Goderich Street, Port Elgin

Port Elgin, ON

Port Elgin is an enterprising and prosperous incorporated village, pleasantly situated on the shores of Lake Huron. It is a station on the W.G.&B.R.R. and is distant five miles from Southampton, 25 from Kincardine, and 27 from Walkerton. It occupies a level plateau overlooking the lake, and is well laid out, with fine broad streets. It contains a number of substantial business blocks, and tasty private residences. The main street is well lined with stores and shops, devoted to the various branches of mercantile and manufacturing industries. Port Elgin can boast of some of the largest mercantile establishments in the County, notably those of the Messrs. Bricker & Co., Ruby & Hilker, McLaren, George & Co., with others of lesser dimensions, but all doing a flourishing trade. The establishment of D. O. Bricker & Co. is perhaps the most extensive mercantile house of any country town in Ontario. It occupies a substantial brick block, three stories and mansard roof, with a frontage on two streets, and with the store houses and other outbuildings, covers an area of about one acre. From 20 to 25 hands are employed, and an immense trade is done in general merchandise, and in the manufacture of boots and shoes, tinware, clothing, &c. The village was first surveyed in 1853. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.


Atkinson, Ralph Edgerton
Atkinson, Ralph Edgerton
Atkinson, Robert John "Bob"
Avis, Lorne G.
Avis, Lorne Garnet
Bannister, Frederick
Bell, Sidney
Black, Daniel Alexander
Black, Melville Gourley
Brogan, Michael Francis
Brown, Bert
Brown, Walter Clark
Bulger, Thomas Charles
Carter, Reg (William Reginald)
Christie, Oliver
Clark, Malcolm
Clazie, Edward William
Clazie, John
Cottrill, Gordon "Gord"
Eaton, George Andrew
Eidt, Roy Edward
Eidt, Vera
Elder, James
Evers, Albert Henry
Ferguson, Daniel Arthur
Galbraith, Thomas
Geddes, Frank Kidner
Geddes, John Rowand
Geddes, Ralph Charles
Geddes, William Ewart
Gibbons, Orville
Gilbert, Charles Morris
Gilbert, Henry Victor
Grant, George Louis
Greenslade, William Thomas
Gregg, John Alexander
Hall, Frank
Harman, Stanley Milton
Harman, William M.
Harmon, William Milton
Helwig, Ervin
Hendry, Earl James
Hendry, William John
Hepner, Gordon George
Herron, John Christopher Hutcheson
Hettrick, Norman Gilbert
Hill, Ambrose Martin
Hodge, Joseph Arthur
Holloway, Albert
Howe, Emerson
Howe, John Amer
Hurlock, Charles William
Jackman, Percy
Jamieson, John McMillan
Johnston, Charles Albert
Jones, James Edward
Kidd, William Elijah
Kincaid, Samuel
Kolb, William Hugh
Lamont, Donald McTavish
Lamont, Victor Earl
Laur, Wilfred "Wilf"
Leeder, Arthur Iden
MacDonald, David Gordon
MacKenzie, William
McArthur, Colin James
McCannell, Alexander Neil
McCaw, Lawrence Murray "Mike"
McCaw, Thomas
McConnell, William John
McGillivray, Donald Duncan
McGillivray, Murray Alexander
McLean, Harvey Caldwell
McLeod, Elizabeth Nora Campbell
McVeety, John Wallace
Miller, Arthur John
Mitchell, William John
Moore, Melvin
Moulton, Morris Alexander
Muir, John Francis ("Jack")
Neale, Arthur John
Nuhn, Joseph
Nunn, Joseph
Osborne, Robert
Osborne, William Henry
Osbourne, William Henry
Parr, Albert Edgar
Parr, Arthur Howard
Perry, Daniel
Prosser, Carleton Decker
Reany, Richard Roy
Reany, Wilfred Meredith
Ribey, Nelson John
Riebel, Albert Edwin
Riebel, William Eugene
Rushton, James Edgar
Saleman, James Henry
Schell, Lawrence Robert
Shiels, Andrew
Sparks, George Henry
Stanley, Samuel Davidson
Stephenson, Robert
Stewart, Alexander Esplen
Stewart, Alfred Edward
Stoddart, James Douglas
Strachan, William Kay
Sturgeon, John Reginald ("Jack")
Taylor, Harold Lloyd
Teeple, Joseph Clazie
Thomas, Charles William
Thomson, Roy Reid
Walker, George Edward
Walker, John Hutton
Wallace, James Scott
Webb, Arthur Ernest
Webster, Thomas Murray
Willoughby, William Thomas
Wismer, Hallick Floyd
Young, James
Young, Joseph Wilbert
Young, Thomas George
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