18th Battalion

1914 – 1918

The 18th Battalion (Western Ontario), CEF, was an infantry battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force in the Great War recruited out of Western Ontario and mobilized in London, Ontario. The battalion was authorized on November 7, 1914 and embarked for Great Britain on April 18, 1915. It disembarked in France on September 15, 1915, where it fought as part of the 4th Infantry Brigade, 2nd Canadian Division in France and Flanders until the end of the war. The battalion was disbanded on September 15, 1920.

For more images and artifacts featuring the 18th Battalion, visit Bruce County Museum’s Online Collections site: 18th Battalion, Bruce County Museum Online Collections.

For information about the War Diaries of the 18th Battalion, visit the Library and Archives Canada site: Archives Search 18th Canadian Infantry Battalion.

The Blog entitled “War Diary of the 18th Batttalion CEF” at 18thbattalioncef.blog also contains information about the Battalion and its soldiers.



Ahmed, Albert Edward
Allen, Frederick Thomas
Anderson, John
Babcock, Andrew Enos
Baker, Robert Frank
Bannister, Frederick
Batte, Frank Jacob
Bell, James Stark
Bell, Norval Delbert
Bennett, William
Bevis, Roy
Blackwood, Samuel David
Blue, Alexander
Campbell, Crofford G.
Campbell, Edgar Allan
Carson, William James
Cartwright, Herbert ("Bert")
Clark, George Melvin
Cotton, Harry James
Crawford, David Russell
Cumming, Arthur Knox
Cunningham, William
Daniel, Orwell James
Daniels, Gordon Jackson Kerr
Daws, Francis Edward
Dobson, John
Dobson, Robert William
Elliott, Daniel Alexander
Elliott, John Erwin
Elliott, Joseph Frank
English, Bertie George
Fenton, Herbert Bishop
Fenton, William Henry
Gardner, Harold Stanley
Gordon , Huntley Herman
Grant, James Albert
Gunnis, Victor Nelson
Hall, Arthur
Hammond, William Harold
Hammond, William Wyatt
Hampton, Sydney
Hancock, Ethelbert a.k.a. Herbert
Hardy, Bert S.
Harrington, Leonard Garfield
Harrison, Laurence Tolmy
Hickling, Henry Stephen
Hoover, Bertram Harold
Hopkins, James Whitmore
Huck, Norman
Jack, Henry ("Harry")
Jennings, Herbert
Jewell, Frederick Earl
Johnston, Alexander Murray
Johnston, Archie Duncan
Keeshig, Bernard Reuben (Barney)
Kyle, Norval Webster
Lavalley, Burlyn Eli
Lavalley, Frederick William
Leech, James
Linge, Arthur
MacArtney, Leonard Lorne
Mawhinney/Mewhinney, Robert
McArthur, Harvey Jacob
McCallum, John Archibald
McCrimmon Major DSO MID, Kenneth Howard
McDonald, Donald Paul ‘Scobie Dan’
McDonald, Donald Roy
McDonald, John ("Jack")
McDonald, Stewart
McDougall, John Alexander
McLennan (MacLennan), Torrance
Mink, George Frederick
Mitchell, Clarence Oliver
Mitchell, Elias
Nawash, Daniel
Neath, Richard Henry
Nelson, George Whitford
Northgrave, William Denton
Nutting, Charles Francis
Pinkney, Earl Richmond
Pooley, Ernest George
Reed, Charles Arthur
Ritchie, Peter
Ross, David Gordon
Rourke, Stanley Britton
Sawyer, Frank Adolphus
Searle, Charles
Shoebottom aka Shoebotham, Thomas Clifford aka Stanley Robert aka Clifford Parker
Shore, John Arthur Murton
Snowdon, Johnston Lawrence
Solomon, Matthew
Stewart, Burton
Thomas, Wallace H.
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, James Stuart
Tolton, Charles Alfred
Tooke, Samuel Harold Leslie
Totten, Walter James
Westell, Oran
White, George
Willis, Thomas George
Woods, Herbert West
Yahba, John Henry