A Company


Early days of the First World War saw many Bruce County men join the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Bruce County men enlisted in 1914 and 1915 at many locations across Canada, many of whom already had military training through the County’s militia, the 32nd Bruce Regiment.  On December 2, 1915, Lt. Col. Adam Weir, former commander of the 32nd Bruce Regiment, was instructed to form a Battalion made entirely of Bruce County citizens.  Four companies were mobilized: A Company from Walkerton, Cargill, Paisley, Port Elgin and Southampton; B Company from Chesley, Tara, Hepworth and Teeswater; C Company from Wiarton, Lion’s Head, Tobermory, Cape Chin and the First Nations; and D Company from Kincardine, Lucknow, Ripley and Tiverton.  The Battalion Band was mobilized mostly of men from the Chesley Citizen’s Band.  The men were relied upon to encourage others to join, and recruitment rallies were held across the County.

The 160th Bruce Battalion had over 1,350 enlist to support forces already overseas.  By May 1916, over 1,200 men were sent to Walkerton for a month of training together.  On June 4, 1916, they marched from Walkerton to Chesley to receive their colours from Tara native, Premier William Howard Hearst.  They then moved to London, Ontario for training in the summer of 1916, and by October were sent to England for another year of grueling training before being sent to the front lines.

Enlistment continued after the 160th went overseas, as people came of age, or were drafted under the Military Service Act in 1917.

In February 1918, the 160th was disbanded and the men were transferred to a variety of other Battalions including the 1st, 18th, 47th, and 78th Canadian Infantry Battalions.

In all, approximately 2,000 Bruce County men enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force.  Over 650 did not come home, or died shortly after arriving home of wounds sustained in the course of duty.

For more photographs and information about A Company of the 160th Battalion, visit Bruce County Museum’s Online Collections site: A Company, 160th Battalion, Bruce County Museum Online Collections.

No. 2 Platoon, A Company, 160th Battalion

No. 2 Platoon, A Company, 160th Battalion

Pinkerton Boys, A Company, 160th Battalion

Pinkerton Boys, A Company, 160th Battalion


Acret, Wilfred Maitland
Adair, Charles Asfeldt
Alexander, Earl Thomas
Ambrose, Norman Aleck
Anderson, Fred
Ard, William Craige
Atkinson, Ralph Edgerton
Atkinson, Roy Campbell
Babcock, Samuel Amos
Bailey, William Edward
Bain, Andrew Sutherland
Bannister, Frederick
Bartley, Charles Henry
Bates, Robert
Beaton, John A. ("Jack")
Bell, Gordon McBride
Bell, William John
Beresford, Edward Ambrose
Bierworth, John Henry
Black, Donald Alexander "Daniel"
Black, Melville "Mike" Gourley
Bluhm, George Albert
Bluhm, William Alexander
Boyle, Ernest
Breckow, Howard August
Britton, Albert Edward
Brogan, Michael Francis
Buckley, Richard Earl
Buckley, Walter Harvey
Bulger, Thomas Charles
Burgess, Earl Edward
Burns, James
Burnside, Robert
Burrows, Arthur William
Burrows, George Francis
Cameron, Percy Wilfred
Campbell, Edgar Allan
Carter, Wilfred
Chesney, Joseph Henry
Clancy, John Joseph
Clark, Malcolm
Clazie, Edward William
Clazie, John "Jack"
Court, William Richard
Culliton, Rene Howard
Cunningham, William
Currie, William Thomas
Davis, Edwin George
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie), Adam
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie) , Philip
Devine, William John
Diss, Edward Charles
Dobson, Edmund
Dobson, John
Dobson, Robert William
Eagles (Sr.), William
Eckensweiller, John Joseph
Eckensweiller, Joseph Henry
Eidt, Walter Harold
Elder, James
Ellinghausen, Walter David
Evans, Robert "Bob"
Evers, Albert Henry
Farmer, Thomas
Ferguson, Daniel Arthur
Field, Edgar Austin
Flewelling, George
Forrester, James Caulder
Forsyth, Thomas Edwin
Foster, Logie
Foster, Thomas Richard
Galbraith, Thomas
Gallaugher, Norman Joseph
Garland, Gordon Crawford
Gilbert, Charles Morris
Gilbert, Henry Victor
Gillen, John Thomas
Gillen, William Leo
Gillies, Donald Albert
Grainger, Walter Alonzo
Grainger, William
Greathead, William
Greenslade, William Thomas
Gross, Alexander
Hall, Ernest Raymond
Hamilton, Alexander
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, John Charles
Hanson, Herbert
Harcourt, Harold Chapman
Harmon, William Milton
Harper, Earl William Henry
Haynes, John
Heffernan, James Joseph
Heinbecker, August
Helwig, George
Henderson, James
Hendry, William John
Henry, Daniel
Heppenstall, Roy Everal
Herd, Frederick Thomas
Herringer, Edgar Joseph
Herron, John Christopher Hutcheson
Heughan, Arthur Edwin
Hickling, Henry Stephen
Hill, Ambrose Martin
Hill, Jacob Bruce
Hoch, Thomas John
Hodge, Joseph Arthur
Hodge, Richard
Hogg, David Gordon
Holloway, Albert
Hudson, John Wesley
Huffman, John Harvey
Hunt, William George
Hurlock, Charles William
Hutton, William Russell
James, Charles Henry
James, Frederick Benjamin
Jamieson, John McMillan
Jenkins, Aaron Percival
Johnston, Charles Albert
Kaufman, Norman Emerson
Kidd, William Elijah
Kloepfer, Gregory
Knepflar, Courtney Stapleton
Koepke, Gordon Royal
Kolb, William Hugh
Lamont, Donald McTavish
Laport, William
Longe, John Alexander
Longmire, George Christopher
Lumley, John Thomas
Lumley, Oswald Peter / Joseph
Lunday, Charles Alexander
MacGregor, Howard Gladstone
MacKenzie, William
Maloney, Christopher
Marshall, Harold Edwin
Marshall, John
Martin, James Welsford
McArthur, Colin James Albert
McCarter, Gordon Milton
McCaw, George James Ernest
McCaw, Thomas
McCaw, William Stewart
McCullough, James Lloyd
McCurdy, William Henry
McDonald, John Alexander
McDonald, Murdock Norman
McDougall, Duncan Ross
McDougall, Harry Earl
McFarlane, Robert Wilfrid
McGillivray, Clark Alexander
McGillivray, Donald Duncan
McGillivray, James
McGillivray, Murray Alexander
McGregor, Russell Bruce
McGregor, Thomas
McIntyre, Angus
McIntyre, Dougal
McKay, William Wallace
McKechnie, Victor Alexander
McKerracher, Duncan George
McLaren, Stewart Alexander
McLeod, Duncan Donald
McLeod, Wilbert
McNally, Arthur Watson
McNally, Gordon Flett
McNamara, Robert Clarence
McNeill, Neil Alexander
McRae, William Hugh Roy
McTavish, Alexander Fergusson
McVeety, John Wallace "Jack"
McWhinney, Clayton Edgar
Merchant, Robert Jacob
Miller, Arthur John
Miller, James
Mills, Richard Hugh
Moore, Colin
Moore, Melvin
Murray, Patrick James
Nairn, Ivan Alexander
Nicholls, John Wilfred Harper
Nickel, Allan Victor
Nunn, Joseph
O"Neil / ONeil, John Hewitt
Oberle, Ralph George
Ogden, William
Oliver, James Charles
Osborne, William Henry
Parker, Christopher
Parr, Albert Edgar
Parr, Arthur Howard
Peach, Charles
Perry, Daniel
Petteplace, William Orald
Pinkerton, Gordon Leigh
Pinkney, Stewart Franklin
Plaunt, Alexander
Plowright, John Edward
Powell, William Nicholson
Pringle, George Alfred
Pudden, Herbert Henry
Reed, Charles Arthur
Reinhardt / Reinhart, Anthony Sylvester
Reinhart, Thomas Joseph
Rennie, Joseph Hamilton
Ribey, Nelson John
Richenback (Reichenback), Joseph A.
Riebel, Albert Edwin
Riehl, William George
Ritchie, James
Ritchie, Louis
Robinson, Cleveland
Robinson, Edward Leonard
Rolston, John
Runstadtler, Victor George
Rushton, James Edgar
Saleman, James Henry
Saunders, Angus Graham
Scales, Ewart Gordon
Schefter, Frank
Schmidt, John George
Schultheis, Anthony Charles
Schultheis, Clarence Richard
Scott, Clifford Brown
Scott, James Henry
Seibert, Percy T.
Seigfried, Michael George
Sewell, Gordon Russell
Shannon, Thomas Frederick
Shields, John William
Shiels, Andrew
Sparks, George Henry
Sparling, Henry Philip
Sparrow, Wilmer John (Jack)
Spencer, Cameron Inkster
Stanley, Samuel Davidson
Stewart, Alfred Edward
Stewart, Charles Hakwes Todd
Stewart, George Sawyer
Sullivan, William
Sutherland, Angus George
Swanston, Walter Fielding
Symon, Wilfred James
Taylor, Harold Lloyd
Thompson, Alexander (Sandy)
Threndyle, Hugh Andrew
Tooke, Earl (Erle) Whitfield
Tooke, Frederick Walter Burton
Truax, Samuel Jeffrey
Tuckfield, Henry Charles
Van Horne / Vanhorne, Whitney Garnet
Waechter, Frank Jacob
Walker, John Hutton
Wallace, James Scott
Waltenburg, Albert George
Webb, Arthur Ernest
Webb, Norman Ethelbert
Weidner, William E.
Weiler, Alfred James
Weiler, George
Weiler, George Bernard
Welfare, James
Wells, Francis Edward
Wendt, Charles Edward
White, Eric Farquhar Harding
White, William James
Williamson, Harold
Wilson, George Reginald
Woelfle, John Martin
Woodcock, William Stephen
Woods, Herbert West
Woolmer, George William
Young, James
Young, Joseph "Joe" Wilbert
Young, Thomas George
Young, William
Young, William Howard
Zettel, Urban Joseph
Zimmerman, Edward Frederick
Zuber, Andrew
Zuber, Peter Francis