Two harnessed horses, Kinloss Township

Kinloss Township, ON

This township [Kinloss] is bounded on the north by the townships of Greenock and Kincardine; on the east by Culross and Greenock townships; on the south by Wawanosh township, Huron Co.; and on the west by Huron and Kincardine townships. It is triangular in shape, with its base on the Huron Co. line. The surface is generally level, but in parts rolling. It is well watered by numerous small creeks and springs. In the north part are three small lakes, from one to two miles in length, extending from Kinloss village to the 12th concession, named Silver, Taylor’s and Haldenby’s lakes, which flow into Mud River. These lakes abound in fish and are the resort of numerous flocks of wild duck. The soil is variable, being generally dry, and warm, and very fertile. The timber is principally hardwood, mixed with pine, cedar and hemlock, the pine generally growing in swamps. The South Extension of the W.G.&B.R.R. passes along its southern border, with stations at Whitechurch and Lucknow. The area of the township is 45,907 acres, and the population, exclusive of Lucknow, 3,161. There are six post offices in the township: Holyrood, Kinloss, Kinlough, Langside, Lucknow and Ulster. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.

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