Arran Township, ON

This township [Arran] is bounded on the north by the township of Amabel; on the east by the township of Derby, Grey County; on the south by the township of Elderslie; and on the west by the township of Saugeen. It is watered by numerous small creeks, tributaries of the Saugeen and Sauble rivers. The former stream touches its north border, while the latter forms the northern portion of its west line. In the north-west part is a small lake, some three or four miles in length, called the Lake of Arran. The surface generally is level, with a clay loam soil, but in some parts sandy. The timber is principally hardwood. The Stratford and Lake Huron railway passes through the township, near the east line, from south to north, intercepting the villages of Invermay and Tara. There are five post offices in the township, viz.: Arkwright, Burgoyne, Elsinore, Invermay and Tara. John Hamilton and Richard Berford were also the first settlers in the township, and came in 1851, a day or two after the completion of the survey. Richard Berford assisted in the survey of the township. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans

Cenotaphs & Cemeteries


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