Wiarton, ON

Wiarton is a thriving village, beautifully and advantageously situated at the extreme head of Colpoy’s Bay, and on the boundary line between Grey and Bruce. It is distant 20 miles from Owen Sound by land, and 34 by water, 30 miles from Southampton, and about 60 miles by water from Collingwood. Daily boats connect it with Owen Sound and the Lake Superior boats call here occasionally. A daily stage also runs between here and Owen Sound, carrying the mails. Nature has evidently formed this locality for an important commercial centre, and that its advantages are being appreciated is attested by the steady influx of a thorough-going business population. Its site, which 10 or 12 years ago was an almost pathless forest, is now the nucleus of a thriving town, with a population of 753. Colpoy’s Bay is one of the safest and most commodious harbours in Ontario. Wiarton is also the terminus of the Stratford and Lake Huron Railway, which is being rapidly constructed. … The picturesque scenery of the shores, and pleasant security for rowing, yachting and fishing, must eventually render it a popular summer resort. … The village at present contains a school built in 1877, six churches (Presbyterian. Congregational, Bible Christian, Disciples, Methodist and Episcopalians), three saw mills, three shingle mills, two jewellery stores, a bakery, four grocery stores, a livery stable, two cabinet shops, two sash and blind factories, a printing office (the Wiarton Echo) ,two planning mills, two harness shops, four hotels, three blacksmith shops, two tailor shops, five shoe shops, five general stores, a millinery store, two hardware stores, two stove stores, two carriage shops, two book stores, two drug stores, a photograph gallery, tannery, butcher shop, grist mill, cooper shop, woolen mill, flour and feed store, and a population of 753. A movement is now on foot looking towards incorporation, which will no doubt shortly be effected. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.

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