Flying Officer Bert Freeman


Flying Officer Bert Freeman




Store Owner



where died

Teeswater, ON 1


highest rank

Flying Officer




Brief biography of Bert Freeman (click to view text)

Brief Biography of Bert Freeman (1918-1974): After graduating from a college Business Administration Course in London, Ontario, Bert worked for Empire Life in London, Ontario in or around 1938 and early 1939. He made a decision to leave Empire Life and work with his family's business on March 3, 1939. He returned to Teeswater in early April 1939 and worked with his father at Superior Foods grocery store, at 6 Clinton St., Teeswater. Bert also served in the R.C.A.F. during WWII. He was training in Belleville in Fall 1941. In January 1942, he was at No. 11 Elementary Flying Training School. In early October 1942, he was training in St. Thomas and then touring Montreal in late October. At some point in 1941 or 1942, he was at No. 8 Service Flying Training School, Moncton and at No. 5 Initial Training School, Belleville, Ont. By October 1942, he was at Halifax collecting a photograph of an usherette at Casino Theatre. By November 1942, he was in England. He was at R.A.F. Acaster Malbis, England in December 1942. On March 12, 1943, Bert was rushed to Edinburgh City Isolation Hospital with spinal Meningitis. Information written in his diary from March to April 1943 indicates that he was not expected to live on the way to the hospital. Notes made in the diary are "as per nite nurse Marg Gillies" and he was noted to be "out of danger" by March 16, 1943. He remained in the hospital until April 9, 1943. He mentions "Marg" several times in his hospital entries and he met her socially outside the hospital after his release. He notes that he took pictures with Marg at park Edinburgh on April 15, 1943. He also met Sister Bain on April 16. Bert was promoted to Flying Officer on March 26, 1943, with pay back to December 19, 1942. A note in his diary for Feb. 3, 1944 indicates "Med. Board passed [???] with no limitations except non-ops." He returned home to Teeswater on May 30, 1944. In September 1944, he was posted to Pat Bay, British Columbia. While in B.C. he appears to have made notes and taken photographs of grocery store displays. His father, William J. Freeman, retired in 1945 and passed ownership of the Teeswater business, Superior Food Store, to Bert. Bert sold it in or around 1959 to Douglas McDonald. After that, Bert was in the investment business in Teeswater and Florida where he and his wife spent the winter months. Bert was also involved in municipal matters. He was a Director for Teeswater on the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority from 1971-1974. Sources: - Diaries and photographs in A2013.028 - BCGS clipping collection, obituary for Robert G. Freeman. - All our yesterdays : a history of Culross Township, 1854-1984, vol. 2

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