
Olheiser, Walter Linus
Oliver, Herbert
Oliver, James Charles
Oliver, William Leslie
Olthoff, Wilhelmus Johannes
Onslow, Langley Godfrey
Orford, Charles Edgar
Osborne, Robert
Osborne, Samuel
Osborne, William Henry
Ostic, William Clark
Oswell, Henry Arthur
Ottewell, Richard Phillip
Ottewell, Samuel Wilfred
Overton, William George
Palmer, Thomas Earl
Park, Frank Ogden
Park, Fred O.
Park, Hume Orliff
Park, Melville
Park, Roswell
Parker, Charles Hammond
Parker, Christopher
Parker, Henry Alfred
Parker, Horace
Parker, Howard
Parker, Hugh John McDonald
Parker, John Jacob
Parker, William James
Parr, Albert Edgar
Parr, Arthur Howard
Parr, Roy Sylvester
Parrish, George Lewis Roberts
Parrott, Albert Edward
Parsons, James Ernest
Partridge, George Henry
Pascoe, Francis Charles
Passmore, George "Ernest"
Paterson, Archie
Paterson, Fraser
Paterson, George Oswald
Paterson, Harold Valentine
Paterson, James
Paterson, William John ("Billy")
Patten, Bertram Bell
Patten, Roy Maus
Patterson, Dan
Patterson, Elmo Rae
Patterson, Fraser
Patterson, George
Patterson, Harold
Patterson, James Warren
Patterson, Norman
Patterson, Robert
Patton, James Daniel Leslie
Patton, William Lindsay
Paulin, Stanley
Pavelin, Bert
Peach, Charles
Peacock, Harold Francis
Peakall, Stanley William
Pearce, Emerson Albert
Pearce, Harold Marshall
Pearce, Percy William John
Pedoniquot (Pedoniquotte), Wellington
Pedoniquotte, Charles
Pedonquot, Adam
Pedonquot, Joseph
Pegalo, N.
Pegelo, Norman John
Peircey, Charles George
Peircey, Ernest William
Pender, Oliver
Pendergast, Alexander
Pengelly, Arthur "William"
Penrose, James Ledran
Pense, Henry Edward
Percy, Earl
Perdue, Rev. Richard
Perrin, James Harness
Perry, Daniel
Peter, Herbert Howard
Peter, William Harry
Peterbaugh, John Alexander
Petonquood, Jacob
Petonquot, Paul
Petonquot, Thomas
Petonquot (Pedonquot), Paul
Petrie, Frederick McGregor
Petteplace, Rev. Charles V.
Petteplace, Vincent Neil William
Petteplace, William Allan
Petteplace, William Orald
Petter, Henry "Harry"
Pettigrew, Ernest
Pettis, Kenneth Frank
Pettitt, Frederick
Pfohl, Gordon
Pfohl, Harry
Phillips, Charles George
Phillips, George
Phillips, Vernon Abraham
Picking, Frederick James
Piercey, John
Pierson, George Hugo
Pike, George Hugo
Pike, Henry Howard
Pike, Victor Emerson
Pilgrim, Henry Howard
Pilgrim, W.
Pilkington, William
Pinkerton, Gordon Leigh
Pinkerton, Harold
Pinkney, Earl Richmond
Pinkney, Stewart Franklin
Piper (Pieper), Frederick George
Pitt, Walter Martin
Plant / Plaunte, Reuben
Plante, Charles Earl
Plante, Chester
Plante, John James
Plante, Lewis Henry
Plante, Stuart Edward
Plante, Stuart Hilton
Plaunt, Alexander
Plowright, John Edward
Plowright, Sidney Oscar
Pollock, Lloyd Dufferin
Pollock, Mary Ethel
Pollock, Robert
Pollock, Stewart
Poole, Neil Johnston
Pooley, Ernest George
Poore, Earnest Edward
Pope, Clarence Sherwood
Pope, Earnscliffe Errol
Porter, Albert Gerald
Porter, Arthur Edward
Porter, Beverly
Porter, Clarence Russell
Porter, Edwin D.
Porter, George Mathias
Porter, Hugh Edwin Dick
Porter, Marshal
Portice, Richard James
Portice, William John
Portier, Victor
Poste, Arthur Charles
Poste, Ernest Franklin
Poste, Russel Emerson
Potter, George
Potts, Edward
Potts, George Albert
Pound, John Alfred
Powell, William Nicholson
Pratt, Charles Henry
Pratt, George Andrew
Pratt, William John
Preston, Albert
Price, John
Pridmore, John
Primmer, Charles Halcome
Primmer, Harry Emerson
Prince, William
Pringle, George Alfred
Pringle, John Roy
Pritchard, William James
Pross, George David
Prosser, Carleton Decker
Proud, Melville Douglas
Proud, Robert Harvey
Proulx, Daniel
Proulx, Joseph
Proulx, Stephen
Pruder, Henry "Harry"
Pruder, McGuire Antoine
Pruder, William John
Pryor, Harry
Pudden, Herbert Henry
Pufhal, Alfred
Purdy, George Smith
Purdy, Guy Clarke
Purser, John Frederick
Putnam, Lawrence Rowe
Pyke, Edgar William
Pyrke, Sydney
Racher, Norman Albert
Racine, Edgar Lionel
Radbourne, Earl Victor
Rae, John
Rae, Stuart Rodger
Rae, William Thomas
Raffe, Israel
Ramage, John Alexander
Ramsden, Herbert
Raney, Herb
Rankin, Edward Glenville
Ratcliffe, John James
Rathwell, Arnold
Rathwell, W.W.
Rawn, William Washington
Read, Alfred
Reany, Richard Roy
Reany, Wilfred Meredith
Reavie, John McLellan
Reburn, Samuel James
Reddon, Garfield
Reed, Charles Arthur
Reed, George Norman
Reed, Olaf
Reed, William John
Reeves, Arthur
Reichenbach, Ethelred "Effie"
Reichenbach, Joseph
Reid, Adam Ernest
Reid, Andrew Bonar
Reid, Clyde
Reid, Ernest John
Reid, Homer
Reid, John Aylmer
Reid, Roy J.
Reid, Samuel Lorne
Reid, Wesley Gladstone
Reinhardt / Reinhart, Anthony Sylvester
Reinhart, Fred Joseph
Reinhart, Irvin "Emery"
Reinhart, Thomas Joseph
Remus, Carl John
Rennie, Elizabeth May
Rennie, Joseph Hamilton
Renshaw, Pearl Ackerman
Reynolds, Daniel Charles
Reynolds, George Witter
Ribey, Elmer George
Ribey, Nelson John
Ribey, Wesley
Richards, Charles Thomas
Richards, Percy John Lester
Richardson, Herbert
Richenback (Reichenback), Joseph A.
Riebel, Albert Edwin
Riehl, William George
Riggin, Frederick Clair
Riggin, Herbert "Bert" Keith
Rising, Frank
Rising, Robert
Ritchie, Albert Carrick
Ritchie, Francis
Ritchie, James
Ritchie, Louis
Ritchie, Peter
Ritchie, William Savage
Rivers, Bertram A.
Rivers, Roy
Robb, Edgar John
Roberts, Albert Charles
Roberts, George Henry
Roberts, Herbert James
Roberts, Joseph Henry
Roberts, Victor Fred
Robertson, Arthur
Robertson, Charles Eric
Robertson, Clifford Gray
Robertson, David
Robertson, E.
Robertson, E.L
Robertson, Harold Denmark "Had"
Robertson, Harold Lindsay
Robertson, Henry Lawrence
Robertson, John
Robertson, Norman Roy
Robertson, Roy Malcolm
Robertson, Ruth Isabella
Robertson, Stewart Mills
Robinson, Albert
Robinson, Andrew Ernest
Robinson, Archibald Cecil
Robinson, Arthur
Robinson, Bernard Seabury
Robinson, Cleveland
Robinson, Edward Leonard
Robinson, Frederec Wilfred ("Fritz")
Robinson, John Alexander ("Sandy")
Robinson, Peter
Robinson, Robert Henry
Robinson, Russell
Robinson, Thomas
Robinson, William John
Robinson, William Kennedy
Robinson, William Thomas
Roche, Charles W.
Rock, George McLeod
Rodgers, George Thomas
Rodgers, John Ernest
Rolston, John
Rolston, Karl Edward
Romminger, John
Root, Joe (Joseph)
Root (Roote), Alexander
Roppel, Daniel
Rosevear, Stanley Wallace
Ross, Alexander Gare
Ross, Andrew
Ross, David Duncan
Ross, David Gordon
Ross, Frank F
Ross, Fred
Ross, Glenn Harold
Ross, Jessie Macaulay
Roulston, Percy John
Rourke, Albert W.
Rourke, Charles Wesley
Rourke, Clayton Lawson
Rourke, Stanley Britton
Rouse, Archibald Ferguson
Rouse, Daniel
Rouse, George Henry
Rouse, James Henry
Rouse, John Thomas
Rouse, Robert James
Routhier, George Stanley
Rowan, Elmer McLeod
Rowan, George Nelson
Rowan, Harold Robert
Rowand, Elmer McLeod
Rowe, James Edgar
Rowe, John MacIntosh
Rowe, Maurice W.
Rowe, Robert Howard
Rowe, Thomas Nelson
Rowland, John Wilfred
Rowland, Robert Clark
Rowlands, Arthur
Rowney, George Percy
Ruff, Percy Herbert
Ruhl, William Alfred
Rumley, Hugh Cleland
Rundle, Francis William Humphrey
Runstadtler, John Herman
Runstadtler, Louis
Runstadtler, Victor George
Runsteadtler / Runstadtler, Bert (Englebert)
Rushton, James Edgar
Rusk, Walter Elmer
Russell, Adam Leith
Russell, Alexander
Russell, Angus
Russell, Charles Ernest
Russell, James Wallace
Russell, John Findlay
Russell, Wendell Ramsay
Russell, William
Rutherford, Hugh Roswell
Rutherford, Thomas Murrell
Ruttle, Meredith Lawrence
Ryan, Thomas Joseph
Saleman, James Henry
Salmon, Charles Albert
Salter, Gordon John
Samells, Albert Bolton
Sanford, David
Saunders, Angus Graham
Savage, Laurence Ivan
Savage, Reavely Grant
Sawyer, Frank Adolphus
Scales, Ewart Gordon
Scales, Howard James
Scales, Robert John
Scanlan, William Maunsell
Schaub, Frank
Schefter, Frank
Schefter, Frank Anthony
Schefter, George Herbert
Schefter, Oscar M.
Schell, Ambrose Joseph
Schell, Lawrence Robert
Schmidt, Edward
Schmidt, Harry Andrew
Schmidt, John George
Schmidt, Simon Wesley
Schmidt, William Christian
Schnittker, Frederick Christopher
Schnitzler, Edward
Schnurr, Alexander
Schnurr, Andrew Joseph
Schnurr, Arthur John
Schnurr, Eugene
Schnurr, George Joseph
Schnurr, Herbert Godfried
Schnurr, Jack
Schnurr, Seraphine John
Schultheis, Anthony Charles
Schultheis, Clarence Richard
Schultz, Charles
Schultz, Charles Alvin
Schwalm, Arthur Wesley
Schwindt, Oscar Mutar
Scobie, David
Scoffield, William Blain
Scott, Benjamin Walter
Scott, Cecil Edgar
Scott, Charles Jerry
Scott, Clifford Brown
Scott, Daniel Cameron
Scott, David Emerson
Scott, G.E.
Scott, George Pinkerton
Scott, Gordon Cleave
Scott, James Henry
Scott, Patrick John
Scott, Peter
Scott, Richard
Scott, Stanley
Scott, Stanley Meredith
Scott, Stewart
Scott, Thomas Aylmer
Scott, William Henry
Seaman, Robert Lloyd
Searle, Charles
Secord, George Ogden
Sees, Frederick Gerold
Seibert, Frederick Victor seibert
Seibert, Percy T.
Seigfried, Michael George
Sensabaugh, Charles Oliver
Sensabaugh, Thomas Henry
Serle, George
Service, Frederick Reginald Clarence
Sewell, Gordon Russell
Sewell, Harold Sylvester
Sexsmith, Fletcher
Shackleton, Howard Ebenezer
Shannon, Percival (Percy) Roy
Shannon, Philip Rodney
Shannon, Thomas Frederick
Shannon, Wyndam Earl
Sharp, Robert
Shaw, Farquhar
Shaw, James Wesley
Shaw, Leslie Dawson
Shawan, Isaac
Shawan (Shawanageesie), Joseph
Shawbedees, Isaiah
Shawbedees, Walter
Shawon / Shawan, Joseph
Sheppard, Charles Marshall
Sheppard, George Percy
Sheppard, Helen
Sherk, Pearlous E
Shewfelt, Benjamin
Shewfelt, Delbert James
Shewfelt, Gilbert
Shewfelt, Gordon Archibald
Shewfelt, Howard
Shields, John William
Shiels, Andrew
Shoebottom, Lionel Robert
Shoebottom aka Shoebotham, Thomas Clifford aka Stanley Robert aka Clifford Parker
Shore, John Arthur Murton
Shouldice, Victor Wesley
Shrider, Robert
Shular, Bernice
Shular, Elmer Earl
Shular, Gerald
Shular, John
Shular, Louis
Shular, Oliver Eby
Shular, Percy
Shultz, Charles Alvin
Shultz, James
Siebert, Percey
Siegfried, Louis John
Siegrist, Alfred R.
Siegrist, Oliver F.
Sieling, Clarence Robert
Sieling, David Samuel
Signock, Daniel
Sillers, George David
Simmie, Robert William
Simmons, J. Herbert
Simpson, Frederick James
Simpson, George Bismark "Cy"
Simpson, James Lindsay
Simpson, William
Simpson, William Robert
Sinclair, Angus Alexander
Sinclair, David Carson
Sinclair, Jack
Sinclair, James Leslie
Sinclair, James Wesley
Sinclair, John
Sinclair, Thomas Menzie
Sinclair, William Bentley
Sinden, Sydney Percy
Skene, Archie
Skilling, Harold Roy
Skilling, William Milton
Skinner, Frederick Harvey
Sky, Allan Victor
Slack, Frederick
Slaughter, James Edward
Sloan, Archibald McNeill
Sloan, Thomas Edgar
Slocum, William Charles
Small, James Maurice
Small, Simon
Small, William George
Smeaton, William Charles Victor
Smeltzer, Gordon Elgin
Smith, Adelbert Henson
Smith, Albert George
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Angus
Smith, Arthur Henry
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Blakeney Alexander
Smith, Charles Edward
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Donald James
Smith, Edward Miller
Smith, Frederick James
Smith, George Alexander
Smith, George Nelson
Smith, George Raymond
Smith, Harry Ryerson
Smith, J.W.
Smith, Murdock
Smith, Norman Leonard
Smith, Percy John
Smith, Roderick
Smith, Thomas
Smith, Thomas James
Smith, Thomas Maurice
Smith, Walter Roy
Smith, William Earle
Smith, William John
Smith, William Lorne
Smith, William Robert
Snowdon, Dawson Clarence
Snowdon, Johnston Lawrence
Snowdon, Melville John
Snyder, Aylmer Clair
Snyder, Gordon
Solomon, Bernard
Solomon, Henry
Solomon, Matthew
Solomon, Robert Arthur
Sorrell, Louis Francis
Sparks, George Henry
Sparling, Clifford Roy
Sparling, Edgar Vincent
Sparling, Henry Philip
Sparling, Hillard George
Sparrow, James Michael
Sparrow, Mike
Sparrow, Wilmer John (Jack)
Spears, Percy Howard
Spears, Thomas
Speirs, James Wilfred
Spence, Clarence A.
Spence, James L.
Spencer, Cameron Inkster
Spencer, Gerald L.
Spencer, Percy Ralph
Spice, Donald Lloyd
Spicer, John
Spicer, Robert Amos
Spiers, James W.
Spiers, Thomas
Spitzig, Frank S.
Sproule, Hugh
Sproule, Joseph
Sprung, Joseph Burley "Jasper"
Stabenow, Wilhelm Carl
Staff, B.A.
Stafford, William Earl
Stahls, Clarence
Stait, Clarence
Stalker, Malcolm Edward James
Stanley, Ada Pearl
Stanley, Howard Preston
Stanley, Ida M.
Stanley, Lorne Lawrence
Stanley, Samuel Davidson
Stanley, William Benjamin
Stannard, Albert John
Stansal, Martha Helen
Stapleton, Alberta Mary "Bertie"
Stark, James Neilson
Starling, Henry Walter
Stauch/Stowe, Mabel
Steacy, Russell George
Stead, Harold Wesley
Stears, Harry St. Clair
Steel, James
Steele, Earl
Steele, John N.
Steer, William Thomas
Stephen, Walter
Stephens, David William ("Bull")
Stephens, Russell Whitcher
Stephens, William
Stephenson, Albert Edgar
Steven, John Keith
Steven, Melvin
Stevens, Edgar
Stevens, William
Stevenson, Clarence Drew
Stevenson / Stephenson, Elwood Robert "Bobby"
Stewart, Alexander Esplen
Stewart, Alfred Edward
Stewart, Bert
Stewart, Bert
Stewart, Burton
Stewart, Charles Hakwes Todd
Stewart, Donald Wilfred
Stewart, Edward
Stewart, Elizabeth McGill
Stewart, Evan Alexander
Stewart, George Sawyer
Stewart, James Archibald
Stewart, James Downing
Stewart, John Malcolm
Stewart, Norman McLean
Stewart, Philip Samuel
Stewart, Samuel Gordon
Stewart, Thomas
Stimson, William
Stinson, Joseph Orr
Stirling, George Lawrence
Stirling, Lloyd Alexander
Stobie, Charles Henry
Stockall, David
Stockall, Frank A
Stockall, Gordon James
Stockall, Peter
Stockall, Tom
Stothers, John Cannon
Stott, James Timothy
Stott, Robert
Stott, Sydney
Stout, Hugh Rae
Stout, James Stewart
Stout, William John "Billy"
Stowe, William Anthony
Strachan, William Kay
Strang, William Russell
Strapp, Ballington Arthur
Strapp, Oliver Bailey
Street, Harry Ambrose Lediard
Stringer, John Wilmer
Struthers, Robert Douglas
Struthers, William E.
Sturdy, Robert
Sturgeon, Frederick
Sturgeon, George
Sturgeon, John Wesley
Sturgeon, Samuel Davidson
Sullivan, Norman
Sullivan, William
Summers, Forest Oron
Summers, George
Sutherby, Rothwell Ed
Sutherland, Angus George
Sutherland, Donald M.
Sutter, Bert Louis
Sutter, Harry
Sutton, Charley / Charlie Keyworth
Sutton, William Richard
Swanston, Walter Fielding
Swanston, William John
Swatman, George
Switzer, George Edward
Switzer, Milford William
Syder, William Augustus
Sylvester, George Richard
Symon, James ("Jim") Sherman
Symon, Wilfred James
Symond(s), William Moses
Symondson, Elizabeth (Eliza) Matilda (Melvin)
Taggart, Arthur Richard
Taggart, Francis (Frank) Edward
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Bessie
Taylor, Edward Arthur
Taylor, Enoch William
Taylor, George
Taylor, George Ross
Taylor, George Wendell
Taylor, Harold Lloyd
Taylor, Harry
Taylor, Henry Booth
Taylor, Lauchlan Gordon
Taylor, R.
Taylor, Robert
Taylor, William John
Teahan, Edgar Alexander
Teahan, John Patrick
Teeple, Joseph Clazie
Temple, Joseph Hugh
Tennant, Francis Lambert
Tennant, George William
Thacker, Harold Douglas
Thaler, August Franklin
Thirsk, Margaret Isabelle
Thomas, Charles S.
Thomas, Charles William
Thomas, Gilbert Austin
Thomas, Wallace H.
Thompson, Albert Ellis
Thompson, Alexander (Sandy)
Thompson, Arthur Frederick
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Edmund Earl
Thompson, George Earnest
Thompson, Herbert
Thompson, James "Jim"
Thompson, James Stuart
Thompson, John "Jack"
Thompson, Joseph William
Thompson, R.
Thompson, Roderick
Thompson, Walter Haddington
Thompson, William Bell
Thompson, William Silas
Thompson, William Wallace
Thomson, "Esplen" William
Thomson, Frederick Roy
Thomson, James
Thomson, John
Thomson, Lewis Earl
Thomson, Robert McDonnell
Thomson, Roy Reid
Thornley, Arthur Edwin
Thornton, Bertram Truman
Threndyle, Hugh Andrew
Threndyle, Walter Harvey
Tibb, Craig Campbell
Tilley, Norman
Tilley, William John
Tindale, Wesley Shaw
Todd, Allan Peter
Tolton, Charles Alfred
Tomah, James Byron
Tooke, Earl (Erle) Whitfield
Tooke, Frederick Walter Burton
Tooke, James Henry
Tooke, Samuel Harold Leslie
Tope, Duncan Blair
Tope / Toupe, Blair
Totten, David Arthur
Totten, Walter Coate
Totten, Walter James
Touzel, Sydney Alfred
Tovell, Errol Franklin
Tovell, Roy Jackson
Towle, Robert Sidney
Towle, Sidney
Tranter, Joseph "Lionel"
Tranter, William Victor
Trautman, Anthony
Trautman, Louis Matthew
Travis, Charles Roy
Travis, John Calvin
Treleaven, Clarence Wesley
Treleaven, Clifford Le Roy
Trout, Hal
Trout, Harry Bernard
Trout, Henry Stanley
Trout, John Harold
Trowbridge, Albert George
Truax, Everett Ashbury
Truax, Samuel Jeffrey
Tucker, Albert Edward
Tucker, Robert James
Tuckfield, Francis Edward
Tuckfield, Henry Charles
Tuckwood, Ernest David
Tuckwood, Matthew Albert
Tuckwood, Thomas Ward
Tuffnell, Frederick William
Tullock (Tulloch), Harry Valentine
Turcott, Eldon Harold
Turner, Jehu [John] Reginald
Turner, Robert Melville
Twamley, Charles Wilbert
Twamley, George Aylmer
Tweedy, Thomas Osborne
Tyndall, Charles Wilbert
Underwood, Charles Maurice
Urbshott, Nealie Frederick
Van, Adam
Van Der Toorn, Fritz
Van Hees, John Cornelis
Van Horne / Vanhorne, Whitney Garnet
Van Os, Joost Wilhelm (Jack William)
VanHatten, Charles Edward
VanHatten, Henry
VanHatten, Herbert Anthony
Vanhorne, Percey
Vanslyk, Henry
VanWyck, Walter
Vary, Ira Irvine
Veitch, Ambert Hastie
Veitch, Harry Stewart
Vernon, Oscar D.
Vickers, James
Vickers, Walter
Vince, Frederick
Virtue, Charles Wesley
Voght, George
Wabazee, Elias
Wabazee, Elijah
Wade, Harold
Waechter, Frank Jacob
Wagner, Russell Melville
Wahbagana, Elijah
Wahbagana, Peter
Wain, George Elmer
Walden, Harold William
Walden, Wilbert Green
Walker, Charles Golden
Walker, Clair
Walker, Edward Emmerson
Walker, Elizabeth Tillie
Walker, George Edward
Walker, Gordon Clare
Walker, Harry James
Walker, Hugh
Walker, John Bruce
Walker, John Hutton
Walker, Norman Thomas
Walker, William James
Walks, John David
Walks, William Goodworth
Wallace, Clark
Wallace, George Elmer
Wallace, James Scott
Wallace, John Walter
Wallace, Joseph Joshua
Wallace, Waldron Watson
Walpole, William Edgar
Waltenburg, Albert George
Walter, George
Wanless, George Andrew
Warbrook, Thomas
Ward, Albert
Ward, George Samuel
Ward, William "James"
Wardrop, Norman
Wark, David Reinfred
Wark, Elmer Elliott
Wark, Garnet
Warren, George Samuel
Watchorn, Thomas Lawrence
Waterman, Allan McRae
Watson, Frank
Watson, James
Watson, John
Watson, John Robert
Watts, Harry Kirby
Waugh, Adrian/Adron
Waugh, Deurward
Waugh, Ernest
Waugh, Percey Hugh Joseph
Waugh, Wilbert
Weatherall, Gordon Allen
Weatherhead, George Percival
Weatherhead, James Ernest
Weatherhead, Lloyd Eugene
Webb, Arthur Ernest
Webb, Norman Ethelbert
Weber, Herbert
Weber / Webber, James
Webster, Richard Nelson
Webster, William
Wehengel, Albert Michael
Wehenkel, Albert Michael
Weidner, William
Weidner, William E.
Weiler, Alfred James
Weiler, George
Weiler, George Bernard
Weir, Adam
Weir, John
Weir, William Andrew
Weis (Wiess), Edward
Weishar, Leander Andrew
Weishun, George Kasper
Weiss, Eddie
Weiss, Francis Michael "Mike"
Weiss, Frank Joseph
Welfare, James
Welfley, Cecil Roy
Welfley, Frederick Henry
Wells, Francis Edward
Wells, George Stanley
Wellwood, Fletcher William
Welsh, Murray
Welsh, William
Wendorf, Edward
Wendt, Charles Edward
Wesley, John
Wesley, William Charles
West, Charles Raymond
West, Edward Earnest
West, George Matthew "Biscuit"
West, Ralph
West, Victor Carling
Westell, Oran
Westfield, Edward Ernest Robert
Wettlaufer, Garabella Mary
Wettlaufer, Harry
Wettlaufer, Henry Lewis
Wharton, John Freeman
Whetton, Norman "Major"
Whicher, Edmund Ernest
Whitbread, Henry John
Whitby, Joseph
White, Alfred Edgar
White, Anson Ambrose
White, Arthur
White, David George
White, Edward Victor
White, Eric Farquhar Harding
White, George
White, Robert
White, Robert Milton
White, Russel
White, Thomas Everard
White, William Barnett
White, William F.
White, William James
Whitehead, Charles Alexander
Whitehead, Roy Beverly
Whitely, Elmer
Whitely, Elton
Whitely, Ervin Aikins
Whitely, Everett
Whitham, A.T.
Whitham, Bert Edward
Whitman, Oscar Edward
Whitman, Roderick
Whitmore, Harvey
Whitney, Arthur Robert
Whitney, William
Whittington-Ince, William B.
Whittmann, Herbert
Whytock, Joseph Howard
Wiederhold, Rengaw Daniel
Wiess, Edward
Wildfang, Earle Judas
Wilhelm, Theodore C.
Willaughan, Harry Burges
Willaughan, William Able
Williams, Albert
Williams, Albert (Bert) Charles
Williams, Charles Edgar
Williams, Elias
Williams, Frederick George
Williams, Harry Blakely
Williams, Harvey
Williams, Henry Alfred
Williams, John Charles
Williams, Josie
Williams, Paul
Williamson, Harold
Willie, Robert James
Willis, Thomas George
Williscroft, E.J.
Willoughby, William Thomas
Wilson, Alexander
Wilson, Alexander Rothwell
Wilson, Archie Bell
Wilson, Clarence Roy
Wilson, George Reginald
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, Hugh Harold St. Clair
Wilson, Jack
Wilson, Jessie Saunders
Wilson, John Alexander
Wilson, John Edward
Wilson, John Sillery
Wilson, Ralph Douglas
Wilson, Robert Henry
Wilson, Robert James
Wilson, Thomas Melville
Wilson, Wellington
Wilton, Alvin Edward
Wilton, Herbert James
Winch, Henry Oscar
Winch, John Henry
Winch, Leslie
Wingfield, John
Winter, William Crawford
Winters, Herman
Wise / Weiss, Frank James
Wisler, Samuel Lewis
Wismer, Hallick Floyd
Woelfle, John Martin
Wolfe, William
Wood, G.
Wood, George Howard
Wood, John Charles
Wood, Percy
Wood, Walter
Wood, William
Wood , William Edgar
Woodbridge, Samuel Baldwin
Woodcock, Harry Parking
Woodcock, William Stephen
Woods, Herbert West
Woods, John ("Jack")
Woods, Ross McPherson
Woods, Thomas Alexander
Woolmer, George William
Woolrich, G.
Woolrich, Harold Edward
Woolrich, Thomas Hall
Worrall, Albert J.
Worthy, William Delmer
Wraith, Wilbert Wesley
Wren, Charles
Wright, Albert
Wright, Carl Bertrum
Wright, Clark
Wright, Ernest / Ernie George
Wright, George Joseph
Wright, Herbert Roy
Wright, Isaac Albert
Wright, Oliver Garwood William
Wright, Thomas Neaven Jamieson
Wright, William Jacob
Wright, William James
Wrigley, Norman Grant
Wurr, Robert Jr.
Wurr, Robert Sr.
Wyborn, William Alexander
Yack, Wilfred Laurier
Yaeck, Walter
Yahba, John Henry
Yates, Gordon Joseph
Yeo, Charles William
Yorke, George John
Young, Douglas L.
Young, Gordon Joseph
Young, Harold Clare
Young, Harry Alfred
Young, James
Young, John Arnold
Young, Joseph "Joe" Wilbert
Young, Richard Alexander "Alex"
Young, Robert Henry
Young, Samuel Leslie ("Les")
Young, Thomas George
Young, William
Young, William
Young, William Alexander "Candy"
Young, William Howard
Zettel, Frank
Zettel, Urban Joseph
Zimmerman, Edward Frederick
Zinn, John Harry
Zuber, Andrew
Zuber, Peter Francis