Walkerton, ON

Walkerton, the County Seat of Bruce, is beautifully situated on a plateau of slightly elevated ground, forming the banks of the Saugeen River, and is the centre of a fertile and thickly settled agricultural district. It is also the seat of a considerable manufacturing interest, which is steadily expanding. It is distant 48 miles from Goderich, 65 from Guelph, 28 from Kincardine, and 32 from Southampton. The Durham Road which forms the main street, skirts the banks of the river and is the principal business street of the town. From this street the land rises in a gradual slope to the station, and is well built up with the public buildings of the County and town, churches and private residences, many of which are exceedingly tasty in design and an ornament to the town. North of the river, the land rises more abruptly to a considerable elevation overlooking the town, and affording admirable sites for private mansions, commanding a fine view of the town and surrounding country. The river is spanned by two bridges, one at each end of the town, and at one point in its progress, takes a semi-circular course, forming what is locally known as “The Bend. … [which] is the frequent resort of pleasure parties during the summer season. Walkerton was founded in 1852 by Mr. Joseph Walker, after whom it was named. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.

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