Canadian Army Medical Corps

1914-1918 and 1939-1945 (Royal C.M.A.C.)

The Canadian Army Medical Corps (CAMC) was founded in 1904 as the Permanent Active Militia Army Medical Corps.  In 1909, it was redesignated as the Canadian Army Medical Corps.  Near the end of the First World War, on November 3, 1919, it was redesignated as The Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps.  It was known by that name throughout the Second World War.

The Corps expanded greatly during the First World War.  21,453 men and women served with the CAMC during that time.  1,325 were casualties due to service close to the front. The corps provided field ambulances, a casualty clearing station and sanitary sections for the Canadian Corps in France, as well as Canadian general and stationary hospitals in the UK and on the continent.

During the Second World War, field ambulance units, surgical teams and hospitals and convalescent depots were established around the world.

For information about the War Diaries of the Canadian Army Medical Corps, visit the Library and Archives Canada site: LAC Archives Search – Canadian Medical Corps.

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