B Company


Early days of the First World War saw many Bruce County men join the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Bruce County men enlisted in 1914 and 1915 at many locations across Canada, many of whom already had military training through the County’s militia, the 32nd Bruce Regiment.  On December 2, 1915, Lt. Col. Adam Weir, former commander of the 32nd Bruce Regiment, was instructed to form a Battalion made entirely of Bruce County citizens.  Four companies were mobilized: A Company from Walkerton, Cargill, Paisley, Port Elgin and Southampton; B Company from Chesley, Tara, Hepworth and Teeswater; C Company from Wiarton, Lion’s Head, Tobermory, Cape Chin and the First Nations; and D Company from Kincardine, Lucknow, Ripley and Tiverton.  The Battalion Band was mobilized mostly of men from the Chesley Citizen’s Band.  The men were relied upon to encourage others to join, and recruitment rallies were held across the County.

The 160th Bruce Battalion had over 1,350 enlist to support forces already overseas.  By May 1916, over 1,200 men were sent to Walkerton for a month of training together.  On June 4, 1916, they marched from Walkerton to Chesley to receive their colours from Tara native, Premier William Howard Hearst.  They then moved to London, Ontario for training in the summer of 1916, and by October were sent to England for another year of grueling training before being sent to the front lines.

Enlistment continued after the 160th went overseas, as people came of age, or were drafted under the Military Service Act in 1917.

In February 1918, the 160th was disbanded and the men were transferred to a variety of other Battalions including the 1st, 18th, 47th, and 78th Canadian Infantry Battalions.

In all, approximately 2,000 Bruce County men enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Over 650 did not come home, or died shortly after arriving home of wounds sustained in the course of duty.

For more photographs and information about B Company of the 160th Battalion, visit Bruce County Museum’s Online Collections site: B Company, 160th Battalion, Bruce County Museum Online Collections.

Tara Platoon, Company B, 160th Battalion
Tara Platoon, Company B, 160th Battalion
160th Battalion, Tara
160th Battalion, Tara


Gordon Stewart, George Colvin, Walter Olheiser, Lovat Hendry, Melvin Donahue, Jack GAllahger, Billy Donaldson and Jack Hendry (Teeswater-Culross area)

Gordon Stewart, George Colvin, Walter Olheiser, Lovat Hendry, Melvin Donahue, Jack GAllahger, Billy Donaldson and Jack Hendry (Teeswater-Culross area)

Teeswater boys, 160th Battalion

Teeswater boys, 160th Battalion


Abram, William Irwin
Agnew, George
Agnew, James
Ahkewenzie / Ahkiwenzie / Akiwenzie, Leslie
Aiken, Harvey Hilliard
Aiken, John Ephrim / Ephraim
Akiwenzie, Edwin A."Bun"
Akiwenzie, Joseph Ernest
Allen, Frederick Thomas
Amey, James Wesley
Anderson, Henry Bielbie
Ash, James George
Ashley, Jack Ronald
Bacon, Robert Francis
Baldwin, Egerton Ryerson
Ball, Louis Stevens
Bannerman, Andrew
Bannerman, William Ernest
Barbour, John L.
Battle, George Thomas
Beamish, David Earle
Beatty, Russell Glenn
Becker, John Herman
Bell, Cecil William
Bell, Henry Harold
Bell, Joseph Wellington
Bell, Norman Percy
Bell, Reuben Lawrence
Besito, David Alexander
Bolton, Lambert
Bowie, Barnes
Brown, Matthew
Brown, Roland Hooper
Bruce, Moses
Bruegemann, Truman Glenn
Brunton, Linton Leonard
Brunton, Maurice Vivian
Buckton, Garfield
Byers, Matthew Albert
Callahan, John Edgar
Callahan, Samuel
Cameron, Joseph
Campbell, Clifford John
Campbell, Douglas Anstey
Campbell, John
Cann, William George
Carson, John Edward
Cass, John Carlyle
Caswill, Walter
Chapman, William
Clifton, James Jasper
Clifton, Louis
Cocklin, Daniel
Coffey, Edward Isaac
Coffey, Frederick Samuel
Cole, Dawson Albert
Cole, Peter Henderson
Collard, Reuben L.
Colvin, David George
Couper, John
Cox, John Percival
Craig, George Buchanan
Cronin, Timothy David
Crowe, John Alexander
Cupskey, August
Dalgarno, Arthur
Danard, Havelock
Dennet, Thomas James
Desjardine, John Richard Baptiste
Dickinson, Charles George Gordon
Dieter, John George
Dobson, Frank
Driffill, Charles Edgar
Eason, Irwin
Edgar, Frank Stanley
Ernewein, Norman Alvin
Fairbairn, Thomas Gordon
Farquharson, Norman William
Fenton, Clarence
Fenton, William Henry
Ferrell, James Alfred
Ferrell, Thomas Leslie
Fidler, Albert
Fitter, Archibald
Forbes, Richard Frederick
Fraser, John Robert "Rusty"
Galbraith, William Frederick
Gallagher, Robert John
Garner, John Stewart
Gateman, Otto Christopher
George, James Frederick
George, Walter Mervin
Gibbons, Leonard Garfield
Gibson, Sinclair
Good, John
Goodwin, David Henry
Grant, George Louis
Grant, James Albert
Gray, Robert John
Green, Alvin Albert
Greygoose, Alfred George
Hackett, George Arthur Henry
Hafermehl / Hafermahl, William Henry
Haig, Allister Park
Hall, James Cameron
Hammond, William Harold
Hammond, William Wyatt
Harris, John Earl
Henderson, Herbert Earl
Hepburn, George David
Hepburn, Samuel James
Holmes, John
Hooey, Sidney Edward
Hopkins, Gilbert
Horsburgh, James Walter
Hunt, Alfred Longley
Hunter, Ernest
Husband, Harry Charles
Hyndman, Matthew William
Hyndman, Thomas Rupert
Ireton, Samuel
Irwin, William Allan
Jackson, Edward Ray
Jackson, William E.
Jacques, William Henry
John, Arthur Earl
John, Charles
Johnson, Frank Solomon
Jones, George Daniel
Joshua, Arthur Henry
Kahgee, Amos
Kahgee, John
Kearns, Russell George
Keith, William George
King, Robert Hector
King, Thomas Richard
Kohlmeier, Herbert George
Kreutzweiser, William Allen
Lamont, Bert
Langley, Walter Frederick
Lawrence, James Nathaniel
Lawrence, John Benjamin
Legge, Joseph Howard
Legge, Robert Reginald "Reg"
Linge, Arthur
Little, James Clow
Long, Harry Melville
Loucks, Alexander
Lustig, Roy Elgin
Maher, George
Marsh, George Henry
Marsh, James Edward
Marshall, Albert Wesley
Marshall, George Victor
Martin, Edward Wilson
Martin, John
Matheson, Angus Donald
Matheson, Archibald
Matheson, David "Clark"
Maxwell, Roy Alexander
McAllister, Wilmer Roy
McArthur, Angus Fletcher
McArthur, Harvey Jacob
McBurney, Harry Alexander
McCreath, William Matthew
McDonald, George Ernest
McDonald, Stewart
McDougald, Duncan I.
McDougald, Ernest Neil
McFadden, Robert Russell
McGregor, Donald
McKay, Robert Ernest
McKillop, Malcolm Archibald
McKinnon, James
McLaggan, Peter Elliott
McLean, Malcolm
McMullen, Stanley Edward
McPhatter, Archie Murray
McRae, James Alexander
Metcalfe, Roy Wilson
Mills, Samuel Lorne
Mink, George Frederick
Moore, William George
Morley, Joseph
Morlock, John Edward
Mourant, Thomas George
Murray, Peter Alphonsus
Nawash, George
Nelson, James Edgar
Nelson, William "Erwin"
Nelson, William Robert
Olheiser, Walter Linus
Oliver, Herbert
Park, Melville
Parker, Henry Alfred
Parker, Hugh John McDonald
Petonquot, Paul
Petonquot (Pedonquot), Paul
Petteplace, Vincent Neil William
Phillips, Charles George
Plante, Charles Earl
Plante, John James
Poole, Neil Johnston
Pound, John Alfred
Primmer, Charles Halcome
Primmer, Harry Emerson
Proud, Melville Douglas
Proud, Robert Harvey
Pyrke, Sydney
Rawn, William Washington
Reddon, Garfield
Rising, Robert
Roberts, Albert Charles
Roberts, Herbert James
Roberts, Joseph Henry
Robinson, Peter
Robinson, William John
Robson, Ephraim John
Root, Joe (Joseph)
Root (Roote), Alexander
Rowe, Robert Howard
Rundle, Francis William Humphrey
Ryan, Thomas Joseph
Schnurr, Andrew Joseph
Schnurr, George Joseph
Scott, George Pinkerton
Scott, Peter
Scott, Stewart
Shawbedees, Walter
Sherk, Pearlous E
Shouldice, Victor Wesley
Signock, Daniel
Sinden, Sydney Percy
Small, William George
Smith, Blakeney Alexander
Smith, Charles Edward
Smith, Edward Miller
Smith, George Alexander
Smith, Percy John
Smith, Thomas James
Smith, Walter Roy
Smith, Wilbert
Smith, William John
Smith, William Lorne
Smith, William Robert
Solomon, Robert Arthur
Sprung, Joseph Burley "Jasper"
Stafford, William Earl
Steven, Melvin
Stevens, William
Stevenson, Clarence Drew
Stewart, Evan Alexander
Stewart, Samuel Gordon
Taylor, Henry Booth
Temple, Joseph Hugh
Thornton, Bertram Truman
Trautman, Louis Matthew
Trowbridge, Albert George
Vary, Ira Irvine
Vince, Frederick
Virtue, Charles Wesley
Wagner, Russell Melville
Wahbagana, Elijah
Walker, Edward Emmerson
Walker, George Edward
Walker, John Bruce
Walker, Norman Thomas
Wark, Elmer Elliott
Wark, Garnet
Warren, George Samuel
Watson, Frank
Weis (Wiess), Edward
Wesley, John
West, Victor Carling
White, David George
Whittmann, Herbert
Wiess, Edward
Williams, Paul
Willie, Robert James
Wilson, Cyril
Wilson, Robert James
Winch, John Henry
Wingfield, John
Wood, Percy
Wood, Walter
Wood, William
Woods, Isaac Arnold Hunter
Woods, John ("Jack")
Woolrich, Thomas Hall
Wright, Carl Bertrum
Wright, Thomas Neaven Jamieson
Wright, William James
Young, Harold "Harry" Ronald
Young, John Arnold