Greenock Township, ON

This township [Greenock] is bounded on the north by the townships of Bruce and Kincardine; on the east by Brant and Elderslie townships; on the south by Culross township; and on the west by Kincardine and Bruce townships. The County Valuators say of this township, viz.: “It has more inferior land than any other south of the Peninsula. The Mud River having hardly any banks, the land around it for a long distance is flooded in the spring to the depth of three or four feet. It has a far larger amount of swamp than any other in the County, and when the pine is taken off will not be of any value. There is a portion of good land around Chepstow, and most of the Gore is first-class land. It has a large amount of mill property. The north part is crossed by the W.G.&B.R.R. The Durham Road, the main thoroughfare between Walkerton and Kincardine, passes through the south part, parallel to the south line. The township contains an area of 59,882 acres, and a population of 3,099. There are five post offices in the township, viz.: Chepstow, Greenock, Lovat, Pinkerton and Riversdale.” First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.

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