1st Battalion

1914 – 1918

The 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion was created on September 2, 1914, with recruits from “Military District 1”, which was Western Ontario. It arrived in England on October 14, 1914. The battalion became part of the 1st Canadian Division, 1st Canadian Infantry Brigade, where it saw action at Ypres and along the western front. The 1st Battalion returned to Canada on April 21, 1919, and was demobilized on April 24, 1919 (and disbanded soon after).

For more images and artifacts featuring the 1st Battalion, visit Bruce County Museum’s Online Collections site: 1st Battalion, Bruce County Museum Online Collections.

For information about the War Diaries of the 1st Battalion, visit the Library and Archives Canada site: Archives Search 1st Canadian Infantry Battalion.


Acret, Wilfred Maitland
Agnew, James
Agombar, Bert
Aiken, Milton John
Aitchison, Alymer
Ankenmann, George
Babcock, Thomas
Baker, James Daniel
Barber, William Walter
Bartley, Charles Henry
Beck, Arthur Joseph
Becker, John Herman
Boyle, Ernest
Bridge, Harold Percy
Bulger, Thomas Charles
Caldwell, William Henry
Campbell, Alexander Collin
Cleave, James Garfield
Cole, George Hildreth
Denny (a.k.a. Dennie), Adam
Desmond, Daniel Joseph
Douglas, John Miller
Ebel, William Robert
Farley, John Brill
Farquharson, Norman William
Finlayson, John Stanley
Fraser, James Elgin
Fraser, William L.
Geddes, John Rowand
Gillies, Clifford Ernest
Gooch, Alfred William
Gray, Robert John
Green, George Leslie
Groves, Albert William
Henry, Alexander Bruce
Herd, Frederick Thomas
Hudson, John Wesley
Jewitt, William Albert
Johnstone, James Joseph
Kaufman, Norman Emerson
Kelly, Richard Thomas
King, Thomas Richard
Knight, George
Krueger, Clarence R. J.
Kyte, Edward Thomas
Mann, Charles William
Marshall, Harry
McDonald, Murdock Norman
McDonald, Norman
McElrea, Herbert Samuel
McGillivray, Donald Duncan
McKelvie, Gordon Cruickshank
McKenzie, William Angus
McLay, Daniel
McLay, Murdock
McLean, Melville
McNeill, Neil Alexander
McPherson / Macpherson, Stuart
Miller, James
Mourant, Thomas George
Nickel, Clarence John
Parrott, Albert Edward
Peterbaugh, John Alexander
Plante, Chester
Ramsden, Herbert
Robinson, Bernard Seabury
Robinson, Frederec Wilfred ("Fritz")
Ruhl, William Alfred
Shields, John William
Taylor, George Ross
Turner, Robert Melville
White, William James
Whittmann, Herbert
Williams, Henry Alfred
Woods, John
Yorke, George John
Zettel, Urban Joseph