Albemarle Township

Albemarle Township, ON

This township [Albemarle] is bounded on the north by the township of Eastnor, on the east by Georgian Bay, on the south by the township of Amabel, and on the west by Lake Huron. Colpoy’s Bay skirts the south east border. Hope Bay, Sydney Bay, and Cape Croker are located on the east border. This portion of the township is occupied as an Indian Reserve, and is a popular resort for excursion parties during the summer months. In the western portion are several small lakes, the most important being lakes Sky and Isaac. Pike Bay is located at the north-west corner, on the line of Eastnor. The general character of the soil is a moderately rich light loam, lying on a whitish limestone rock. In some parts there is a good depth of clay above the rock, but in many places the rock is seen above the surface. There are two post offices in the township, viz.: Colpoy’s Bay and Mar. The land in Albemarle was first offered for sale by public auction in 1858, but owing to the rough character of some of the land, and partly on account of some of the best lands being bought up by speculators, the settlement has been somewhat retarded, until the last three or four years, since which the population has been largely augmented by the addition of a considerable number of new settlers. In 1866 the population was barely 150, while the roll for 1879 shows a population of 823. The assessed area of the township is 28,879 ½ acres, 2,529 of which are cleared.

First published in the “Bruce County Gazeteer and Business Directory for 1880-81” published by William W. Evans.

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