Essex Scottish Regiment

1939 – 1945

The Essex Scottish Regiment, formerly known as the 21st Essex Battalion of Infantry, was authorized in June, 1885. The Windsor area of Ontario decided it needed to form an army for their protection due to the Fenians threatening Canada in the 1860s.

The unit mobilized on September 1, 1939, recruiting a full strength force within a few days, including a notable number of Americans. On August 16, 1940, the regiment left for England as part of the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division. Their first fight was the Dieppe Raid (August, 1942) and significant casualties incurred.

After regaining strength, the Essex Scottish Regiment landed in Normandy and fought through France, Holland and Germany until the end of the war.

By the end of the war, the unit had been inflicted with the highest number of casualties of any unit in the Canadian Army during the Second World War.

The Regiment was disbanded in December, 1945.

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