C Company


Early days of the First World War saw many Bruce County men join the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Bruce County men enlisted in 1914 and 1915 at many locations across Canada, many of whom already had military training through the County’s militia, the 32nd Bruce Regiment.  On December 2, 1915, Lt. Col. Adam Weir, former commander of the 32nd Bruce Regiment, was instructed to form a Battalion made entirely of Bruce County citizens.  Four companies were mobilized: A Company from Walkerton, Cargill, Paisley, Port Elgin and Southampton; B Company from Chesley, Tara, Hepworth and Teeswater; C Company from Wiarton, Lion’s Head, Tobermory, Cape Chin and the First Nations; and D Company from Kincardine, Lucknow, Ripley and Tiverton.  The Battalion Band was mobilized mostly of men from the Chesley Citizen’s Band.  The men were relied upon to encourage others to join, and recruitment rallies were held across the County.

The 160th Bruce Battalion had over 1,350 enlist to support forces already overseas.  By May 1916, over 1,200 men were sent to Walkerton for a month of training together.  On June 4, 1916, they marched from Walkerton to Chesley to receive their colours from Tara native, Premier William Howard Hearst.  They then moved to London, Ontario for training in the summer of 1916, and by October were sent to England for another year of grueling training before being sent to the front lines.

Enlistment continued after the 160th went overseas, as people came of age, or were drafted under the Military Service Act in 1917.

In February 1918, the 160th was disbanded and the men were transferred to a variety of other Battalions including the 1st, 18th, 47th, and 78th Canadian Infantry Battalions.

In all, approximately 2,000 Bruce County men enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Over 650 did not come home, or died shortly after arriving home of wounds sustained in the course of duty.

For more photographs and information about C Company of the 160th Battalion, visit Bruce County Museum’s Online Collections site: C Company, 160th Battalion, Bruce County Museum Online Collections.


Akiwenzie, Andrew Joseph
Akiwenzie, Charles
Akiwenzie, Edward
Akiwenzie, John
Akiwenzie, William
Alderson, Claude Robert
Alexander, Joseph Henry
Anaquot, Jerry Elijah
Anderson, Edward Creswell
Ashkewe, Ephraim a.k.a. Ephriam
Baldwin, Herbert
Bartley, Charles Henry
Bartman, Garnet George
Beamish, Crandall Thomas
Beattie, Louis Earle
Belrose, George Wesley
Belrose, Howard Alvin
Bennett, Albert Victor
Bennett, George Harold
Benson, William Robert
Besito, Elias
Besito, John
Besito, Joseph James
Bevis, Roy
Blackwood, Samuel David
Blake, George Ernest
Blake, James Herbert
Boyle, Howard
Boyle, William Henry "Harry"
Brady, Herbert David
Brady, Thomas Webster
Brain, George
Bray, John Wesley
Bridge, Herbert
Bridge, Wesley Allan
Brough, James Edwin
Brown, Henry (Harry) ("Buster")
Buchoven, Johannes Jacobus "John"
Burley, William David
Butchart, Ivan
Butchart, Lorne William
Caldwell, William Henry
Cameron, James
Cameron, Ronald Earl "Rae/Ray"
Camp, George William
Campbell, Colan Alexander
Campbell, Duncan "Earl"
Campbell, John Ritchie
Campbell, Malcolm Hugh
Carson, William James
Carter, James
Case, Andrew Howard
Chegahno, Elias
Chegahno, Levi
Clark, Edward Ross
Cleave, David Gladstone
Clifford, Samuel Weston
Collins, Warren Arthur
Cook, Luman Hulbert
Cook, Robert Francis
Cooper, James Martin
Cousins, Almer Harold
Crawford, David Russell
Crawford, George
Culbert, Charles Meldrum
Culbert, Gordon Stanley
Currie, John David
Currie, Willard James
Davidson, Earl Ernest
Davis, James
Daws, Francis Edward
Desjardins, Peter Charles
Dobson, Earl Alvin
Donhou, Charles John
Duke, Thomas Valentine
Ede, George Thomas
Edwards, William John
Eldridge, Herbert "Skin" Alfred
Elliot, Wilfred Laurier
Elliott, Abraham
Elliott, Daniel Alexander
Elliott, Duncan
Elliott, John Erwin
Elliott, Wellington
Eyre, Franklin Henry
Finch, James Joseph
Fitzhenry, George John
Fowler, Frank
Fraser, William Edward
Fries, Edgar
Germon, John George
Gilbert, Sydney
Gillies, William
Given, James Allen
Given, Robert John
Golden, Charles Richard
Golden, Thomas Albert (Bert)
Graham, Christopher James
Graham, Donald
Graham, Roderick
Greig, Alexander James
Greig, Harvey Gibson
Gunnis, Victor Nelson
Hahn, William Sylvester
Hanna, Robert Nelson
Hastings, Andrew
Hastings, James Arthur
Hastings, John Albert
Hastings, Thomas Albert
Hawke, Erastus "James"
Hawke, Stuart
Hay, Harold Edmund
Hayes, Samuel John
Heath, Ernest Albert
Heathers, John James
Henry, Joseph
Hepburn, Andrew
Hepburn, Charles
Hepburn, Herbert
Hewton, Herbert John
Hilditch, William Robert
Hill, Thomas Alexander
Hilts, Joseph Abner
Holler, Roy Daniel
Hopkins, Clifford Allen "Barney"
Hopkins, James Whitmore
Hopkins, Thomas Andrew
Hopkins, William Robert
Hunter, Russell Gordon
James, Jessie
Jermyn, Garnet Wallace
John, William Savage
Johns, Earl Hilton
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Walter
Johnston, Alexander Murray
Johnston, Archie Duncan
Johnston, Oliver
Johnston, Peter Lennox
Johnston, Thomas
Johnston, William Nathaniel
Jones, Arthur Amos
Jones, John Chichock
Kabashkung, Lazarus
Kalbfleisch, George Ernest
Kalbfleisch, Thomas Conrad
Keeshig, Bernard Reuben (Barney)
Keeshig, Gregor Alexander
Keeshig, John Wesley
Keeshig, Sylvester Francis
Kewaquam, Christopher
Kewaquom (Kewoquom), Albert
King, George Arthur
King, Sylvester
Knight, Walter Roy
Krug, Harry Braun
Kyte, Edward Thomas
Lamb, Thomas Gordon
Lamorandiere, Wilfred Adolph
Lavalley, Burlyn Eli
Lavalley, Peter
Lee, George
Lee, Joseph
Lee, William James
Lemcke, William Henry Elgin
Lidster, George Alvin
Livingston, George Taylor
Loney, Daniel Russel
Loney, Hiram Fauntleroy
Lowndes, Ernest
MacArtney, Leonard Lorne
MacDonald, George Ryerson
MacInnes, Roderick
Madwayosh, Henry Wellington
Mallard, William James
Mallow, Menno W.
Martin, John Alexander
Martin, Peter
Martin, Robert James
McArthur, Angus Archie
McArthur, Angus Donald
McArthur, Charles Henry
McArthur, Christle
McArthur, Daniel
McArthur, Hugh Stanley
McCallum, Dugald David
McCallum, John Archibald
McCartney, Thomas Alexander
McCulloch, George Daniel
McCulloch, John Edward
McDonald, John
McDonald, John Cecil
McDonald, Norman
McDonald, Robert Edward
McDougall, George Lloyd
McEachern, Rubing
McEachern, Wesley
McEachern, William
McElrea, Herbert Samuel
McFarlane, William Earl
McGillivray, Peter Hugh
McIver, Richard "Dick" C.
McKay, Alexander Allen
McKay, Walter Scott
McKenzie, William Angus
McKeogh, William
McLay, Angus
McLay, Charles
McLay, John
McLay, John Allan
McLay, Murdock
McLeod, Archibald
McLeod, Charles Norman
McLeod, Gordon
McLeod, John Malcolm Sr.
McLeod, Malcolm
McLeod, Roy
McMullen, William Henry
McNeill, Malcolm M.
McVannell, Earl
Miller, Harold
Miller, John Duncan
Mitchell, Clarence Oliver
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, Elias
Mitchell, Solomon
Mitchell, Wellington
Moore, George William
Moore, Thomas Roy
Moore, Thomas Wesley
Morrison, Wesley
Myles, Samuel Robert
Nadjiwon, Paul
Nadjiwon, Peter Christopher
Nashkawa, David
Nashkewa (Naskawa), Edward
Nawash, Alfred Longley
Nawash, Daniel
Nawash, David
Nimmo, Thomas John
Norris, Isaac Garner
Oswell, Henry Arthur
Ottewell, Samuel Wilfred
Parker, William James
Parrott, Albert Edward
Patton, James Daniel Leslie
Pedoniquot (Pedoniquotte), Wellington
Pedoniquotte, Charles
Pedonquot, Adam
Pedonquot, Joseph
Petonquood, Jacob
Petonquot, Thomas
Pettigrew, Ernest
Plante, Lewis Henry
Poore, Earnest Edward
Porter, Albert Gerald
Portier, Victor
Pritchard, William James
Proulx, Daniel
Proulx, Joseph
Proulx, Stephen
Pruder, Henry "Harry"
Reid, Ernest John
Reid, Homer
Renshaw, Pearl Ackerman
Richardson, Herbert
Ritchie, Francis
Ritchie, Peter
Rodgers, George Thomas
Rourke, Clayton Lawson
Rouse, Archibald Ferguson
Rouse, Daniel
Rowan, George Nelson
Rowan, Harold Robert
Rowland, Robert Clark
Ruhl, William Alfred
Scales, Robert John
Scott, Gordon Cleave
Shackleton, Howard Ebenezer
Shaw, James Wesley
Shawbedees, Isaiah
Sheppard, George Percy
Skene, Archie
Skinner, Frederick Harvey
Sky, Allan Victor
Slack, Frederick
Smith, Adelbert Henson
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Frederick James
Smith, Murdock
Smith, Roderick
Solomon, Bernard
Solomon, Matthew
Spears, Percy Howard
Spicer, John
Spicer, Robert Amos
Stabenow, Wilhelm Carl
Stephens, David William ("Bull")
Stephens, William
Stobie, Charles Henry
Stott, James Timothy
Stott, Robert
Stowe, William Anthony
Sutter, Bert Louis
Taylor, Alexander
Taylor, Enoch William
Taylor, Harry
Thompson, George Earnest
Thompson, William Silas
Tilley, William John
Tolton, Charles Alfred
Tomah, James Byron
Travis, John Calvin
Wabazee, Elias
Wabazee, Elijah
Wahbagana, Peter
Ward, George Samuel
Ward, William "James"
Wardrop, Norman
Watson, James
Watson, John
Waugh, Deurward
Waugh, Wilbert
Weatherhead, George Percival
Weatherhead, Lloyd Eugene
Weir, William Andrew
Welsh, William
West, Edward Earnest
West, George Matthew "Biscuit"
Westfield, Edward Ernest Robert
Willaughan, Harry Burges
Willaughan, William Able
Williams, Albert
Williams, Elias
Williams, Henry Alfred
Wilson, Hugh
Winch, Henry Oscar
Woolrich, Harold Edward
Yahba, John Henry
Young, William Alexander "Candy"