Queen Street, Kincardine, 1923

Kincardine, ON

KINCARDINE, the most populous town in the County, is situated on the lake shore [in Kincardine Township], not far from the line of Huron, and has a population of about 3000. It is very pleasantly located, being regularly laid out, with fine broad streets. Backed by a fertile agricultural country at the rear, and with first-class harbour accommodations on the lake, it is naturally an important commercial as well as manufacturing centre. It is distant 36 miles north of Goderich, and 28 miles from Walkerton, the County seat. Queen Street, the principal business thoroughfare, is lined with substantial blocks and stores, devoted to the various branches of trade and commerce, while numerous elegant mansions and residences adorn the suburban portions. The town is divided by the river Penetangore, which enters by four branches, uniting about half a mile from the lake, and flowing through the centre into the harbour. This is spanned on the main street by a substantial bridge, with a broad carriage way and ample foot paths for pedestrians. On the main street, near the centre, is located the Market House and Town Hall, a substantial brick structure, containing offices for the clerk and treasurer, a council chamber, and a commodious public hail, well fitted up. In her educational advantages Kincardine is by no means behind her sister towns of the Province, the school buildings, consisting of a high school and three ward schools, being commodious brick structures, amply furnished, well officered, and liberally patronized. Kincardine is also the terminus of the Southern Extension of the W.G.&B.R.R., which connecting with the main trunk lines of the Province, renders the town ease of access from all principal points. First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.


Abell, Alfred Avery
Adams, Robert J.
Alexander, John Malcolm
Anderson, George McCrimmon
Anderson, James Porter
Anderson, Oscar Clyde
Baird, Frank Henry
Bannerman, Harold
Barnard, Norman
Battle, Frederick
Bell, Bertram Reginald
Bell, Clifford William
Bell, Norval Delbert
Bell, Wilton Adam
Blackwell, Alvin George
Blackwell, Frederick Gamond
Breckles, Walter
Brown, George John
Buckingham, Clifford
Buckingham, Victor Leslie
Burley, Alonzo
Burnside, Robert
Bushell, Edbert Thompson
Cameron, Archie James
Cameron, Peter Edwin
Carleton, David Elworth
Carroll, James
Clinton, James Hamilton
Clinton, Norman Herbert
Cluley, Francis Frederick
Cobean, William George
Collins, Alfred
Colwell, Albert
Colwell, Ralph James
Conway, Albert Victor
Crowhurst, Stephen
Daly, Cecil John
Daniel, Orwell James
Darling, Frederick Leslie
Davey, William Harold
Davis, Frederick
Dawkins, Albin
Dennett, Arthur
Duke, Albert Frederick
Dunlop, James Ernest
Dymer, George Henry
Dymott, Arthur Charles
Ellison, Henry John
Emmerton, Harold
Everitt, John Thomas
Farrell, Murray Cecil
Finlayson, David Stewart
Finlayson, John Stanley
Fitzsimmons, Hugh John
Fraser, James Elgin
Fraser, William L.
Fry, Douglas E.
Fyfe, George Leith
Gillard, Arthur
Gilles, Murdoch Lawrence
Gilles, Murdock Lawrence
Gossel, Edwin
Green, Charles
Gulliver, Reginald Edward
Hall, Albert
Hall, Arthur
Hall, Frank
Hartwick, William Ernest
Hayes, Alfred Nathaniel
Henderson, Robert John
Henry, Douglas Woods
Henry, Ernest Raymond
Henry, Ralph Ballantyne
Hewitt, Robert John
Hodgson, Herbert William
Holdsworth, Frank
Hooey, Clarence Henry
Hughes, Thomas Victor
Humphrey, Cecil
Hunter, Robert Meredith
Hurford, Robert Charles
Huston, Leonard
Inkster, James Harvey
Jarrell, John Lawrence
Jarrell, William Henry
Jewell, Richard Thomas
Kempson, Clifford Henry
Kerr, Gordon Potter
Kilgour, David Andrew
Kirton, David James
Lake, Samuel
Leithead, John Alexander
Lewis, Henry Albert Walter
MacDonald, James Cameron
MacKenzie, Donald Alexander
MacLean, Albert Wellington
Mann, Charles William
Matheson, Kenneth Alexander
McBurney, Harry Alexander
McConnell, William Nelson
McCreath, David Oswald
McDonald, Donald Paul
McDonald, William Malcolm
McGaw, Dorne MacQuarrie
McGaw, Murdock William Mathieson
McIvor, Angus
McKay, Paul McInnis
McKenzie, Allan Grant
McKenzie, Samuel
McLeod, John "Pickles" Shaw
McLeod, Peter
McPhail, Frederick
McPherson, Albert Norman
McPherson, Ian
Merritt, Charles Raymond
Mills, John Richard
Morrison, Colin Francis
Morrison, George Hamilton
Munro, John Jamieson
Nicholson, Mark
Ogden, James
Ogden, Wilfred George
Onslow, Langley Godfrey
Palmer, Thomas Earl
Pettitt, Frederick
Pieper, Frederick George
Piper, Frederick George
Pooley, Ernest George
Portice, Richard James
Portice, William John
Quinn, Lloyd Andrew
Rainey, Malcolm Coughlan
Reid, Wesley Gladstone
Reynolds, Daniel Charles
Richards, Charles Thomas
Riggin, Herbert Keith
Ritchie, Albert Carrick
Roberts, George Henry
Robinson, Andrew Ernest
Robinson, Archibald Cecil
Robinson, Thomas
Ross, David Gordon
Roulston, Percy John
Rowe, Dr. John
Rowe, John MacIntosh
Rowe, Thomas Nelson
Rowney, George Percy
Rutherford, Thomas Murrell
Scott, Benjamin Walter
Scott, Cecil Edgar
Scott, Edmund Fitton
Scott, Thomas Aylmer
Scott, MMM, CD, Peter Thomas
Shewfelt, Delbert James
Shewfelt, Gilbert
Shewfelt, Gordon Archibald
Shewfelt, Howard
Shrider, Robert
Sinclair, Thomas Menzie
Smith, Donald James
Smith, Norman Leonard
Snowdon, Dawson Clarence
Snowdon, Johnston Lawrence
Stears, Harry St. Clair
Stewart, Bert
Stewart, Burton
Stewart, Edward
Stewart, James Archibald
Stirling, Lloyd Alexander
Stout, Hugh Rae
Stringer, John Wilmer
Sturgeon, John Wesley
Sturgeon, Samuel Davidson
Taylor, Norman Bruce
Thacker, Harold Douglas
Thompson, Walter Haddington
VanWyck, Walter
Walden, Harold William
Walden, Wilbert Green
Walker, Gordon Clare
Walker, Harry James
Welsh, Murray
Willich, Oliver
Willis, Thomas George
Worthy, William Delmer
Wright, Albert
Wright, Oliver Garewood William
Wurr, Robert Jr.
Wurr, Robert Sr.
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