Four 97th Battery soldiers kneeling with large equipment

47th Battalion

1914 – 1918

The 47th Battalion (British Columbia), was recruited in New Westminster, Vancouver and Victoria. It was authorized on November 7, 1914, and embarked for Great Britain on November 13, 1915. It disembarked in France on August 11, 1916, where it fought as part of the 10th Infantry Brigade, 4th Canadian Division in France and Flanders until the end of the war. By war’s end, the 47th had lost 899 men. Approximately one-third of the fatalities were killed in the last 100 days of the war. The battalion disbanded on August 30, 1920.

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Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Leslie Kyle
Atkinson, Roy Campbell
Campbell, George
Christie, Oliver
Cutting, Gordon Rufus
Cutting, Robert (Bert)
Dodsworth, Harold Willoughby
Edmonstone, Sydney Ivar
Eidt, Edward Gerald
Fair, John Herbert
Ford, Victor
Foster, Robert Wellington
Foster, William Earl
Girling, Ennis Daniel
Gregg, Albert Thomas
Hawke, Stuart
Hayward, Wellington Stanley
Hazen, Robert Henry
Helwig, Norman William
Henderson, Roy
Hibben, Robert Edward
Hickling, Henry Stephen
Holmes, Thomas William
Howell, Percy Robinson
Howes, David Edwin
Huffman, John Harvey
Jermyn, Garnet Wallace
Johnson, Herbert Haines
Jucksch, Arnold Homer
Kabashkung, Lazarus
Kenny, Frederick Harold
Knepflar, Courtney Stapleton
Kupskie, William
Lavalley, Peter
Lawrence, John Benjamin
Liddle, Gilbert
Livingstone, John Alexander
Livingstone, William Henry
MacGregor, Howard Gladstone
McFadyen, Martin Charles
McGillivray, James
McGregor, Russell Bruce
McKay, William Wallace
McKinnon, James
McLeod, John Earl
Mielhaausen, Manuel
Moore, Ernest Edward
Olthoff, W.J.
Orford, Charles Edgar
Parker, William James
Partridge, George Henry
Pearce, Percy William John
Pike, Victor Emerson
Plant, Reuben R.
Pollock, Robert
Pridmore, John
Pringle, George Alfred
Reynolds, George Witter
Rodgers, John Ernest
Rolston, John
Rourke, Charles Wesley
Rumley, Hugh Cleland
Saleman, James Henry
Schefter, Frank Anthony
Scott, Cecil Edgar
Sensabaugh, Charles Oliver
Shular, John
Shular, Louis
Siegrist, Oliver F.
Spears, Percy Howard
Spencer, Gerald L.
Spencer, Percy Ralph
Thompson, Arthur Frederick
Thompson, Edmund Earl
Totten, Walter Coate
Touzel, Sydney Alfred
Watchorn, Thomas Lawrence
Whetton, Norman 'Major'
Wismer, Hallick Floyd
Woodbridge, Samuel Baldwin
Wright, Ernest George

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